SkinYoga Oats and Roses face wash review

I don’t know why it’s called face wash because I can’t help imagining a tube or bottle filled with gel or foamy liquid which lathers beautifully.

So here’s the review for this product which I have used 5 times actually.

Ingredients-Oats Powder, Rose Powder, Rose Petals

Usage-Take approximately 1 tsp of the powder in cupped hand( The spoon is provided with actual packaging).  Add few drops of water to make a paste. Apply to face and massage gently into skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Smell-Subtle rose smell.

Packaging-Actual packaging is a glass jar so not suitable for carrying. 😦

Price-I got this as a sample size in Fabbag edition special SkinYoga bag which was 250 INR excluding shipping and tax charge.But its actual price as stated on their site is 1450 INR for 50g.So yeah!cost wise,its a downer.

Thoughts-The review was written when my skin was normal .Of course,if you have any skin condition,stay away from this because this also acts like a scrub,so irritation may happen.

I used it in the morning because it’s a mild cleanser according to me.After coming from work,I need a strong face wash to clear away the dirt and pollution.Due to presence of powder,it acts as a scrub too which is great for the skin.My skin felt refreshed and toned due to the rose petals.I have sensitive,oily and eczema prone skin and it suited me well at that time atleast.Though I have used this during my flareup and it just caused mild redness,but it was enough to tell me ,this might create problems.

Oatmeal is said to be beneficial for dry skin people.So leaving out the cost,I loved everything about it. I wish it was pocket-friendly.Infact,this cleanser can be created easily at home.Cheap! 😉

Still if you want this readymade,Visit their site and get it individually

Take care,Byeee 🙂10700644_643658585751991_4138524113402775235_o 10655446_643658582418658_3409525521601365631_o

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