Mini clothing and shoe haul


How is the Sunday treating you? 🙂

I had gone for a stroll in the flower show held in my city.It had so many types of plants and flowers.They are selling saplings too. I loved it so much.Rambling,ain’t I? 😛

I shopped in January during the New year sales and bought only what I wanted or wanted to style.I was looking for track wear so bought two spandex-cotton mixed tights for my walking and exercise regimen.They are from Onesport brand and are actually good considering they cost cheap and quality is also good.Both are around 600 bucks each approximately after discounts. Follow the link below if you want to buy too. To keep their elasticity ,hand wash them without wringing and dry them in shade.I pair them with loose long tops to avoid exposing your derrière. 😛 Though I don’t mind since luckily I don’t have issues with it.

1                                                 2


I got a plain black ¾ sleeves top at 262 bucks.It is good for wearing with any coloured shrugs or skirts.Plain black and white top is a must in every girl’s wardrobe.This one is from Myntra app.Also got 3 more tops from them.I am posting screenshots of the product alongwith the current pricing.

I got a party wear top having gold and black sequins near the neck at 357 bucks.It originally costs 1165 INR.

I love anything in quirky design and coincidently, I have always liked owl designs in my clothes and jewellery.You know that too if you follow me on Instagram.This top originally costs 1000 bucks but I had to pay only 460.

Something resonating with my personality,I bought this top for 255 bucks after getting a discount on 500 INR.

I also bought boots from Carlton London .These are snug boots/uggs which have fur lining in them with outer faux leather.I preferred this one over the suede uggs as these can be easily cleaned and the dust can be dusted off.I bought them at a discount price of 1146 INR but grab these now at 803 bucks only .Wish I had waited a little longer.:-(

Hope you liked my mini haul post and if you want to buy them,you know where to click. 😉

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Huge haul-Makeup,skincare & haircare


I am going to travel in April, so I thought of buying all the essentials and stocking travel sizes of the things I use. Also, I wanted to test some new items (blogger tendencies :-P), so shopped online from Amazon, Instagram, Nykaa, Myntra & Purplle. I will post the links and where to buy them too, but the prices shown will be current. No guarantee of any running discounts. 😦 Sorry.Also,I think only Amazon will benefit you if you are staying abroad India,as other sites don’t deliver there.

Many bloggers gave thumbs up to Incolor Matte Me lipsticks, which are affordable matte lipsticks. You know the craze, right? I bought only 1 shade, as I wanted something in deep blood red color. The shade no. is 402.I haven’t tried it yet as I am suffering from dry lips due to continuous use of matte lip creams. Does anyone of you suffer from this? Do let me know what to do. 😦 I bought this from an Instagram account The_makeup_and_jewellery_shop, which offers the lowest shipping cost. COD is available in Kolkata only. I keep browsing through various accounts till I find the lowest shipping price.(Saving is my forte 😉 )I paid 250+50 shipping for this through bank transfer.

I also bought Maybelline colorshow matte lipstick in Mysterious Mocha M304.It is nude lipstick as in brown lipstick with pink undertones. More of a Kylie Jenner lip shade. This lipstick is drying on the lips, more than the Miss Claire ones. I will post a detailed review on this. I paid INR 276 after discount on 325. Sales were amazing around the Valentine’s Day on

From the same place, I also bought Chicco cleansing wipes. I had an order issue if you are following me on Insta. Anyway it costs INR 169 for 72 wipes. It is pricey but each wipe is sufficient for the face, neck and hands. Pretty big size! Also it is alcohol-free, soap-free and is moisturizing. Baby products are the safest products for skincare. I bought this when I saw Haul video of beauty Youtuber Debasree.

Dry lips mean lip balm. Somehow, my herbal lip balms weren’t working that much. I was reapplying them within half an hour. I had used Neutrogena lip balm earlier and I swear by it. So I picked it up too from for INR 149 for 4g product. This is the best lip balm I had ever used having SPF. You need a layer only and your lips get moisturized for a long time.

After reading the ill-effects of using nylon loofah, I bought a cotton-bamboo fiber based loofah from Audrey’s. This is the first time I am using this kind .For 195 bucks, I paid only 117 INR on It feels soft against the skin, and takes away the dry skin without irritating or damaging it.

