Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus review


How is the weekend treating you? Mine is going well till now,well mostly I am sleeping,eating and catching up with my favourite TV shows. 😛

I realized I don’t post much reviews on haircare,that’s because I can’t apply much on my hair for atleast a year as I have smoothened it and my salon told me only to use Loreal X-tenso range. Hmmn! I have broken this rule already. 😀 I have applied oils on my tresses,also undergoing ozone treatment and have used hair mask also,none of which I am supposed to use.

I was tired of my frizzy wavy hair so I smoothened it.But all the chemicals have rendered my scalp dandruff prone and hair fall.I was suffering from dandruff and hair fall since July and so tried ozone treatment .It decreases infections on the scalp due to dandruff and revitalises the hair follicles for hair growth.It is followed by Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus hair tonic.The salon told me to use the tonic at home also so I bought it and I must say,it has helped me a lot.

Availability- Available online and also in Shahnaz Husain parlours in India.For international customers,I think it is available on

Price & quantity- INR 675 for 200ml. I find it reasonable as it is entirely herbal.

Ingredients- Triphala extract,shikakai extract(Soapnut/Acacia Concinna),bael giri extract,gurhal extract( Chinese rose),germinated mattar extract,methi seed extract,base to make it aqueous.

Fragrance and texture- Methi seed/fenugreek smell . It will stay for a minute only.So sensitive noses needn’t worry. 🙂 The color is brown and it is very light,almost like water .

Packaging- Simple white plastic bottle with fliptop cap.It is very sturdy and also has additional transparent plastic cap.So it is travel friendly.

How to use- Soak it in cotton wool and apply it on the scalp. Massage the scalp with finger tips and leave it on. It is non-oily.It is volatile so use cotton wool.

My views- After using it for more than a month,I am writing this review. When my dandruff condition was severe,I applied it every night and then rinsed it off in the morning.Now I do it weekly  or twice a week. My dandruff has greatly reduced and itchy scalp is gone.My hair has grown 2 cm which I can easily notice as my wavy hair and smoothened hair have an easily noticeable boundary now. Hair fall has reduced also.

Overall verdict- If you want something which is non-oily,herbal and shows effects within a month,then this might be for you.I had moderate dandruff so this worked for me.If you have more than this,it will take more time in being effective. It is easy to use so go for it.

IMG_20150920_122656_HDRIMG_20150920_122800_HDR IMG_20150920_122705_HDRHope you liked my review. Do ask me any doubts you have.See you all in my next post.Take care,byeee. :-*


3 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus review

  1. I suffered a huge hair fall in my previous days..gradually it becomes very thin…nw i m suffering from a lot of dandruff on my scalp is too much itchy.. can it help?how & when it could be applied to get bettr reslt? is there any othr remedy to follow with dis…??lemon juice suits my scalp…pls suggest…m fed up really.. 😦


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