Huge Haul-Khadi and various websites

Heya beauties!

Sorry for being so inactive on my blog,but if you are following me on instagram,you may have seen that I got smoothening done on my hair and also was spending my vacation in Kashmir.Infact,even there,I couldn’t stop myself from buying beauty products. 😛 May month has been my bank emptying month. 😀 I splurged a lot on skincare,makeup and lots more.So today I will be posting about the haul which is so much responsible for stealing my money. 😛 I went to Khadi,a Govt. owned herbal and handicrafts store.I went there keeping in mind for replenishing my stock of Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder for my DIY shampoo,but ended up buying more than that.


What I bought:-

  1. Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder-Each costs for 40-50 INR for 200g.Yes! it’s cheaper than the Amazon Khadi powders which I had bought earlier.Also,the quantity offered is more in the store.
  2. Facial cleanser or Ubtan- INR 120 for 100g.I always wanted to try Ubtan.Will review it.
  3. Facial scrub-INR 80 for 100ml. It is good for pore cleansing.Will review it.
  4. Skincare oil- INR 259 for 50 ml. It is like a serum with essential skincare oils.I use it in my night-time skincare routine.I will review it.

All of the products mentioned are herbal and infact Khadi claims that there might be discolouration in them with time,which proves the authenticity.There might be some preservatives in the liquid or gel versions of Khadi products but of minimal quantity. Apart from this,I bought some products online from Flipkart,amazon,Nykaa and Purplle sites.These sites were offering discounts and free shipping.

IMG_20150509_113453 IMG_20150509_113510 IMG_20150509_113524 IMG_20150509_113549

What I bought:-

  1. Citronella oil for my diffuser from Breathe aromatherapy- 50ml in INR 299. It is best when it comes to effect and fragrance.
  2. Aroma Magic aromatic skin toner- Suggested by my parlour. INR 170 for 200 ml. Will review it also.
  3. Kudos color expert cake eyeliner-This brand deals with herbal products and is new in the market. It offers 4 colors-black,brown,blue and green in a small compact style box,without any mirror. 😦 Will review it soon. 16g in INR 410
  4. Bliss T-light candles for my diffuser- I love fragrances in my room. 50 pieces in INR 199
  5. Avera 50 round cotton pads- INR 155 for 50 pieces
  6. Lakme eyeconic kajal in blue & green-Best long lasting kajals at affordable prices. I got it for 200 INR each 

I prefer buying online because you get so many discounts.Do keep it mind that overall cost of the product should be less inclusive of delivery charge if it’s there.Otherwise,what’s the point of buying online. 😉 Hope you liked my haul post.

Till the next post,cya.. :-*

Beauty tip -4

Summer means mosquitoes.Atleast that’s the case in India.And their bites leave those nasty scars..😱
The trick is if you don’t scratch,no scars will be formed.So whenever a mosquito kisses you 😂,dab some toothpaste.Yeah!it cools the area,reduces itchiness and brings out the poison from the skin.Keep the toothpaste for 10-15 mins and wash it off.You will instantly notice the redness vanishes and only a minute area looks bumped since the poison is concentrated in there.
It will go away on its own..

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Sarojini Nagar Haul


Wassup ladies? 😉 Shopping time!!!!

With my close friend,I ventured into the most wanted shopping place where you get the latest fashion at dirt cheap price.Basically,all the items are export surplus or rejects from factories of high end brands.
Don’t worry,the rejected are not something you will throwaway.Its almost like,the size S will fit a M person or one of the buttons is of different color and so on.Thats something we can easily work on right. 😉
I went this Sunday in the early hours and will share how you can be a pro in Sarojini Nagar comfortably.

1. Reach there by 11.The early hours are good for summers as there’s less heat and also you get Boney deals i.e. first sale of the shop,which usually is cheaper price for the customer to pay.
2. Start your bargaining from 100 bucks.You can easily get high end stuff for this cheap price.
3. Carry your big bag so that you don’t end up carrying lots of plastic bags which they give, that might cut your finger or make it cumbersome for you.
4. Water bottle and a scarf is a must.You can rock a hat too.Sun will hit you no matter what. 😦 so keep yourself hydrated.
5. If you don’t get the item at your price,walk away.Mostly the shopowner will call you back at your price but if he doesn’t,its fine as the entire market is flooded with alternatives and same fashion maybe.
6. Try to go with someone or in a group as that will help you in overpowering the shopowner and grabbing the discounts. *wicked * :- P

Now,my turn to show you what I got.I buy on need basis and restrain myself from splurging too much.


