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Hello Beauties!

I am so thrilled to announce we have surpassed the 1,000 followers mark for this blog!! Woohoo!! As promised, I am holding a giveaway for all of my awesome followers who have supported me this far! I am more than grateful for you all and everyone who continues to support my dream! That being said, I will be choosing a winner from my followers that will receive some beauty goodies. I want to do this as a thank you and with each milestone I hit, there will be more!

What you will win…

  • Mary Kay lip gloss in Shock Tart
  • Mary Kay makeup remover
  • OPI Snow Globetrotter
  • OPI Peace & Love & OPI
  • OPI Eurso Euro
  • OPI Base Coat/Top Coat/Strengthener
  • Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette
  • Revlon Lash Potion mascara
  • Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
  • Metallic Flash Tattoos

Rules to win…

-Must be a follower of this blog Polished…

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No more posts till 1st feb

heya beauties!
I will be studying for my exam and so thought,I need to stay away from social media…Distraction right?😝
Will get back to you all with my new post on 1st Feb.Stay with me please…..
Till then,bye,take care…😘

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Cloe Haul -Lingerie shopping website review

Ladies & Gentlemen!

This review might benefit guys also. 😉 So the reference.

I tried my hand at online shopping for lingerie. Like you, I had been apprehensive. Lingerie, due to its hygiene issues, isn’t liable to any returns. But this site assured me of returns if I had the original packaging with me. Isn’t it simple? 🙂 Thankfully, I didn’t feel the need to return it.



  • It’s user-friendly .
  • Well categorised.
  • It also has a fitting guide to help you choose your size for buying.
  • Various deals and offers all the time.
  • Has gift sets, winter lounge wear and stocking collection.

Packaging-Discreet packing & it’s perfect.When I received the package, it was covered in plastic white wrapping. My name,address and in contents(garment) were written.I opened the wrapping and cardboard box came out.In it was a pink envelope.Since I had ordered only 1 item to be safe,the envelope size was small.I opened it,there was a plastic envelope again.It had my item and 2 papers.One had the order details and the other was a return form.

Price-To be honest,this is the cheapest place for lingerie.I have looked into other sites & did a price comparison.You can check too.Quality wise also & variation wise,Cloe is best and pricing is nominal.

Shipping-I ordered on Jan 15 & received it in hand on Jan 19.What else do you want? 🙂 However,it might take up to a week if you are not living in a major city.One thing is they only ship within India. 😦

My thoughts – I loved the entire experience and am looking forward to more.Since I had a coupon,so I got my thong ( yeah!I wanted something like this. 😛 ) at a cheaper price. I got my coupon from other site.

Also when you register on their site,they offer you a coupon which you can redeem only by the next month from the date of your registration.I am yet to use it. 😉

My favourites are the lacy and satin collections. Cloe has an immense collection of sexy and comfy wearables which I am sure,every girl secretly wishes to adorn.

Currently,they are having some deal due to Valentine’s day.

If you like my review and want some of your guilty pleasures to be fulfilled,head onto their site.


Anything you want to ask regarding this,most welcome. 🙂

Till the next post,bye,take care. :-*

Neem oil-good for skin? :-O


I know I am writing this post when most of you are in your offices and maybe not able to read this.But I felt this urgency that if I don’t tell you now,maybe you buy the stuff,which I so fearfully warn you about.

I had misdiagnosed my facial skin in November 2014 for a dry skin which caused the massive eczema flare-up on my face & neck.It was the onset of winter & I thought,I am having dry patches on my skin .They used to itch sometimes & look red.So I thought,maybe my skin is having some dry skin problem or infection.Like you,I began reading on net & found that Neem oil works the best.

What I forgot to research further that Neem oil should be used along with a carrier oil.:-(

Next morning I woke up to a horrifying site.Please don’t scroll below if you have a faint heart. :-\

I had developed a swollen and itchy face.The pictures were taken after I had washed my face with water.Before washing,it was crusty with some oozing liquid.

IMG_20141114_072005 IMG_20141114_071949 IMG_20141114_071944

Isn’t this bad? No girl wants this kind of face. 😦 😦

It took about 2 days to subside,but the dryness and itchy rash remained till date. Neem oil just worsened my condition and caused a full-fledged eczema flare-up.Till December ,I was on & off on the eczema,sometimes I had rashes so prominent that people started asking,rest of the times,they thought I am blushing. 😛

Then my skin was becoming better and I thought .let me try the neem oil with some dilution.So I used it with my body lotion and applied only on my fingers.But looks like,I kicked myself again.

It increased my eczema on the fingers and on my face even though I didn’t use it there.So ,you can see,Neem oil proves harmful to me in both ways.I had used a herbal neem oil without any preservatives.

