Skincare and haircare pre-Holi and post-Holi


All of us are eagerly waiting or dreading this festival which is due on 5th/6th of March.You know what I’m talking about ,right? 😉

Indians maybe knowing this,but others may know this too,since this festival is being played in most of the countries,either due to the presence of Indians over there,or some sort of native festival or fun activity of that country.(A different version of LaTomatina festival of Spain) 😛

Holi is a festival which not only is fun(according to some),but also worrisome.Lame rhyming!!! :-O Earlier,people used herbal colours,but with the passage of time,chemicals came in due to low cost,ease of availability and lack of knowledge.My parents ,when they were young,they actually made colours from flowers and food.Even though you use herbal colours,there’s no guarantee that the opposite person is using that.So why not be on your guard?

I always love playing Holi but due to skin issues and also coincidence with my exams(I hated my 10th and 12th boards schedule 😦 ),I never got to play it .Anyway,this year,I am going to play it and am sure,those who dreaded it due to the harm it does to your body,will find a way to enjoy it. 🙂

Skin and hair needs to be prepped up before holi so that it can withstand the damage.

  1. Avoid waxing ,threading,bleaching,facials or skin treatment before Holi as it leaves the skin sensitive and open pored.This will actually retain the colour in the skin,which we obviously don’t want.
  2. If you have dyed hair,then there’s possibility that after Holi,it has changed it’s colour,which may or may not look good on you.So avoid having highlights or light shades in your hair.If you do have,wear a scarf or bandana to protect you hair.(Everyone should do this actually)
  3. Trim your nails and coat them with a nail paint,which acts as a barrier against those colours.
  4. Apply Vaseline on your nails and cuticles,also underside of your long nails,to act as barrier.Don’t forget to apply it on the lips and behind the ears.
  5. Cover your body as much as you can so that,colour doesn’t stick all over your body.
  6. Oiling is the key,my dear friend!Coconut oil is a staple for the skin and hair.Apply it generously on your body and hair.It is easier to remove after Holi,acts as a protective layer and also conditions your skin.If you have dandruff add 8-10 drops of lemon in your oil and liberally apply the mixture in your hair.Do this ritual half an hour before going outside.
  7. Don’t forget the sunscreen as you get tanned easily while playing.

Post-Holi is a nightmare,isn’t it?Let me make it easier for you.

  1. Wash your colours with lukewarm water first.Most of the colours will go away with water.Lukewarm water doesn’t irritate the already irritated skin.
  2. Use oil to remove the colours.It dissolves most of the colours which makes it easier to remove them later.
  3. Use a  body wash to remove the colours.Do not scrub your skin as it will cause more damage.Colours will go away with every wash.You can rub lemon wedges on the skin to remove the colours.
  4. After shampooing your hair,it is bound to get dry.So deep condition it with a hair mask or oil it again.Then wash it afterwards with a mild shampoo.
  5. Use aloevera gel or rosewater if irritation occurs anywhere.
  6. Moisturise your body after the bath.Just apply double the amount you use usually.

These are some of the tips which I follow whenever I play.Hope this year,you face the music and bask in this lively festival with open arms. 😛

Take care,bye,cya :-*

Aroma magic Aloe Vera cold cream review

Heya beautiful ladies & girls!

I know it’s been a while I posted something.I had excess work pressure,cooking and maintaining the home on my own,(Parents have gone somewhere. 😉 ) and also,facing some health issues.Now ,that I am back on the track,I decided to do a review on this herbal cold cream,newly launched by Blossom Kochhar,the owner of Aroma magic brand.

I stumbled on this during this winter when I was on the lookout for herbal cream stuff for my eczema and dry skin issues.Previously,I was using Nivea cold cream.Though it didn’t harm me in the short term,but lately I am preferring anything herbal.

Price- INR 85 for 50g. I know it is on the higher side,but when it comes to natural stuff,I am ready to bear the cost. 

Availability- Hmmn! We have an issue here.Aroma magic products are available strictly online,or maybe in some select stores which I haven’t come across yet.I had ordered this on Amazon since I wanted to try this first.All other retail sites were offering 1+1 only.Also,you can order from their official website,but their shipping and delivery cost is higher than other sites. 😦 Currently,they have reduced the price.

Ingredients- Everything mentioned is purely natural.But I am pretty sure,with expiry of 36 months,there’s bound to be something inorganic.I think the base for the cream maybe not herbal.(Just my guess) You can test it by looking at the expiry date.Herbal formulations should have short life term.

Texture- Lighter than the traditional cold creams.It is not thick or greasy.Very easy to blend.I had applied this on my hands and face,but noticed that it took time to absorb on my face.

Smell-Faint lemony smell,strong scent of usual cold cream. :-\ After application-the smell vanishes.

