SaND for soapaholics face cleanser review

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This time I am late in posting. 😦 I am sorry.I had promised myself to post atleast 2 posts in a week. 

Well!hoping that you are keeping up well,I would love to share my views on a product sent to me for review 15 days back.After using it diligently,I think I can finally say something on it.

I am sure you haven’t heard of this brand before,even in India.So,let me first acquaint you to this brand.Their products are inspired by traditional Indian home recipes for skincare, include natural artisan soaps,moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc.It started in August 2014 and their ingredients are directly coming from the kitchen.It started with a mother’s labour of love; a revelation. It began in 1991, when their Chief Crafter, Sangeeta, realized that her newborn was reacting to most available toiletries & cosmetics at the time.So,she plunged into the study of skincare. She took up aromatherapy, soap-making, lotion-crafting, and on a whim decided to dig into skincare remedies that her family had previously used. This unearthed a treasure trove of ancestral recipes gathered from her friends, family and community. Using these recipes, her research, and ingredients commonly found in the kitchen or home garden, Sangeeta was always experimenting with new formulae. They worked wonderfully for her child’s skin – so well in fact that the entire family hasn’t used commercial products in years. Over time, she started sampling her creations to friends and extended family. They were so well accepted that a dream to offer it to the market began germinating in her mind.

Here’s their site if you want to have a look or buy something. 🙂

I was sent a face cleanser meant for my skin as they had suggested it will work for me.It is named as Wipe out.I loved their tags,very quirky names they gave to their products. 🙂

Price and quantity: INR 243 for 30g,INR 405 for 50g and INR 810 for 100g.I was given the 30g product.I feel the 30 g jar will itself last you more than a month as the quantity required for the usage is very less. 🙂 Shipping charges are additional 120 bucks.

Availability: Right now,they sell only through their facebook page and website.Also,as far I came to know,they do ship internationally but for international orders,contact them on their email given on their site. 🙂

Ingredients:Every 10gm contains Oil blend of Almond Seed (Prunus amygdalus), Peanut Seed (Arachis hypogeal) & Vit E (64.67%), Emulsion of Honey (22.74%), Beeswax (6.34%), Potassium Sorbate (0.56%), Ess.Oil of Sandalwood Heartwood (Santalum album) (0.09%). I am allergic to peanuts and almonds and till now haven’t noticed any reaction,so the content is less for any visible reaction.

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy golden plastic jar.Since the product is thick,it neither sticks to the cap if inverted,nor does it leak.So a definite yay for travel.The jar has labelling of the brand,ingredient list,usage instructions and price.

Fragrance: Faint smell of sandalwood.

Texture: Thick waxy consistency

Usage:Take required amount and massage face, eyes and lips. Wipe with a damp cotton/cloth.

Shelf life: 4 months from date of packing.

Recommended for: Sensitive skin and makeup removal.

My views: When I first applied it,I didn’t see any redness or tingling feeling.Also,it easily removed my smudgeproof eyeliners in a ziffy. 🙂 So it stays true to its claims.

However,even after removing with cotton,there is a layer of the cleanser left on your skin which makes it feel oily/sticky.So if your skin is combination or oily,you may need to wash it off with your facewash.If you have dry skin,then a mild face wash is sufficient to remove the stickiness.

I had also used another method for this cleanser.I massaged the cleanser on my skin for a minute gently as its bit hard to glide on the skin.Then I washed it off with my face wash.Skipping the cotton part will retain more oils on my skin which acts as moisturizer.I do not feel the need to add moisturizer on my face after this if I use this method.

You can choose any method that suits you.I usually take the product as if I am applying face cream.Very little goes a long way.Do keep in mind that its more solid so it doesn’t spread well on the skin. 😦 Due to which ,you may tend to massage it more which is not good for skin. I follow the 5 dot rule on my face.

My skin is more soft and supple post its usage.Not a single trace of makeup can be seen on my face.Also my cotton pad comes off dirty whenever I used it,so it cleans well too.

My rating is 3.5/5 as a secondary face wash is needed to remove the traces and also because it is bit difficult to work with on the skin.Maybe they can make it more softer in consistency. 🙂 Overall you can use it as a makeup remover if the cleansing part appears cumbersome to you. 🙂






Ingredient list


Dirty cotton after removal of the cleanser


Racoon eyes 😛

Hope you liked the review.Do ask me questions if you have any. 🙂 See you all in my next post. Bye. Cya. :-*

MUA makeup academy Pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit review


If you are staying in Delhi-NCR,you have woken up to a beautiful rainy weather outside.( Assuming that all of you are having holiday and do not have to go outside in public transport,braving the muddy roads and traffic jam) 😛

I never believed in making my eyebrows except for threading them. 😀 I love having thick natural looking eyebrows and so never invested in eyebrow kit or pencil.Luckily,my eyebrows are threaded according to my liking .(Touchwood!) However,there was this sale going on some time back,and I couldn’t stop myself from placing an order.

