DIY Winter moisturiser

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year,when you step outside your home to welcome the cool breeze. Umn,correction!Chilly breeze. πŸ˜›

In India,November marks the onset of winter and it continues till February end.Even though we crave for the blankets and snuggle in them for the entire day,but alas! we all have work to do.We have to go out of our homes and brave this weather. 😦

I have tried all sorts of oils and moisturizer,one can find in the market,but none of them last the entire day.Also,I am not the kind of girl who believes in applying in between.My skin goes extra dry in winters so I decided to make a moisturizer of my own.It is very easy to make,cheap & takes less time to make.So here it goes.


  1. Glycerine ( easily available in the market)
  2. Water (used for bathing)
  3. Rosewater (available in the market or you can make it)-optional


  1. Firstly find an empty bottle in which you can store the concoction.
  2. In that bottle,pour the glycerine and water in 50-50 ratio.You can add some rosewater to it.
  3. Shake the bottle so that both the liquids get mixed.
  4. It’s ready for use.

Isn’t it easy?You can apply it on your face as well,but it might sting if you have cuts anywhere.I use it for my body only.Though I have used it on my hands which have eczema,but if you are suffering from it,do a patch test first.

If you are wondering why glycerine is used.The answer to it is,it acts like a humectant i.e.. it attracts moisture from surroundings.Also,glycerine is widely used in many skin care products.

Some facts about this moisturizer.

  • This is only for HYDRATION. It does not serve any other purpose like skin whitening, lightning, tightening etc.
  • Β It’s not at all suitable for treating acne,blackheads etc.
  • Not for dandruff. (Dandruff caused by dryness may be treated but do not expect much).
  • Β It’s not a pre-makeup moisturizer.

NOTE:Always use glycerine with water.At first it might seem sticky,but it will get normal after sometime.

Take care. πŸ™‚

Beauty for Atopic Dermatitis or eczema prone girls

The words look so alien to everyone,but it simply means,lifelong disease to torture you. 😦

I have been suffering from this since my childhood,and it has been in my life everyday.I always felt,Β there are so many sites to help in make-up and beauty,only for normal skin but what about us?I agree when you are suffering from a skin condition,it’s better to stay away from experimentation and make-up.But sometimes,when our skin is under control,make-up can be definitely sported,provided it’s skin friendly.

I won’t be talking about eczema,what it is,how to control it etc.,because for that your doctor is best and internet.I would rather focus on something which we dream of once in a while. πŸ˜› Each one has different skin structure,so one has to do patch test always.If it becomes swollen,red or itchy,avoid that product.Also,ingredients should be such that you are not allergic to it.Like some people do not like fragrances because it makes them sneeze.Opt for herbal products wherever possible.And foremost thing is ,control your eczema first and consult your dermat always before buying any skin product.

I have eczema on my fingers,upper lips and recently on my cheeks,chin and neck.I usually prefer a herbal face wash and toner.For moisturiser I used to have gel moisturiser for acne and for normal purpose I have been using oils at night.I am talking about my winter regime since its winter here. -Face wash-Himalaya neem face wash(regular),Just herbs Honey face cleanser(sometimes),SkinYoga oatmeal rose petals face cleanser(sometimes) -Toner-Gulabari rosewater(regular),Fabindia tea tree toner for acne(sometimes) -Moisturiser-Coconut oil,since I have flare ups right now,otherwise Nivea cream -Body wash-Bar soaps shouldn’t be used.I use Dove body wash. -Body moisturiser-Coconut oil(regular),Vaseline petroleum jelly,Nivea body moisturiser-very dry skin variant,Glycerine and water mixture(regular) Avoid scrubbing with harsh materials.If you are outside India,you can order these online,or buy something which has same ingredients.

