Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus review


How is the weekend treating you? Mine is going well till now,well mostly I am sleeping,eating and catching up with my favourite TV shows. πŸ˜›

I realized I don’t post much reviews on haircare,that’s because I can’t apply much on my hair for atleast a year as I have smoothened it and my salon told me only to use Loreal X-tenso range. Hmmn! I have broken this rule already. πŸ˜€ I have applied oils on my tresses,also undergoing ozone treatment and have used hair mask also,none of which I am supposed to use.

I was tired of my frizzy wavy hair so I smoothened it.But all the chemicals have rendered my scalp dandruff prone and hair fall.I was suffering from dandruff and hair fall since July and so tried ozone treatment .It decreases infections on the scalp due to dandruff and revitalises the hair follicles for hair growth.It is followed by Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus hair tonic.The salon told me to use the tonic at home also so I bought it and I must say,it has helped me a lot.

Availability- Available online and also in Shahnaz Husain parlours in India.For international customers,I think it is available on

Price & quantity- INR 675 for 200ml. I find it reasonable as it is entirely herbal.

Ingredients- Triphala extract,shikakai extract(Soapnut/Acacia Concinna),bael giri extract,gurhal extract( Chinese rose),germinated mattar extract,methi seed extract,base to make it aqueous.

Fragrance and texture- Methi seed/fenugreek smell . It will stay for a minute only.So sensitive noses needn’t worry. πŸ™‚ The color is brown and it is very light,almost like water .

Packaging- Simple white plastic bottle with fliptop cap.It is very sturdy and also has additional transparent plastic cap.So it is travel friendly.

How to use- Soak it in cotton wool and apply it on the scalp. Massage the scalp with finger tips and leave it on. It is non-oily.ItΒ is volatile so use cotton wool.

My views- After using it for more than a month,I am writing this review. When my dandruff condition was severe,I applied it every night and then rinsed it off in the morning.Now I do it weekly Β or twice a week. My dandruff has greatly reduced and itchy scalp is gone.My hair has grown 2 cm which I can easily notice as my wavy hair and smoothened hair have an easily noticeable boundary now. Hair fall has reduced also.

Overall verdict- If you want something which is non-oily,herbal and shows effects within a month,then this might be for you.I had moderate dandruff so this worked for me.If you have more than this,it will take more time in being effective. It is easy to use so go for it.

IMG_20150920_122656_HDRIMG_20150920_122800_HDR IMG_20150920_122705_HDRHope you liked my review. Do ask me any doubts you have.See you all in my next post.Take care,byeee. :-*


DIY green tea toner


It’s been a while I posted a DIY.Now,all of us are raving about the green tea and what it can do for the body. In fact, the moment I found out that it is loaded with so much nutrients that it acts as an all rounder for the body,I included in my diet instantly.

I read that green tea can be easily incorporated in your skin care as well.The lazy girl in me usually reads through such articles and then dozes off. πŸ˜› But this baby right here,makes it too easy to ignore. You don’t have to do anything extra. Promise!

This toner is good for all skin types including sensitive skin. I didn’t have any reaction after using this. Also this is easy to make and store.

Benefits of green tea toner

  • Due to its antioxidants, it slows down ageing and diminishes signs of ageing.

  • It provides excellent sun protection and reduces sun damage.

  • Freshens up instantly

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reduces the appearance of skin conditions like eczema,rosacea and psoriasis

What you need

  1. Green tea- Packaged ones or open. I prefer the open ones as they are cheap

  2. Water- Obvious πŸ˜€

  3. A spritzer bottle or ice cube tray

How to make

  1. Make the green tea as usual.Now to make the perfect green tea,either put 1 tsp green tea in 1 cup of boiling water and let it steep for a min.Then sieve it.Or pour the boiling water on the seive containing the green tea and let it steep for a minute.One minute is the optimum time for the leaves and it provides the perfect color and taste.Green tea is supposed to be tasteless and works best without sugar.Beyond 1 minute,it will turn bitter. :-\

  2. Now let this tea cool down and store it in spritzer bottle and refrigerate it.You can also make ice cubes and use them after thawing a little.

  3. Another method is drink the tea first and then use the leftover green tea again.I prefer this method.I pour normal water on the green tea and let it soak for another minute or 2.Then I store it.

  4. Basically you are recycling the green tea as they still have the juices left. Use the toner within 3 days as after that it will lose its properties.Green tea gets oxidised easily.

How to use

After cleaning your face,spray it and let it air dry,or rub it on your skin and let it dry.

My views

My skin does feel refreshed and soothed.Also my eczema patches on the cheeks look less inflamed. My skin gets a taut feeling after using this.

Do try this and let me know how it worked for you.If you try it,tag me.I love when people share the same enthusiasm. πŸ™‚


Thats some recycled bottle. πŸ˜›

See you all in my next post,byeee,take care lovelies! :-*

Juicy chemistry Peach & strawberry oats face scrub review


It’s Friday here.Well! ignoring the time gap between the countries,it is Friday evening now. πŸ˜› After a long time I am posting something,thanks to my hectic office schedule (sarcasm) .

I am back with another review and as you know,I have a penchant for everything herbal and organic.Today I will be reviewing a face scrub sent to me for review purposes from Juicy chemistry.You may have heard about them in my earlier posts where I have reviewed their products.Here are the links if you want to see what I have reviewed.

Hair masque review

serum review

face & body wrap review

I took my time in deciding whether this face scrub is worth it or not.

Availability: It is available through their whatsapp contact (+91-Β 9655663566) and facebook pageΒ only. They are building a site,which will solve the availability issue later on.They ship globally too.

Ingredients: Everything you can eat. πŸ˜› Not really,but I did taste it,I won’t lie. πŸ˜€ It indeed contains oats and sugar.Apart from this,it has honey,almonds,coconut oil,olive oil,peach fragrance oil,strawberry fragrance oil,jojoba oil,dried strawberries and vitamin E.

Fragrance and texture: It smells like oats,sugar and strawberries.Texture is granular like.You can see the grounded oats & sugar crystals.

Price: INR 300 for 75 g. Shipping charges extra.

What they claim: It exfoliates the skin gently,leaving it soft and supple.Absorbs dirt and grime and tackles dull and flaky skin.It improves skin tone and texture.

My views: I have used it after coming back from the office using public transport . I mentioned this specially,because India doesn’t have ACs in every public transport.Also pollution and dirt is more in the evening and traffic jam is ughhh!! Imagine the misery my skin goes through.

So I tested its efficacy and I am not disappointed. I used it with water instead of milk and then also it worked. It left my skin soft without causing any redness.Also I felt fresh and my skin looked clean.I believe it will work for all skin types. Mine is sensitive combination skin and so far it has worked.

I cannot comment on skin tone or texture as my skin ,thankfully is currently on the better side. It does exfoliate as I noticed my skin looked radiant after usage.

You need to take only a small amount,pea sized for your face and neck and it is sufficient.So this will last atleast 2 months or more depending on how much you take.

Overall verdict is go for it if you want a daily cleanser that has no chemicals .

PS: Patch test recommended.

IMG_20150811_201838_HDR IMG_20150811_201821_HDR IMG_20150811_201804_HDR IMG_20150811_201747_HDR

If you have any questions,drop me a comment here. See you all in my next post…Byeee :-*