Price: INR 650 but I got it for INR 520 and if you buy now,you will get it for INR 425. 😛 Here’s the link.

Availability: They are available in nearby stores internationally as I am made aware of,but within India,online is the only option. However,if you are staying outside India and don’t have access to the store,you can place order on but should have a delivery address within India.I know it’s not feasible. 😦 Hopefully your friends or relatives live here.

Packaging: Now this is what attracted me the most.They have 2 variants-Fair to medium and another medium to dark.I had only fair-medium at my disposal.It is a flip open black plastic casing having 3 colors+1 setting wax.It also houses a dual ended brush for filling the eyebrows and setting them along with a tweezer.Isn’t this the whole deal? 😉 I find it extremely travel friendly as you have everything in 1 product and also the packaging is sturdy.

Texture: It is a powder eyebrow kit and you can apply it very easily.One downfall I find that while using the brush,some extra powder remains in the pan which needs to be cleaned everytime so that it does not soil the setting wax in there.

My views: I have tried it many times and I must say,I love it.Even though I have black eyebrows and logically I am supposed to opt for the other variant but this one suits me the most.You will know why.

The colors in the other kit will make my eyebrows look darker than normal.Also,from that kit,I cannot use all the contents as the colors don’t suit me.While filling the eyebrows always opt for a color which is ‘closest’ to your color but bit light.For black eyebrows,dark brown works the best.

I used the brush and the tweezer .They work well and serve their purpose .Infact,the brush is so good,it takes up only the amount required and when used,it gives natural looking eyebrows.

Overall verdict is 4.5/5 because of the extra softness of the powder.But you can ignore it. 🙂


Swatches in flash-From the left

Eyebrow shade,Highlighting shade 1(I use this on my eyelids for matte finish),Highlighting shade 2(I use this as brow highlighter)


Swatches in normal lighting




Usage guide on the back of the kit




Other variant-Dark

Hope you find this useful if you are thinking of buying it.See you all in my next post.Byeee. :-*

Juicy Chemistry Cell construction serum review


I know,I know,I am posting again on the same brand.But I can’t help it.It was sent to me for review and I have to give a verdict,right? 😛 Also,I am genuinely loving the product,so decided to share my views on it.

I had never used a serum before,so was desperately looking for a serum which would suit my combination sensitive skin.Looks like,God answered my prayers in the form of this tiny bottle sent to me by the Juicy Chemistry . 🙂

I had notified them about my skin beforehand and so they felt this will do justice to my skin.So,here goes the review.

What they claim:It is formulated with ingredients that are highly Cicatrisant(anti-scarring properties).Our serum penetrates deeply into the skin and works to heal and regenerate damaged skin.

For best use,use it every night.

The product when used regularly results in diminishing:-

  • acne scars
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • stretch marks
  • dark spots
  • fine lines & wrinkles

Price: INR 300 for 8ml which I find affordable as it will last you a long time.

Ingredients:Rosehipseed oil,jojoba oil,almond oil,carrotseed oil,lavender oil,frankincense oil,geranium essential oil,neroli essential oil and helichrysum essenial oil.

Usage: 3-4 drops for the face and neck combined.

Packaging: Comes in a small glass bottle having a dropper cap.Unscrew the cap and use the attached dropper.

Smell:I cannot describe the exact fragrance to which it resembles but it is pleasant and an organic smell.

Availability: Only through Facebook and whatsapp.I hope they come up with their site. :-/ Also,they take the payment through bank transfer.Internationally,I don’t think they deliver. :-/ But I do hope,they start shipping outside India soon.

My views: I use the serum after toning my face.I apply it by patting gently on the skin.Serums are concentrated oils so 3-4 drops are sufficient ,also,it should not be rubbed onto the skin.Gentle application is the key. 🙂

It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t make my skin oily or dry.I did not notice any redness or tingling feeling so this can work for sensitive skin beauties.

The smell will go away within a minute of application so those having a sensitive nose,will not find any problem.

I have been using this since a month and I am actually happy to say that this serum works in removing the dark spots,scars and hyper-pigmentation. I don’t have spots that much but a weird pimple caused a dark spot on my forehead a month back,which has literally gone away now. 🙂 Also, my skin looks more clear and hydrated.This imparts a glow when you wake up in the morning.I don’t have wrinkles so can’t comment on it.Also,I haven’t used it for stretch marks as it will get finished quickly if I start using for my body. 😛 I am not ashamed to admit I have loads of those white lines on my body. 🙂

The price tag is also nice as I have only got to 1/4th of the bottle even after a month’s usage.

I will rate it 5/5 and I am definitely buying it once I finish my bottle.

They are taking orders through facebook and whatsapp as of now.Their no. is 91-9655663566.I have also reviewed a product from their range last weekend.Here’s the link if you missed it.

IMG_20150711_112519_HDR IMG_20150708_235340 IMG_20150708_235408

Do let me know whether this serum worked for you or  not.Feel free to ask me questions. 🙂 See you all in my next post. Byeeee :-*

Juicy Chemistry French green clay and chamomile face and body wrap review

Hello beautiful ladies!

