Colorbar ready to wink perfect eye makeup kit review

I was on the lookout for make-up brushes and this GOSF proved to be my saviour.I got these 3 eye brushes at an amazing offer.So here goes my review.

Price: 550 INR but I got it cheap. In fact online,you can get discounts even now also.

Contents:The kit consists of one Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush, one Angled Angel Eye Defining Brush and one Smokin’ Eyes Smudger Brush.)

Material: Plastic white handles which look classy actually.The brushes are densely packed synthetic fibres.They don’t shed till now.

Packaging:Comes in a plastic packet.I would have preferred at least brush caps.

My thoughts:I tried 2 different looks-one party smoky eyes and another candy pink look. ( my names. :-P) I noticed,on the first swipe,the brushes don’t pick-up that much color.So 2-3 swipes are required to build the color.

It feels soft against the skin and handle size is apt for travel purpose too.Thesmudger works great and the eye-shadow brush is good for application of eye-shadow and blending.The angled brush is good too and I have used it to line my eyes as well.My favourite is smudger.

Overall verdict is for starters its good,but do invest in better brushes once you get the hang of make-up.




Glittery smoky eyes for parties without any liner



Candy pink look with liner


This is how they look under yellow lighting.


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