DSC01145 DSC01141 DSC01138

DSC01135DSC01136  DSC01127   

One thing,I am confused about,I have been using a Neem face wash from Himalayas brand since 3 years,but it never flared me up neither worsened my condition.So,I don’t know about what it is with me and neem oil.

After researching on this,I did find out that people prone to eczema or having sensitive skin ,should stay away from all the essential oils specially if they are in pure form. Eczematic skin is highly sensitive,so except coconut oil,all other oils may cause some reaction.Well! in my case only coconut oil worked wonders.Patch test is a must before applying any oil fully.Also,Neem oil works only if you have fungal or skin diseases.Eczema isn’t a skin disease,it’s caused when your immune system goes out of balance,so it’s an internal reaction.

Currently,I am much better.My cheeks look blushed and dry and my neck looks normal,but is dry to touch.My fingers still pose a problem,but it is manageable.

If you have any tips,as to how to go about eczema naturally,please comment below.It’s highly welcome. 🙂

Bye ,XOXO :-* Take care

Plum Goodness Hello Aloe caring day moisturiser Review

Heya beautiful ladies!

How’s Sunday treating you?Well!I am at home lazing around,but I think it’s good if you are roaming outside.Perfect sunshine isn’t it? 😉

I am back with another review.The product I will be reviewing about was sent to me by the Plum Goodness team.So firstly,I am thankful to them for coming up with such a product which might benefit girls who are looking for organic and herbal formulations.It is free from SLS,pthalates,parabens etc. Keep up the good work! (y)

Price-Actual price for 60 ml product is 545 INR,which is not bad considering it has only organic ingredients.

Packaging- Comes in a white tube with its cute logo.Yes! I loved the logo.It’s so cute that you wanna flaunt it. 😛

Ingredients-Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice,Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides,Ylang ylang essential oil,Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Benzyl Alcohol, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dehydro Acetic Acid, Embelica officinalis* extract, Glyceryl Monostearate, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Propanediol, Vegetable Glycerin**, Xanthan gum, Ylang ylang flower oil ( If you want to know what the ingredients do,check out their website.They have explained their role. )

Availibility-It is easily available online.Their website is


Texture & smell- It looks like a white cream but isn’t thick.It is neither too greasy nor mattifying.It is very light on the skin.Since I have tried this in winters,my skin absorbed this right away without any residue on the skin.It can be easily blended into the skin.Maybe during summers,touch up is required on the T-zone.Smell is a refreshing ylang fragrance,which I loved the most.It actually refreshes your senses.

My thoughts-People who have dry skin,normal skin & combination skin,this moisturiser may work for you.I have combination & sensitive skin,and in the winters my dry areas get enhanced so much that I get on the verge of getting a eczema flare up. 😦

I tried this moisturiser for entire 8 hours without any foundation or bb cream on it,and this kept my skin smooth and soft.It didn’t break me out at all.Also,I didn’t have any itching or redness which I expected due to sensitive skin.I felt like it had a cooling effect on my skin,maybe it is due to the aloe vera in it.I had applied it using the 5 dot rule and it was sufficient for the entire face,so usage wise I will say,a very little goes a long way.However,if you have extreme dryness,you need it more.

PS: Patch test is a must for people having sensitive skin.That’s obvious isn’t it? Also,if you have dry flaky skin,this may not work for you because this is a light moisturiser.Oily skinned girls should stay away also because the ingredients present in it,clearly won’t suit you.

If you liked my review,and interested in buying this right away,here’s the link.They also have other products from the Hello Aloe range as well as other products for different needs.


Overall verdict- Go ahead simply! 🙂

Comment below if you want to ask anything or just if you like the review. 😛

Take care! bye :-*

IMG_20150116_203040 IMG_20150117_103006

Texture-Before blending


After bending

Mini haul from Nykaa-Review

During GOSF 2014,as you may have known,I have shopped almost from all the sites.One such site new to me was Nykaa.

It offers products ranging from makeup,skin care,hair care to mom and baby.Check out their site.


Website-The site is attractive and every item has been categorised which makes it easy for navigation and searching.Also,everyday, some or the other deal is going on like discounts,combos etc.They have a huge collection of every kind ranging from the drugstore to luxury brand.Also,they ship worldwide. 😉 

Since it was my first time,I had shopped less.I wanted to buy a dual sharpener and was looking forward to try Colorbar makeup brushes.So I added them to my cart and placed my order on Dec,12. Immediately,I received a mail informing me about the items and transaction details.


Since it was GOSF,I knew there would be a delay in delivery.And so there was.But the best part is,I didn’t have to call the customer care.They themselves mailed me about the delay within 4 days from the order date.


