The beauty blogger award


Heya everyone!

Hope all of you are keeping up well.My busy office schedule is hardly leaving me anytime to post something. 😦 For that I am extremely sorry. Please bear with me.

Last saturday,the beautiful Kirsten from Kirstenemma blog nominated me for the beauty blogger award. Thankyou so much Kirsten!! 🙂 You should head onto her site to know about beauty and life.I love reading her life posts specially. They are fun. 😀

For beauty blogger award,the rules are:

1. Tag the blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer the questions you were given.

3. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion

4. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.

She asked 10 questions so here are my answers.

  • What has been your biggest Beauty/Fashion FAIL?

When I was new to this beauty world,I was struggling with finding the right shade/type of foundation.So there was a time when I found I had a ghostly looking face in a flash photograph due to SPF content and light shade of foundation. Imagine my misery!  This happened in my school farewell.

  • What has been your biggest Beauty/Fashion TRIUMPH?

Perfecting the winged liner. No seriously! I was envious of people who had the perfect winged liner done . So I literally celebrated when I passed that hurdle. 😛

  • What’s the best bit of beauty/fashion advice you can pass on?

Always take care of your skin/hair first.Putting makeup on it to hide flaws or problems will only make it worse.Either accept what God gifted you as everyone is beautiful,or consult a dermatologist to cure the problem. For me skin care is the priority.

  • Who in the public eye inspires you with either make-up/style?

I love how Kirsten Stewart rocks her makeup and dresses.She always wears something simple but focuses on her eye makeup.Love her sultry eye makeup.Somebody teach me please!!!!!

  • Who in the public eye is the total opposite to you in terms of style/make up?

Lady Gaga!!! I can never sport the extravagant outfits and makeup.

  • What is one fashion trend you just didn’t ‘get’?

Low waist jeans!!! Seriously! what were you thinking when you invented that look.Peeking bikini lines through the jeans,how can people even go out with that look!  Don’t take me wrong.

  • What is your go-to foundation?

Right now,I don’t have any as I am go-in-bareskin type of girl.I don’t use makeup much as I prefer having a good skin first,which at the moment is giving me trouble. :-\

  • What do you think your next beauty/fashion purchase will be?

Pink/yellow eyeliner… I love eye makeup and love matching my eyeliners with the outfits. I know I am talking like a kid but I need these 2 colors. 😛

  • What perfume are you loving right now?

More than perfumes,I love attar (Perfume oil).They stay the most on your skin and are herbal most of the times. Currently I am loving the attar from Swiss Arabian brand.They make amazing attars.

  • What is in your travel make-up bag?

Tinted lip balm and lot of eye pencils. 😛 😀

Now my turn to nominate . If you had been nominated earlier,you don’t have to do it again. 🙂











My questions for you are:

  1. Give one makeup hack you use.

  2. Give one fashion hack you use.

  3. Who is your style icon and why?

  4. Whose makeup you love the most?

  5. One makeup brand you swear by.

  6. What is the one item you use from the kitchen for your beauty needs?

  7. What do you do for your fitness/health?

  8. Give the name of one beauty product you want to try but haven’t been able to do so.

  9. Any advice for the upcoming bloggers?

  10. Why did you start blogging?

I am eagerly waiting to read your answers… 🙂

Take care,Bye 🙂 :*

Bio organic & natural nature inspired body lotion review


I know I didn’t post anything for over a while.I wasn’t keeping well,courtesy the weird monsoon over here.Humid weather took a toll on me.

However,I did manage to come up with a review for another herbal product from India.But this time,it is our body I am talking about.Free from any chemicals,this body lotion will keep your skin soft and freshen you up,literally.

I got this as a sample from the BON team.If you are following my posts regularly,I have done 2 more reviews of their products earlier.The links are given below.I have been liking their products actually and intend to buy them once my sample gets finished. 😛 

BON aloe vera gel reviewlink

BON aloe vera cinnamon orange gel review- link

So let’s find out whether the Nature Inspired body lotion worked for me or not.

Availability: You can order through their online store or websitesite . Within India,they have opened a store in Tamil Nadu as far as I know. They do ship internationally but it will take 11-14 days as written on their site. 

Price & quantity: Rs. 320 for 100g.Free shipping within India. This is reasonable.

Ingredients: Organic Almond oil, Calendula oil, Chamomile oil, Organic Aloe Vera gel, Rose oil, Vegetable Jojoba oil, Organic Neem oil, Natural Glycerine, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Corn oil, Wheat germ oil, Certified Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Natural Preservative. Contains No Harsh Chemicals. No alcohol, No animal products, or sulphates.

Fragrance: It is quite fresh actually,almost like you are walking on a grassland and sniffing grass. 😛 I can’t make out the smell but its really freshening herbally.The smell is indeed organic like.

Texture: Pale green color lotion like consistency.It isn’t runny.

Packaging: Comes in a plastic flip-flop bottle which I find convenient and hygienic to use.It is travel friendly too.

Their claims: This organic body lotion of ours is really Nature Inspired. Enriched with a unique blend of avocado and aloe vera, two ingredients known to have remarkable properties in moisturizing the skin, this body lotion is a great skin therapy on its own that will keep the skin’s moisture level balanced and the skin conditioned on a daily basis. In addition to the fantastic healing properties, this lotion comes with an elegant aroma that is has a mild perfumery tone. This elegant craft is a 100% Handmade Body Lotion.