The site was running this offer of giving free sample size of 50 ml Avene gentle milk cleanser on any purchase of Avene product, so I grabbed this offer when I bought Avene thermal spring water in 50ml.It cost me 600 bucks. This is good for travel purpose, as for home, I have 2 big bottles in 300ml. I suffer from sensitive atopic skin, so needed to try this cleanser. Yet to test it.

From, I stocked on my haircare by buying the Loreal X-tenso shampoo and hair masque in discounted prices. I am telling you, I am hoarder during the sales. 😛 Shampoo costs 575, but I paid 479 for 230 ml. Same for the masque, I paid 574 only after getting discount on 675 INR for 200 ml. I need these for my smoothened hair. They keep my hair soft, frizz-free  and removes mild-dandruff .In the same range I bought the serum at full price of 600 bucks for 50 ml from nearby store.

I managed to lay my hands on the much raved about Loreal Paris La palette nude eyeshadow palette in Rose. On V-day, various sites were running 50% off on selected products for 14 min.  :-\  I grabbed this for 700 only after discount on 1400 MRP on The color pay-off is okay, as in you have to build it up on your lids. Definitely requires a primer/white shadow as base.Here’s the link.
L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude, Rose, 7g

Also, bought Lakme white radiance compact powder in Golden medium at a discount. I paid 180 bucks against 210.This was at Myntra app. This is good for normal to combination skin.

I will be posting soon a clothing haul.Do lookout for it. 🙂  

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Cleaning make up brushes and sponges

Heya lovelies!

Day of Love is here!So firstly,a very Happy Valentine’s day to you.Thank you so much for showing your support and loving my posts.I love all of you.You are so much important to me. 🙂 This blog wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We love make up,don’t we? We use our hands,Q-tips and obviously,make up brushes and sponges to achieve that flawless airbrushed look.But using the same tool for daily use will get it dirty and germ-prone.

Make up brushes and sponges help in spreading the product on your face more effectively,but also collect facial oils overtime,which make it prone to dirt and germs.Imagine you are using these on your face daily!!! :-O Your skin gets these acne and rashes due to this.

My skin is extremely sensitive. Even though I apply make up only for parties and occasions, yet I wash them after every use. So my method of washing will be bit different and is suitable for someone who uses make up occasionally or does light make up on a daily basis. So let’s begin.

  1. Take some lukewarm water in a mug and add baby shampoo or face wash to it.The water should become lathery. The baby shampoo or face wash is gentle for the brush hairs so is recommended. Lukewarm water cleans the brushes, the best.
  2. Place the brushes in the mug in such a way that only the hairs get dipped, not the hair-handle junction/entire brush. Water shouldn’t get inside the brush or else the glue holding the hairs will get soluble and the hairs will fall out.Place the sponge also.Now sit and wait for a minute or two.
  3. Take the brushes one by one and swirl them in your hand.You will see the color running off.In the case of sponge ,press and release it repeatedly. Place them again in the water and do this step again till you see the color has gone.
  4. Empty the mug and take normal water.Swirl the brushes inside it till all the color has washed away. Wash the sponge in the running water by pressing and releasing it several times.If you still feel the brushes aren’t clean enough,you need to repeat the step 3 more than twice.This will come with usage as you will get to know how much you need.
  5. Keep a towel ready .Spread it out on a slanting surface and keep the brushes and sponge on it to dry.The brush hair side should be aligned in the downward side so that remaining water drips down the brush.

If you use make up daily/ do heavy make up,you need to do spot-cleaning first.Take the shampoo or face wash in your hand and swirl the brushes in it.It removes maximum make up from the brushes.Same with the sponge.Then do the steps.

I prefer this method to the various brush cleansers found in the market,as this is cheap and effective the same way as the cleansers do.

makeup brushes clean

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Eau thermale Avene cold cream lip cream review


Being eczema-prone and having sensitive skin,I always stock up on my skincare so that when the time comes,I am battle ready .

Last year,I splurged on Avene products suited to my skin type,and bought this lip cream in that haul. I started using this lip cream since Jan 2016.

