Colorbar ready to wink perfect eye makeup kit review

I was on the lookout for make-up brushes and this GOSF proved to be my saviour.I got these 3 eye brushes at an amazing offer.So here goes my review.

Price: 550 INR but I got it cheap. In fact online,you can get discounts even now also.

Contents:The kit consists of one Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush, one Angled Angel Eye Defining Brush and one Smokin’ Eyes Smudger Brush.)

Material: Plastic white handles which look classy actually.The brushes are densely packed synthetic fibres.They don’t shed till now.

Packaging:Comes in a plastic packet.I would have preferred at least brush caps.

My thoughts:I tried 2 different looks-one party smoky eyes and another candy pink look. ( my names. :-P) I noticed,on the first swipe,the brushes don’t pick-up that much color.So 2-3 swipes are required to build the color.

It feels soft against the skin and handle size is apt for travel purpose too.Thesmudger works great and the eye-shadow brush is good for application of eye-shadow and blending.The angled brush is good too and I have used it to line my eyes as well.My favourite is smudger.

Overall verdict is for starters its good,but do invest in better brushes once you get the hang of make-up.




Glittery smoky eyes for parties without any liner



Candy pink look with liner


This is how they look under yellow lighting.

Nature’s Co Mixed berry body butter review

Hello beautiful ladies!Hope you are doing well. 🙂

Oh common’ don’t call me beautiful.I even shiver to take a bath in this chilly winter.I rather sleep and catch up on a TV show in my messy hair,than go bathing. 😛

I know,that’s how you are feeling and even me. 😛 But trust me,when the lukewarm water flows over the body,you forget your hatred towards bathing.And then comes the dry skin.No matter what,the skin always feels stretchy and we get confused as to what to use to retain the moisture.

I can help you on this.Recently,I ordered a bag named Fabbag during the GOSF 2014.Those of you,who don’t know what it is,check out the link below.I ordered the special edition bag called Winter essentials from Nature’s Co,which was available only during the GOSF.It contained 2 body butters and 2 scrubs.Entirely herbal.

I have started using only 1 of the body butters,Mixed berry body butter,and I find it awesome.

Price: I have got the travel version but the actual price for 200ml is INR 1295.

Ingredients:Raspberry extract,strawberry extract,kokum butter,olive oil.

Texture and smell:Creamy texture,light feel.Smell is berry smell,almost like a candy. Yumm!!! 😛 It’s pale pink in color.

My thoughts:I love it.Well to be honest,body butter acts like a barrier between the skin and ambience.It prevents the loss of moisture from the skin.Normal skinned people can use it directly,but people like me,should use a moisturiser underneath for more moisture.So this one,worked for me.

Since this is entirely herbal or so it claims,it’s good for the body.I have used this on my eczematic fingers,it keeps them soft surprisingly.But ,I would rather go for my DIY glycerine moisturiser,because eczema needs extreme moisturisation.Otherwise,this butter is great for my body.

I would rate this 4/5 for its smell,effect and texture.

People who have skin ailments,you know what I would say-Patch test first.Also never apply body butters on face,because it might break you out.They have clogging properties due to presence of heavy butters and oils.

So go ahead if you like my review and want to buy this.It’s available online as well in their stores.

IMG_20141220_152020 IMG_20141220_152044 IMG_20141220_152104 IMG_20141220_152217

Lakme lip love care-Strawberry


I am an avid fan of lip balms,be it tinted or non-tinted.I keep hoarding them inspite of knowing that it costs me money and I have to finish it.😜
Recently we all had GOSF going on,so there I was ,deciding what to buy and my eyes fell on this cute pink lip balm.I wanted a pink tinted lip balm,since it looks more natural on me and yess!I wanted to splurge.
Lakme has released these balms for the first time,so my curiosity took the best of me,and I clicked on BUY NOW.😁There are four variants but I don’t remember now.
Ingredients-Not mentioned :|Well,Lakme never mentioned though.
Price-200 INR i.e. approx 3$
Availibility-Since its new,only online you can find it,I bought it from shipping though.
Staying power-On my dry lips,it stayed for 3 hours.It might stay more on normal lips.
Packaging-Came in a paper like covering.Sturdy cap and fitting.Plastic packaging entirely but looks cute.Handbag-friendly.😜
Thoughts-It gives a very light pink tint on the first swipe.On two swipes,the color shows more.Even after having meals,my lips were moisturized,though the tint lightened up a bit.It doesn’t give waxy appearance.I thought it might taste strawberry,but nope.It has balmy core which gives the moisture effect.I tried applying with only the color side.Tint appeared more,like a lipstick.But it too felt like lip balm.It has SPF so a boon for us.
Women having extremely chapped or dry lips should stay away.The lip balm will appear blotchy on you.
I would give 4/5 for this balm,because of its tint ,SPF and price.