Directions: Take required quantity of Bio Organic & Natural’s Nature Inspired organic Body lotion on the palm of your hand. Apply on towel dried skin after a shower/wash & massage gently focussing on the dried areas of the skin. Better result may be seen upon regular use.

My views: I used it at bedtime when the AC was on.My skin tends to get drier in ACs so tried it to test whether it stays true to its claims.And I am happy to state it does.

My skin did feel soft in the morning and the smell lingers if you smell it closely. 😛 This will work for normal to dry skin.But if you have flaky or excessing dryness,you may need to apply it more.

On my eczema hands,it didn’t pose any problem but I do need more thicker creams for my hands.

The body lotion is perfect for everyday use.When I use it after bath,then I don’t need to reapply it throughout the day.I would say,switch to herbal alternatives because this lotion actually works,so if you find it ,grab it.

PS: I am sharing honest reviews and I haven’t been paid to do a review.For me there is no bargaining when it comes to doing a review on skincare and make up.

IMG_20150806_200416_HDR IMG_20150806_200353_HDR

Hope I was able to help you decide whether to go for this or not.If you have any questions,do ask me in the comments section below.Till the next time,bye,cya, :-*

Beauty tip -5

Monsoons or humid weather plays a havoc on the skin.Acne,blackheads and shiny T-zone would most likely be saying hello to you during this time. 😛
To avoid that,skip the toner. Toners make the skin sticky and attracts dust and grime.Try applying icecube on the face and neck after wrapping it with a soft cloth like cotton or muslin.Direct application is not advisable.
Ice cubes shrink the pores,keeps the skin cool and your makeup stays longer minus the stickiness.Also,its cheap. :mrgreen:

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Juicy chemistry hair masque review


I have been keeping busy since 2 weeks and missed out on my blog posting schedule. Sorry. 😦 😦 But that also meant I got more time to test out the samples sent to me by Juicy chemistry. I am left with only the cleanser,now that I am doing the review on hair masque. 🙂

The hair masque is perfect for those days when you want to pamper your tresses who have gone through lot of pollution,sweat,sun damage,chemical treatment or simply weather change,monsoon being the worst time of the year.Luckily,I had undergone smoothing treatment on my hair 2 months back,so my hair is under my control even during this monsoon season.Goodbye to the frizz! 😛

Smoothing makes your hair smooth 😛 but also causes problems like dandruff,hair fall or split ends if proper care isn’t taken.Usually,all the salons want you to go for their hairspas and discourage the use of any other stuff apart from using their Loreal,Wella or Matrix shampoo range.I did my own research and found that it’s their money making policy.Getting monthly hair-spas from them will cost you a bomb. :-O And this is where I found a saviour,in the form of this hair masque sent to me by the Juicy chemistry team.

Price & quantity: INR 650 for 75 g.Now,honestly,you need only a little of this,because it is very thick and heavy.For my medium length hair,I need 2-3 tsps of the product.This will last you atleast 3-4 months depending on the usage(assuming half monthly usage).I use it monthly so may last longer. 🙂

Ingredients: Mango butter,coffee infused almond oil,argan oil,vit E,Castor oil,beeswax,cedarwood essential oil,rosemary essential oil,peppermint essential oil,Lavender essential oil & german chamomile essential oil. They don’t have any chemicals and preservatives.

Packaging: Plastic transparent tub with a screwed lid.When you open it,it has additional cover to prevent spillage.The tub is sturdy and travel-friendly.The tub has the logo on the top and on its side,you will see the usual details about the product.

Fragrance: Strong peppermint smell.I find it refreshing actually.But if you have a sneezy nose,God be with you. 😛

Texture: Offwhite color.It is thick and buttery.Almost like a body butter ,except its hair butter. 😛

Availability: Right now,they are taking orders through whatsapp(+91-96556 63566) and facebook page.Here’s the link.They do ship worldwide.Shipping charges are extra.For Indians,it is 100 INR shipping.You can consult them and opt for products based on your concerns on whatsapp or you can choose from the brochure on their facebook page.

My views: Chemical treatment renders your hair dull and dry after a long time.So I decided to use this hair masque.As told by them,I applied the hair masque.waited for 20 mins and used my Loreal x-tenso shampoo.I found my hair smooth,detangled and the ends showed less signs of split ends.On my normal hair,I didn’t feel the need to add the conditioner.Also,my hair smelled strongly of peppermint which I like.

However,if you have oily hair,I would say,mild shampoo may not work for you,because this is very buttery thick.It might need 2 washes if you are using mild shampoos.

Dry hair people can rejoice,because after using it,you will notice that your hair is weighed down a little.Also frizz will be less.

It claims to remove dandruff and hair fall,but I don’t have such issues,so can’t comment on it.But usually herbal products take time to show their results. 🙂

Now girls like me who have chemically treated hair,I am sure your salons have told you not to use hair masks as it will open the smoothing or curling etc. There is no proof to this but if you are so scared,you can apply on the ends where split ends usually occur.It actually ‘mends’ them or makes them less visible.

Overall verdict is go for it,if you are suffering from dull,frizzy lifeless hair.It will add the shine and moisture back to your hair.For more details,see the pictures below. 🙂