Now,comes the make up.If you have flare ups,DON’T USE MAKE UP.Otherwise,stick to Mineral or Herbal make-up.Lotus Herbals,Shahnaz Hussain,Body shop etc. are some brands which have herbal make-up in India.If you think you can’t afford it,then opt for the normal ones,only after reading the ingredients and doing patch test.My make-up items include(herbal and synthetic)-

-Compact-Lakme Lip gloss-Lotus herbals -Eyeliner-Maybelline Gel liner,Lakme eyeconic,Lakme absolute liquid liner. -Kajal-Lotus herbals(but it smudges a lot),Lakme eyeconic -Foundation-Lakme -Eyeshadows and blush-Eyeshadow quartet by Lakme and blush quartet by Revlon.Since I don’t use them daily,so they are completely chemical. πŸ˜› :-\ I have eyeshadows by Makeup Revolution London and blush by Heaven’s also. -Concealer-Lakme absolute

I know most of the above items are synthetic,but these are trusted brands and used after doing a patch test.

What to do if you have flare ups?

No make up first of all!!!!!!!!!! and also,abstain from using soaps and cleansers.I know its unhygienic,but flare ups get irritated,so stay dirty for sometime. πŸ˜› Use oils for moisturiser or cleansing.I prefer coconut oil over olive oil,because I am allergic to olive oil. 😦 Also,I know the feeling of hot water relaxing you during the rashes,but its detrimental.It will dry you out more,so prefer lukewarm water or normal water.

If you want to know about the medication or any other detail,let me know.I will be happy to help all the poor souls like me. πŸ™‚ Till then,take care. πŸ™‚

Lotus Herbals Vanilla Lip therapy Review

Okay it’s a lip balm,but it’s classy to synomise it . OMG,is that actually a word,or did I use it as a verb. ? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Packaging: Slim plastic tube with twist up application.

Price: 135 INR

Ingredients:Β Shea Butter, Kokum Butter & respective Fruit extracts

Smell: Vanilla but not overpowering

Availability: EasilyΒ 

Thoughts: It works well for the entire day if you have normal lips and is good as a balm. SPF is a bonus.It actually relieves chapped lips and remains for 3-4 hours on dry lips.If you are looking for a tint,stay away from this balm.This balm has really made my lips soft and smooth.

One problem I faced is that when I apply it,it gives a waxy whitish appearance,but after sometime or if i rub my lips together,it vanishes.

It claims to be herbal so good for the skin.Also,slim package means fits in your jeans,which girls like me prefer,who don’t like carrying handbags sometimes. πŸ˜›Β 

Would I recommend? Yess. πŸ™‚ It’s a budget lip balm which actually works.Also comes in many flavours,so go for your favourite.IMG_20141111_222757 IMG_20141111_222821 IMG_20141111_222821 IMG_20141111_222836 IMG_20141111_222904

7 Heaven’s Haul

Yes! You read it right.It’s indeed an unknown brand,at least here in India.Like you,even I was apprehensive of using products from brands unheard of,but I took my chances and I am quite satisfied.

Products bought-2 pencil eyeliners or glimmer sticks as the name written on them in blue and green color.Also,I bought a roll-on blush in natural shade.Shade name for pencils are Sterling blue & peacock-blue,which is actually green according to me.For the blush,its silky in name. πŸ˜›

Packaging- The blush has a sturdy plastic packaging with a transparent cap,through which you can view the color.The pencils have metallic caps,which can easily come out so not fit for traveling.Also,since its a pencil,sharpening is required.:-(

Price-pencils cost 50 INR each and the blush was sold at 150 INR.I bought these from a stall in an exhibition.I did ask them about their retail stores,to which I got a reply,”Ma’am,we only sell through exhibitions.” That did created an alarm,because what if something happens,how will I return them,or complain, right? :-\ Anyway,I checked online and was relieved to find out that this brand exists and they ship online mostly through ebay.Price on the site is bit higher compared to what I got in the stall,so I am happy with my purchase. *puppy face* πŸ˜›

Ingredients- Not mentioned 😦

Pigmentation- The stall had lots of shades for green and blue,but when i tried them on,I couldn’t find much difference between the green and blue.After much rummaging through their pencils,I found something which is distinguishable.On hand,the swatches appeared dark but when i applied it on my eyes,it appeared lighter,maybe due to the glitter present.For the color to show up on my lids,I had to use the pencil 2-3 times. :-(.So it is not as pigmented. But if you are one of those girls,who don’t mind putting in extra effort,you can use this pencil for the cool blue/green shade.