Packaging- Sturdy translucent plastic tub with a white screw lid.It has the labels on the lid as well on the sides.It is big in size so maybe not feasible for handbags.

My views- Firstly,I noticed that they could increase the quantity as the tub thickness is high that it gives the impression of more product.I would say 50g would last you a month or a month & a half if used twice daily on the face and neck.

It takes time to absorb which is not good for the women on the run to work.On my combination sensitive skin,it took time to get into my skin,but I am hoping this will work for dry to very dry skin beauties.For me,it didn’t breakout.Also,there’s a glow after applying it.It didn’t sting my flareups so yay for sensitive skin.

If you have acne prone or oily skin,this will not work for you.Normal skin people can try this as night time hydration.

Overall verdict is 3/5 and there’s room for improvement.I don’t know whether I will buy again,because it is almost summer,so this will not suit me.

Hope you like the review.Cya,take care. :-*

IMG_20150222_195321 IMG_20150222_195436 IMG_20150222_195446


IMG_20150222_195533 IMG_20150222_195550 IMG_20150222_195610

Matrix Biolage Deep smoothing Serum Review


I have always been unhappy with my hair as it is wavy and frizzy.No matter how much oiling I do prior to shampoo,it will stay frizzy.

Luckily,I came about a product which not only controls the frizz,but also provides shine.I am talking about the wonder serum from Matrix.

Price- INR 275 for 100 ml which is not bad.I need a product which is budgety and works. 😛

Ingredients-Hmmn,this is where I am confused.Lot of chemicals actually. 😦 I found some herbal oils in it which are avocado oil & grapeseed oil.Yeah! Just these two.

Fragrance-It is mild ,but not exactly smelling like avocado or grapeseed.But it is a nice smell.

Texture-Light,doesn’t feel oily at all.It is not sticky and flows easily on hands.

Packaging-Flipflop bottle.Sturdy packaging so travel friendly.

My thoughts-From the very first usage,I have seen the difference.It is for daily use.It can be used on damp and dry hair.Instantly,I saw my tangles vanish and my hair looked shiny and smooth.I use this after washing my hair when it is damp and also on the next day,till my next wash.It controls the frizz for the entire day.Serum is actually concentrated nutrient delivered in your body and hair serum works to make your hair better.If you have normal,dry hair,this will work for you.But if you have oily hair,you already have natural oils. 😛 Only a little is required to smoothen the tips.

I am definitely buying this again.If you want to try,go ahead. 🙂

IMG_20150211_205009 IMG_20150211_205203

Till the next time,take care,love your mane

bye :-*

Disappointed with Xiaomi MI3


This is not a regular beauty post but I thought,before anyone gets cheated like me,I should share my incident.Their warranty policies are so absurd.I am angered at their policies and decided to write a mail,knowing that maybe no action will be taken,since they don’t have a proper mailing system & also,I am just one in a million.

Here what’s happened.1 2

One thing I realised,chinese hardware will always remain flimsy.and that’s why they sell cheap.

If you are planning to buy,I would say do keep in mind their after sale services are not good.and if you are already owning this phone,I pray for you .

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera cleanser Review


How is the week treating you?Wednesdays are the most hectic usually,at least for me.The thing I look forward after I come back home from my office is washing my face. 🙂

Facewash or cleanser is something which instantly cleanses your face,removes the grime & the tension and refreshes you.

I bought this online on is an amazing site for beauty addicts. 😉 Do checkout the site for discount and variety in their stock.

For a long time I wanted to try Aroma Magic products.But I shied away as I felt none of the products are genuinely herbal in the market as they contain preservatives and God knows what.So I skipped this brand and was using my Episoft cleanser,since I am having a flare up right now.But after reading through many reviews,I took the risk,knowing that one wrong product will make my eczema worse. 😦 But that’s what beauty bloggers do,right?  Take the risk and review.

I bought 2 products-Aroma Magic Aloe Vera cleanser & Aroma Magic Anti Dandruff China Rose Shampoo.Today I will be reviewing the cleanser only.

Availability-Only online. 😦 You can buy it from their site or from other popular sites like Flipkart,Amazon etc.However,I bought this from Purplle as they have low shipping costs and offer good discounts.International buyers should find this on Amazon easily.

Quantity & Price-50 g in 135 INR ( 2.19 $ ) which is dirt cheap.But maybe shipping costs are more internationally.I had meagre shipping cost from this site.

Why this brand is making waves in the beauty industry?

  1. Products are free of Parabens, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Colours and Artificial Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates and Animal Testing.
  2. Also,their products are cheap,which is main factor for a budget freak like me. 😛
  3. They are entirely herbal.

Texture-White Cream.It is soap-free and doesn’t foam at all.It is like you are applying cream on your face.But it is lighter on the skin.

Skin type- Dry skin,combination and sensitive skin.Oily skin should skip this as this will make your face appear oilier.