One swipe


3 Swipes

Lip palette-MAC dupe 15 shades

Not all of us can afford MAC cosmetics,but still want to look our best. ;-)I chanced upon this palette while buying something else.Even the shopkeeper knew it was fake and so I managed to bargain it to a price of 600 INR which is approx 10$.He was charging me 800 INR. I think I could have done it to 500 INR. :-\ Anyway,I just needed a palette as I am that kinda girl who is too lazy to buy around individual lipsticks. 😛

Anyone can tell it is a dupe.MAC doesn’t have 15 colour palette.Also no brush is provided.Last but not the least,which made me actually laugh ,is the box style.It is made to look like an Iphone. 😀 It came in cardboard packaging.

Anyway,coming to the palette,it has pinks,reds and peaches.Only 1 shade has glitters in it,rest all our matte colours but may appear glossy.Pigmentation wise,I didn’t test them actually,but their look and colour finish makes them pigmented.Since its a dupe,I don’t expect it to last 8 hours,I will post pictures later on after using them.

Ingredients are mostly copied from the original.The brush provided is of very poor quality and I won’t be using it at all.

I have checked online also,you can buy such palettes easily.Here are the product pictures.

IMG_20141214_205214 IMG_20141214_205236 IMG_20141214_205253 IMG_20141214_205418 IMG_20141214_205432

People having skin problems,I would say do a patch test first.

Living with Eczema

I was diagnosed with this condition when I was just a kid.It was so harrowing for me and my parents at that time. 😦 The truth about this disease is you will be suffering lifelong.There’s no proper cure .All you can do is prevent and control it.I know,it’s not a pleasant news,but deal with it.I am doing this,so you can. 🙂

I have been there,when I was applying all those steroids.They gave instant relief.But came back with a vengeance if I stopped using them.So I decided no more to this.Eczema needs to be dealt with from inside out.

I started with homoeopathy when I was a child and was ‘cured’.But it returned in my teens.At that time I was living somewhere else so opted for a different homoeopathic doctor.Throughout my teenage,I was on & off the symptoms.But we realised that doctor was thinking about profit only so we stopped going to him.I was recommended allopathic treatment so my treatment with steroids began.We came to know about the side effects so started using it only when the symptoms appeared again.Then I decided I can’t use them anymore.2 years is a very long time to be using the bad bitches.

I went to a homoeopathic doctor who was treating my father at that time for something.At first he gave sulphur ointment and some medicines which increased my eczema.It was the most awful time of my life.I kept scratching and bleeding.I was getting scars from the scratches.This last for 6 months.It was too much for me so I managed to get hold of my childhood homoeopathic doctor .I have been on homoeopathy since the past 2 years.The first year was really good,the eczema started reducing.But now,its again back.I am holding onto my faith. :-\

My skincare routine has changed because of this.Also winters is another factor I am considering.

This time my eczema is also on my face and neck along with my fingers.I stopped using all the face-washes and make-up.I clean my face with Dove soap once daily and use Dove body wash for body obviously. 😛 I use coconut oil on the affected areas before bath.Then I use body wash.  I use cold-lukewarm water because it doesn’t dry out the skin.And I am good to go outside.I  know going out with oil on your face is weird.But use only that much that it gets absorbed.After coming back,I wash my face with dove and apply Nivea crème.I have been doing this for the past 1 month.At night,I apply coconut oil on my hands and sleep with cotton gloves on.Don’t want to spoil the bedsheets right? 😉

I am looking for a cleanser for my face. Cetaphil never suited me,so I am stuck. 😦 For a person with eczema,options are less.Also I am avoiding the foods I am allergic to.

Keep up the hope. 🙂

IMG_20141206_123446 IMG_20141206_122755 IMG_20141206_122652 IMG_20141206_123431 IMG_20141206_122638 IMG_20141206_122606 IMG_20141206_122553 IMG_20141206_123446 IMG_20141206_123431