Aroma Magic Aloe Vera cleanser Review


How is the week treating you?Wednesdays are the most hectic usually,at least for me.The thing I look forward after I come back home from my office is washing my face. 🙂

Facewash or cleanser is something which instantly cleanses your face,removes the grime & the tension and refreshes you.

I bought this online on is an amazing site for beauty addicts. 😉 Do checkout the site for discount and variety in their stock.

For a long time I wanted to try Aroma Magic products.But I shied away as I felt none of the products are genuinely herbal in the market as they contain preservatives and God knows what.So I skipped this brand and was using my Episoft cleanser,since I am having a flare up right now.But after reading through many reviews,I took the risk,knowing that one wrong product will make my eczema worse. 😦 But that’s what beauty bloggers do,right?  Take the risk and review.

I bought 2 products-Aroma Magic Aloe Vera cleanser & Aroma Magic Anti Dandruff China Rose Shampoo.Today I will be reviewing the cleanser only.

Availability-Only online. 😦 You can buy it from their site or from other popular sites like Flipkart,Amazon etc.However,I bought this from Purplle as they have low shipping costs and offer good discounts.International buyers should find this on Amazon easily.

Quantity & Price-50 g in 135 INR ( 2.19 $ ) which is dirt cheap.But maybe shipping costs are more internationally.I had meagre shipping cost from this site.

Why this brand is making waves in the beauty industry?

  1. Products are free of Parabens, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Colours and Artificial Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates and Animal Testing.
  2. Also,their products are cheap,which is main factor for a budget freak like me. 😛
  3. They are entirely herbal.

Texture-White Cream.It is soap-free and doesn’t foam at all.It is like you are applying cream on your face.But it is lighter on the skin.

Skin type- Dry skin,combination and sensitive skin.Oily skin should skip this as this will make your face appear oilier.

Smell-Faint aloe vera smell,but not overpowering.

Packaging-Sturdy white plastic tub with pink lid.Simple and good covering so travel friendly.

My thoughts – I used this on my face which at the moment is having flare-ups with excessive dryness leaving out my T-zone.

I splashed my face with water and then dotted my face with this cleanser on my forehead,nose,cheeks and chin.I applied this on my neck.Massaging this cream for 1-2 minutes in circular motion, gently on my skin and then I washed it off.You can wipe it off with wet cloth too.I felt my face hydrated,moisturised and clean.It cleans gently.It removes the excess oil from face,but retains the hydration.Makes the skin soft & glowy.

If you are expecting that squeaky clean feeling,you may not get it as this is more of a cleanser or cleansing milk sort.My eczema didn’t sting at all so sensitive skin can give this a try.Also I didn’t breakout into acne so its a yayy! 😀

Also lot of product is there and only small amount is needed,so this would last me a long time. 2 years is the expiry limit.Active ingredients show its herbal,but I am sure,with 2 years expiry,preservatives must be there.But till now nothing harmful came across my way.Also,it didn’t sting my eyes when I mistakenly got it in my eyes,which shows chemical content in the cleanser is less.

This is really proving to be my best friend at the moment as winters in Delhi are really harsh.If you like my review and want to try this,go ahead.Herbal formulations are always welcome in the kitty,right? 😉

If you want me to review my experience of shopping from,do comment below.Also ,let me know,how this worked for you.

Till the next time,byeee,take care, XOXO :-*

IMG_20150204_184557 IMG_20150204_184653 IMG_20150204_184715


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