Nutraclin body cleanser review

Heya ladies!

I have been looking at Caitlyn’s photo(Yes! The famous picture that is being circulated on the internet and Omg,she’s glamorous.) and that’s when it occurred to me,that there are other beautiful ladies all over the world to whom I made a promise to blog  regularly.

So I opened my notes app on my phone,checked which product I have to write about and chose a body wash for you. 🙂 My phone is my diary.I click pictures,take notes and edit them.It is all in there. I have heard that to be a good blogger,one needs to have a DSLR or a high end editing software. I find it hilarious. 😛 As long as the picture or video you are posting is visible enough to spot the letters and no.s in it,why spend so much on a bulky camera or high end software?

I have been using this bodywash since January 15 and it will last me another month and half easily.This product is marketed by a company called Ethicare Remedies.They work closely with dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.So their products are safe to use for skin and hair and targets the problem areas if you have any. For me,this is the first company who claims to have products suitable for my eczema-prone sensitive combination skin. After reading on them,I decided to try their cream and bodywash. I have already reviewed the cream HydromaxCT earlier.Link is given below.To know more about this company and their products,check their website below.Till now,they have shipped to Mauritius, Dubai, Bangladesh, Yemen & Nepal;and expanding further. If you want to buy something,contact on their email given in the site.

Official website:

HydromaxCT review:

Price: INR 159 for 250 ml which is cool,really. This will actually last you a long time .Also,they give a free loofah which is of good quality.

Availability: Only available on their website and also I am eagerly waiting when they will be available in nearby stores.

Smell: Glycerine-ish smell which is not too strong.

Ingredients: Given in the picture below.I didn’t like the presence of SLS and SLES. It could have been avoided but I guess,for lather purposes it is required. 😦

Packaging: Plastic bottle with a flip-top cap which is sturdy for travel purposes.

Texture: It has clear gel consistency which is not too runny.

Usage: Since it lathers well,so small quantity is required. Differs from person to person.

My view: I absolutely love it and it was my knight in shining armour when I was plagued with eczema during winters.I took the courage to go outside without applying moisturiser after bath to see its effects and I was surprised.It kept my skin soft even without a moisturiser that too during the harsh winter.In summers,due to the presence of hot blowing winds in Delhi,you may need a moisturiser.It has immense quantity of glycerine in it so that’s why it keeps the skin soft.Since it is a neutral Ph cleanser,it is safe to use.

If you are a lover of lather,this won’t disappoint you. 😉 It cleans the skin well and refreshes you .It is economical since it lasts a long time and that too within your budget. If your skin is dry and sensitive,you should go for it.Normal skinned people can also opt for this.

PS: If you have cuts or wounds,it might sting you because of glycerine in it.Also,do a patch test before.This is my honest review.I haven’t been sponsored in anyway. 

IMG_20150606_104747_HDR IMG_20150606_104805_HDR_1433567902343 IMG_20150606_113057_HDR


Hope you liked my review.Till the next post,bye,cya, XOXO :-* take care

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