I thought maybe within the next 2-3 days,I will receive the package.But instead,on Dec 19th,I received a mail regarding the dispatch.Finally,after 1 and half weeks,I received the package on Dec 24th.Perfect timing isn’t it? 😉

Packaging-I forgot to click pictures,but it was covered in a plastic bag with Nykaa logo on it.The actual contents were put in a bubble wrapped cardboard box.Also,the contents were bubble wrapped too. 🙂

Condition-Every item was in good health.Not even a single tear or scratch. Yayy!!!

Overall view-I would say their delivery system is bit slow,but their response and customer care seems pretty fast and prompt.Their packaging is a go.Website is interactive and catchy.I would rate them 9/10.

Fabindia Tea Tree Toner Review

Hi everyone!

The 3-step skin routine is essentially important.So keeping that in mind,I went out looking for that miracle toner which actually works.And here I am.I am on my second bottle of this wonderful toner,so thought of giving a review on it.
This tea tree toner by Fabindia is a boon for all the oily skin or combination skin beauties.The product comes in a spray bottle which is efficient in getting the correct amount of sprayed product.

Availibility- It can be bought online or in their store.I got it in TGIP mall,Noida.

Price-It retails for 150 INR for 100ml which according to me is decent pricing.

Product packaging is very apt.The toner is light greenish in color and just 2-3 sprays are sufficient for your face and neck.

Ingredients-Check the pictures below.It does have tea tree oil.

Usage-Spray it on a cotton swab and apply it on your clean face and neck .

Thought-Tea tree helps in fighting the pimple bacteria so a must have for me.Though it doesn’t dry the skin that much but I wouldn’t advise this for dry skin.This toner keeps the skin fresh,reduces the appearance of blackheads and pores and keeps the skin oil-free to some extent.I have used it religiously after every wash,and noticed that pimple burst has reduced which is a blessing.

I am using this on my T-zone only during the winters and it is working fine.I have used this in the summer and winter and I can say that it’s a must for every girl who has acne-prone skin and wants a toner which doesn’t dry out the skin.

Warning-avoid contact with eyes.Also people suffering from any skin condition should also avoid it,since it stings.(includes cuts or wounds as well).

1978535_637917112992805_4124554249918274894_o 10679806_637917206326129_9034063270646010142_o 10537197_637917216326128_273751039335957608_o

Lotus Herbals Acnegel Review

We girls have always skipped the moisturizers because none of them made our skin mattified or oil-free.But its required and the most important step in our skin care.Like you,I have gone and tried every possible drugstore moisturizer I can lay my hands on,but to be disappointed. Winters make it even more necessary to put this necessary thing on our face.

Today I will be reviewing a moisturizer by a well known brand Lotus Herbals in the name of Acnegel. This is in the form of gel which is suitable for oily / combination skin.Since I have dry skin in winters,I can  share my views easily for the dry skin beauties as well.This comes in a pump dispenser which is hygienic and allows required amount of product to come out.It is easily available in any drugstore or you can buy it online.Also you can reuse it later on. I have been using this since the summers,and thought now is the good time to rock-n-roll. 😛

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SkinYoga Oats and Roses face wash review

I don’t know why it’s called face wash because I can’t help imagining a tube or bottle filled with gel or foamy liquid which lathers beautifully.

So here’s the review for this product which I have used 5 times actually.

Ingredients-Oats Powder, Rose Powder, Rose Petals

Usage-Take approximately 1 tsp of the powder in cupped hand( The spoon is provided with actual packaging).  Add few drops of water to make a paste. Apply to face and massage gently into skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Smell-Subtle rose smell.

Packaging-Actual packaging is a glass jar so not suitable for carrying. 😦

Price-I got this as a sample size in Fabbag edition special SkinYoga bag which was 250 INR excluding shipping and tax charge.But its actual price as stated on their site is 1450 INR for 50g.So yeah!cost wise,its a downer.

Thoughts-The review was written when my skin was normal .Of course,if you have any skin condition,stay away from this because this also acts like a scrub,so irritation may happen.

I used it in the morning because it’s a mild cleanser according to me.After coming from work,I need a strong face wash to clear away the dirt and pollution.Due to presence of powder,it acts as a scrub too which is great for the skin.My skin felt refreshed and toned due to the rose petals.I have sensitive,oily and eczema prone skin and it suited me well at that time atleast.Though I have used this during my flareup and it just caused mild redness,but it was enough to tell me ,this might create problems.

Oatmeal is said to be beneficial for dry skin people.So leaving out the cost,I loved everything about it. I wish it was pocket-friendly.Infact,this cleanser can be created easily at home.Cheap! 😉

Still if you want this readymade,Visit their site and get it individually http://www.skinyoga.in/products/oats-and-roses-face-wash/pages/shop

Take care,Byeee 🙂10700644_643658585751991_4138524113402775235_o 10655446_643658582418658_3409525521601365631_o