Smell-Faint aloe vera smell,but not overpowering.

Packaging-Sturdy white plastic tub with pink lid.Simple and good covering so travel friendly.

My thoughts – I used this on my face which at the moment is having flare-ups with excessive dryness leaving out my T-zone.

I splashed my face with water and then dotted my face with this cleanser on my forehead,nose,cheeks and chin.I applied this on my neck.Massaging this cream for 1-2 minutes in circular motion, gently on my skin and then I washed it off.You can wipe it off with wet cloth too.I felt my face hydrated,moisturised and clean.It cleans gently.It removes the excess oil from face,but retains the hydration.Makes the skin soft & glowy.

If you are expecting that squeaky clean feeling,you may not get it as this is more of a cleanser or cleansing milk sort.My eczema didn’t sting at all so sensitive skin can give this a try.Also I didn’t breakout into acne so its a yayy! 😀

Also lot of product is there and only small amount is needed,so this would last me a long time. 2 years is the expiry limit.Active ingredients show its herbal,but I am sure,with 2 years expiry,preservatives must be there.But till now nothing harmful came across my way.Also,it didn’t sting my eyes when I mistakenly got it in my eyes,which shows chemical content in the cleanser is less.

This is really proving to be my best friend at the moment as winters in Delhi are really harsh.If you like my review and want to try this,go ahead.Herbal formulations are always welcome in the kitty,right? 😉

If you want me to review my experience of shopping from,do comment below.Also ,let me know,how this worked for you.

Till the next time,byeee,take care, XOXO :-*

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Lakme lip love care-Strawberry



I am an avid fan of lip balms,be it tinted or non-tinted.I keep hoarding them inspite of knowing that it costs me money and I have to finish it.😜
Recently we all had GOSF going on,so there I was ,deciding what to buy and my eyes fell on this cute pink lip balm.I wanted a pink tinted lip balm,since it looks more natural on me and yess!I wanted to splurge.
Lakme has released these balms for the first time,so my curiosity took the best of me,and I clicked on BUY NOW.😁There are four variants but I don’t remember now.
Ingredients-Not mentioned :|Well,Lakme never mentioned though.
Price-200 INR i.e. approx 3$
Availibility-Since its new,only online you can find it,I bought it from shipping though.
Staying power-On my dry lips,it stayed for 3 hours.It might stay more on normal lips.
Packaging-Came in a paper like covering.Sturdy cap and fitting.Plastic packaging…

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Aloe vera gel-Versatile beauty product


I know,I made a promise that I will post a product review,but couldn’t stop myself from sharing my skin and hair care routine with you all,specially when it’s winter and might benefit some.

You must have heard of the goodness of aloe vera gel.It can be ingested and applied,so yeah!It is a miracle product.It is good for overall health,skin and hair.

For the past 1 month,I have been religiously using aloe vera gel.I have combination skin,but in winters,my skin becomes sensitive and flaky dry,almost like I am having eczema.My hair is as usual frizzy.Nothing can tame my mane. 😛

Skincare-As I am having a flare out,I needed something which made my skin itch less and kept it soft and nourished.Also,I didn’t want greasiness.Aloe vera gel saved me. 🙂 It provides hydration,blends easily,doesn’t make skin oily or clog pores & provides cooling effect.If this worked for a sensitive,eczema-prone skin like mine,I am sure it will be a boon for dry skin,combination & sensitive skin.I have used this on my T-zone and till now,I am having no problems with it.It didn’t break me out or cause oiliness.But I think,during summers,maybe little powder is required to control the shine.So for oily skin,this can work provided you powder it.Actually,its benefits are for anyone,but do test it before.

I will test this during summers.Hopefully,this works.

I am using packaged aloe vera gel(Patanjali),as

  • I don’t have a plant.
  • I saw my neighbour using the gel directly from the plant on her skin and she got a rash.
  • Processed aloe vera gel means it’s cleansed,purified and hygienic.
  • User-friendly.
  • Also,I want to incorporate herbal in my life.

Haircare-I used it on the ends and it reduced the tangles like magic.I did this on the day I had washed my hair.I followed this till my next wash.It greatly reduced the tangles and made my hair soft,shiny and frizz-free.This worked better than my Matrix Biolage serum.Since,it is in gel format,it didn’t make my hair oily.This is definitely going to be permanent in my hair care.

You can use any brand or if the raw gel works for you,then go ahead for it too.

PS:When my eczema was raw with cracks and redness,it stinged like hell.So I think,don’t use it over cuts and wounds.However,research tells,aloe vera is a healer.So use it carefully.It acted like contradiction in my part. 😛 But I didn’t stop using it.

If you agree with my reasons and like aloe vera gel,do use it and let me know how it fared for you in the comment box below.I love hearing from you. 🙂

Till the next post,bye,take care. XOXO :-*