How’s the weekend treating you?

Well! mine started on a good note as in,back to back party scenes for me.If you are following me on instagram,then you know it. 😉

If you are aware,that 1-2 weeks back,I posted about Juicy chemistry products for review on my instagram.I had tried 3 products  till now,and here starts my review without any further delay.

Price: INR 600 for 50g which is good considering that it will last you for a long time and its organic. 🙂

Texture: It is a green granular powder.

Fragnance: Subtle smell,nothing strong for the nose.

Packaging: Plastic tub with a screwed lid having the JC logo on the top and a label on the side,describing its use,ingredients and price.It is travel friendly having a sturdy packaging.

Availibility: That’s an issue as currently they are taking orders only through their facebook page and whatsapp.You can see and choose from their catalogue on facebook or you can consult them on whatsapp and let them choose the right type for you.Their number is 91-96556 63566. I don’t think they deliver internationally,not that I know of,but you are free to ask them on whatsapp. 🙂 Hopefully they do.

Ingredients: See the picture below.

What it claims: Cleanses the skin,removes toxins,oils and impurities while simulatneously tightening and firming the skin.Improves the skin texture and fights the free radicals causing early signs of ageing.It purifies the skin also.

My views: It says for combination skin,I need to make a paste with milk/honey/yogurt/cooled green tea.I chose milk as its moisturizing.I took 1 tsp (the wooden spoon that came with the JC samples) and mixed it with 2-3 tsps of milk.I had used cold milk.Since the powder is not fine in size,the consistency of the paste is light as shown in the pictures below.You can literally separate the powder from the milk. 😛

Application is the tricky part.I tried using my facepack brush,but most of the powder was getting stuck on the bristles so I had to use my hand.I would prefer my face masks to be more pasty in nature and easier to apply. :-\

As suggested,I kept the mask for 15 mins.It dried easily and I can remove most of the mask with hands only.I washed the remaining with plain water,followed by my toning and moisturizing routine.

However,I did notice tingling feeling on my face and when I washed it off,I had redness on my forehead and cheeks.It went away after 10 mins.So I think,on my sensitive skin,it did not fare that much,but I did notice,after the redness went away,my face had this glow,more clearer skin and had a firmed up feel to it.Also,my T-zone stayed oil-free for a long time.

Dry skinned beauties need to add milk/yogurt/honey/any skin oil to the powder and oily skinned people should opt for water/cooled green tea/yogurt as written on their label.

So I would rate it 4/5 as it might not suit sensitive skinned people.They recommended a patch test so do not skip it.Overall,I will continue using it,as I can take a little redness with me as long as,it stays for 5-10 mins. 😛

IMG_20150627_104714_HDR IMG_20150627_104703_HDR IMG_20150627_104626_HDR IMG_20150627_104920_HDR IMG_20150627_105126_HDR


See you all in my next post.Feel free to ask me anything..cya..XOXO :-*

Mua Makeup Academy Bright Orange Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil review

Hi beautiful ladies!

Its midweek and I know,you are eagerly waiting for the week to end.Midweek is the worst.It is the most hectic day but also brings relief with the idea of remaining 2 days for the week to end. 😛

I thought,”How about I write a review which would brighten you up? ” (Metaphorically speaking)

I am going to review a lovely and cheery color from the MUA eyeliner pencil range.I had bought this baby 2 weeks back and am in love with it.I got so many compliments in my office. 🙂

I am referring to the Bright orange colour eyeliner pencil.It is the perfect orange which would not look horrible but at the same time,will complement Indian skintones from fair to medium.

Price: INR 700 for 2g but I got it for 150 INR from were offering heavy discounts.  😛

Availibility: Easily available online on any shopping site in India or nearby store if abroad.

Texture: Creamy and smooth.Gives matte finish on application. Doesn’t tug on the eyelids. 

Ingredients:Carnauba Wax, BeesWax, Ceresin, Cocoa Butter, Isopropyl Myristate, Diethylhexylcyclohexane, Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Butylparaben, BHT, May Contain: CI 77019 Mica, CI 77492 Iron Oxides Yellow, CI 77491 Iron Oxide Red, CI 77499 Iron Oxides Black, CI 77891 Titanium Dioxide, CI 77007 Ultramarines, CI 77742 Manganese Violet, CI 77510 Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, CI 15850 D&C Red No. 6 Disodium Salt, CI 19140:1 FD&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminum Lake, CI 42090:2 FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake.

Staying power:8 hours atleast. I have attached picture below.I took it after 8 hours ,that too on a humid day.It doesn’t smudge,so yay from my side.

Packaging: It’s a classy orange coloured pencil with a plastic cap-cum- sharpener.On it,are embossed in silver the shade name and the brand.

Rating: 4.5/5 because of its cost.You should buy it through discounts only.

IMG_20150619_184449_HDR IMG_20150619_184418_HDR IMG_20150619_184313