The blush has minute glitter in it so for daily wear,you can avoid it.If you are buying the natural shade,the blush might suit you because it can act as a highlighter.My shade was subtle in nature,so I loved it.Just roll it on the cheeks,and blend it with fingers.It gives a natural flush to your cheeks.Since I am wheatish,the blush looks more glittery.I will buy the darker shades next time.For now,I am using this as a highlighter.

Stay power- The eyeliner fades away easily if you rub it ,but it doesn’t go away if you splash water on it.Also if you have oily lids,this liner won’t work for you.With primer,the staypower may improve.On my eyes,it stayed for 10 hours though i have splashed my face in between,and patted my eyes dry.

The blush has better stay power compared to the eyeliners.It stayed on my dry cheeks easily.

Usage-When applying the eyeliner,it was smooth application.My eyes didn’t sting at all.The blush is creamy and glides easily on the skin.I didn’t get any skin problem post this.

Recommendation- Yess!!!! blush you win.. πŸ˜› Pencils,noooooooooo 😦



That’s how the green liner looks on the lids


Without flash,liner and blush swatches


With flash,liner and blush swatches


After one swipe,notice the liner smudges easily





Bloopers- πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ On the pencils,it is written eye and lip liner,now who would want a glittery green lipstick??Maybe on Halloween..

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow and eyebrow kit review

For a very long time,I have been on the lookout for a decent palette which has nudes and sober colors.Also,I was into quantity and quality along with the price tag.A person who is stepping in the world of beauty doesn’t want a hole in her pocket,right?

I have an app on my phone called Voonik,which is a great site to shop all a girl wants at a decent price.Most of the times,prices are slashed so it’s an awesome site.Recently,an offer came about buy 1 get 1 free offer on all products,which tempted me so much that I immediately began browsing.Comm’on,we don’t get usually ‘all products’ tag everywhere right?So I found two palettes by Makeup Revolution London,which are perfect and came at such an amazing price.


Price: MRP is 990 INR EACH but I got them for total of 495INR.Thanks to the offer I got. Also without the offer,price was slashed to 495 INR each.

Packaging:Plastic casing without mirror,which makes it safe and light.Clasp is tight so it can be carried easily.Also,The palette size is small,so travel friendly.

Pigmentation:Lighter shades might need 2-3 swipes but rest of them are 1 swipe enough to show on the lids.The pictures below give the shades without the primer.If primer is used,colors will show up more and will last more.The colors have glitter in them,some have excess and others have matte,almost no glitter in them.Both the palettes have 14 eye-shadows and two eyebrow colors each.Eyebrow kit is supposed to be the last two colors-skin color and brown.For my eyebrows , I used the matte black shadow to fill in.

Staypower:I have smudged the eye-shadows,and noticed that dark colors stayed the more.Primer would be required for oily lids.The glitter ones were left with a mild hue in them.

Brushes:Each kit had an applicator which is of no use but the angled brush served its purpose satisfactorily,Bristles are not soft,mainly because its to be used for eyebrow filling,but i used it on the outer corners of my eyes and to my surprise,its working as an angled eyeshadow brush too. yayyyy

I have used colors from each palette to create smokey eyes,See for yourself.

Would I recommend???Yesssss!!!,for its price,and quantity.

IMG_20141031_195711 IMG_20141031_195601 IMG_20141031_193848_1414764587797_1414821072002Β 

My right eye makeup by make believe palette,left eye makeup by lock & load (Smokey eyes without primer)

With Flash

IMG_20141031_193300_1414821216412Β IMG_20141031_195519left Make believe
Right Lock & load
With flash