150 bucks,Denim shirt with flower patterns


150 bucks,cotton glittery top in olive green


100 bucks,cotton pajamas


150 bucks,rounded cat eye shades in brown

Till the next time,cya…XOXO :-*

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Beauty tip-3

You drink milk ,right?okay…maybe not regularly,but you do drink it in some other way.In India,we usually warm the milk before drinking even though its pasteurised.A habit I guess.
I learnt this tip from my dear mom.We warm and keep the milk in the same container,and when it gets finished,some fat is always sticking to the walls of the container.My mom uses the fat(malai) as a body cleanser.
If you rub it on your skin for atleast a minute,you will notice dirt coming out with the fat.It basically removes the top tanned or dirty layer of your skin.Also it is very moisturizing that I don’t apply any moisturizer later.Milk protein is good for skin specially for dry skin.
You can do it any time of the day,after bath,before bath etc.
So why not use every drop of the wholesome milk? ;-)Try it

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My current skincare routine-Sensitive combination skin (Summer time)

Heya beautiful ladies!!!

By this time you must have noticed that I am a weekend person,when it comes to posting anything.Weekdays are the most hectic part of my life,so it is quite tough to write anything during that time.Now,you must be thinking,”She should get a life.Who sits at home during weekends?” 😛 Well! I usually prefer my weekends at home,as in India,you don’t want to venture out in the heat and also,I am quite a lazy person. 😀

Anyway,today my post is about the skincare I am following currently.As of now,my skin is having small dry patches on the cheeks and an oily T-zone.Firstly,I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis so this skincare routine is different.So,I will include details regarding  minimal to no make-up skin only.

I would like to say that till date,I haven’t found a single product which controls my T-zone but doesn’t strip moisture from my dry cheeks. 😦 so I have to use more products. Infact,this is not wrong.You are using the products which suit your type.But,if anyone knows of an item,please….. please let me know of it,as I am getting tired in searching for that One product for my entire face.

IMG_20150502_125731 IMG_20150502_114836-001

In the morning,I wash my face with lukewarm water.This opens up the pores.I apply Aroma magic aloe vera cleanser on my cheeks,neck  and chin and massage it gently.On my T-zone,I apply the Aroma treasures aloe vera face wash. This removes the excess oil and controls the shine for sometime.I wash everything off with cold water.I prefer using these 2 as they are mild cleansers and in the morning,you don’t want excessive cleaning of the face.After that I apply my Fabindia tea tree oil toner with a cotton ball, on my T-zone mainly.This controls the oil and prevents acne.I wait for a minute ,then apply aloe vera gel on my face and neck.During summers,no moisturiser works for me so I prefer aloe vera gel,which soothes the skin,prevents infections,nourishes the skin and is good for my eczematic skin.On my dry patches,I apply a little amount of aloe vera cold cream.A  little goes a long way when it comes to applying it,as it is effective in moistening the patches. Then I go for my Lotus Herbals sunscreen matte gel SPF 50.This is my go to sunscreen.It is my favourite because it actually mattifies the skin,sweat proof ,doesn’t make a whitish cast on face and also non-clogging.I apply just a coloured liner on my upper lids and a coloured lip balm.On my T-zone,I use compact powder and then I am out for the day.

In the night,first,I take a cotton ball,put 1-2 drops of coconut oil on it,and gently wipe my liner off.Coconut oil is an excellent make-up remover.Try it.Then,after washing with lukewarm water,I use the Clean & clear Blackhead clearing face wash on my T-zone,since this actually removes the blackheads,cleans the dirt and removes the oil.For my other parts,I use the Episoft cleanser.This cleanses the skin without irritating it.After washing everything off with cold water,I use the toner and aloe vera gel.Then the cold cream for my dry patches.I literally slather my lips with Maybelline Electropop tangy and fierce.This is my love.Keeps my lips soft for the entire night.

Once a week,I use the Ozone skin awakening scrub.If I am tanned,then I follow it with Just herbs almond complexion pack,which removes the tan and is good in oil-control.But I don’t use it often as it dries out my skin too much.Also,most days when I am too tired to use different cleansers for my skin,I use my DIY face cleanser.Does the job well.

Most of the products I have already reviewed  or explained earlier.But ,if you want,I can review the other products.Let me know of it in the comment box below.Also,all the products are available on major shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart etc,specially for people residing outside India.

If your skin type is like mine,you can try this.Till the next time,Byeee… XOXO :-*

PS: I am an avid believer in the goodness of Aloe vera,so I can’t live without it.It worked for me during my eczema flare-up in the winters. :-\