Aroma magic China rose shampoo review


Hope your weekend is going well. πŸ™‚ As always,I have been obsessed with herbal products and so I am here with a review on a shampoo which claims to reduce dandruff herbally.

Aroma magic anti-dandruff china rose shampoo is supposed to be used in conjunction with flaky hair oil.But I am satisfied with the shampoo alone.

Price & quantity-INR 150 for 120 ml which is alright.

Packaging-Comes in a plastic white tube with a flipcap in pink.It does look cute sitting on your bathroom shelf. πŸ™‚ But you would see in the pictures itself that after usage,the opening becomes messy and can clog too.It is not travel friendly as the tube can get easily deformed.

Availability-It is available only online. 😦 I bought this from

Smell-I didn’t find any strong smell from it,infact,no smell at all.

My view-China rose is said to be good for scalp and hair.It promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff.

If you are looking for miracles,this isn’t it.My dandruff got reduced only after 4-5Β washes.But if I had used the flaky oil,maybe the result would have been different.Since this is a herbal product,it will show its effect slowly,so you need to have patience.It is to be used every third day i.e. twice a week,then only you will see the result.

It says that any hair type will benefit from this,but it is not so.It does have drying effect on hair as it increased my frizz.So conditioner is a must.

Also,I noticed it doesn’t lather well.I have to use lot of shampoo to create foam. 😦 If you have done a hot oil massage,then you will need more to remove the oil completely.

Overall verdict is you can skip this shampoo if you have lot of dandruff and dry hair.People who have normal to oily hair with medium dandruff can give this a try.

Hope this works for you.Till the next time,byee,cya,take care XOXO :-*

IMG_20150404_210246 IMG_20150404_210312 IMG_20150404_210341 IMG_20150404_210456


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