Avene has gained reputation in the dermatology area as it makes premium skincare for sensitive,acne-prone and atopic skin.It is a France-based company whose trademark product Avene thermal spring water garnered so many fans,me being one of them.

Recently,I am suffering from extremely dry lips and itchy lip corners due to matte lipsticks I was wearing daily.None of the usual lip balms I had been using were able to moisturise it for a long time.So I opened up this tube and saw its goodness from the first usage.


Availability: It is available only online as far I know. In India,it is very costly due to import costs,so I got my tube from UAE.
Here are the links: Cold Cream Lip Cream

Ebay-Avene cold cream lip cream

Rediff-Avene cold cream lip cream

Price and quantity: INR 1281 according to as I trust it shows the genuine MRP for India.(I am not biased,if you are thinking that way. )The tube has 15 ml product,which according to me is very less for the price offered.If someone has dry lips,they will apply this many times ,so this will get finished very easily. 😦 I usually prefer budget lip balms for this reason.
If you have someone living abroad,tell them to buy it for you.

Ingredients: Long list so attached the picture . 😛

Packaging: Comes in a white cardboard box bearing the usual instructions,price,quantity and ingredients. Mind you! Most of it is written in French.The lip cream comes in white tube,like the Himalaya lip balm.You have to squeeze it for the product to come out.During harsh winters,the lip cream refused to come out,which I found time consuming.

Texture and fragrance: Looks exactly like petroleum jelly and smells like it too.It is thicker than other lip balms as during summers,it doesn’t go runny like Vaseline .Also it thickens more in winters.

Description and when to use:


My views:I will jot it down in short as its just a lip balm. 😛

-Moisturises the lips for a long time (6-7 hours without heavy meals and 4+ hours with meals and drinking.)

-Thicker consistency so will stay on your lips more.

-Very small size and sturdy packaging-travel friendly.

-Glides on the lips easily.

-Expensive for the quantity.

-Thicker consistency means it doesn’t come out of the tube easily.

-Available only online.

Will I recommend? Yes! For sensitive skin people only as we have very less options in India.I guess beauty comes at a price.I would rate it 4/5.Packaging can be improved.

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My hair smoothening/smoothing experience


Today’s post will be bit different from my usual posts of product reviews.I will be reviewing a hair treatment procedure which is quite in vogue today.

I have always had wavy frizzy hair.Due to which when I tied my hair,it always looked messy and uneven.I usually straightened my hair before going to any event.After asking many friends and gaining from their hair straightening experience,I decided to try this for myself.

My hair looked bit straight when I washed them,but with the passage of days,they turned wavy.So I felt smoothing will be apt for me as it uses less chemicals and is good for medium straight to wavy hair. I got it done last year in May and it’s been approximately 9 months ( the irony 😉 ),that I am ready to share what I felt.

Let’s start with the charges.Most of the salons will charge you 6-8k for long hair till waist.Mine cost INR 6000.The starting price is 4k for short hair and so on.Additional haircare products made it 8k in total.  So this will be definitely heavy on your pocket.

Duration: Maximum time it takes is 4 hours,which was in my case.I guess shorter the hair,shorter is the duration.You are made to sit idle that too erect ,as any movement will cause bends in your hair.This was the most tiring part of the entire process.


Process: My stylist told me Loreal X-tenso will suit me.It is a formaldehyde-free frizz-fighting treatment.Remember,Smoothing is basically removing frizz and getting smooth hair.It will not make your hair poker straight.If you have fine hair,then it might seem to appear that way. 😛 .

After washing your hair,they smear a cream on your hair which opens up the bonds of the hair.It takes 10-20 min depending on your hair.Then it is washed off and steam pressed.After that,a neutralizing cream is applied so that the new bonds are set.In my case the straightened bonds are set.It was again washed off after 10-15 min and then my hair was pressed again but this time,dry pressing.They told me to keep the hair sweat free,no clips or anything for 2 days.The hair needs to set during this time.Since it was summers,I had a hard time .You can’t tuck your hair behind the ears and it was such a distraction when it kept falling on your face.The salon people checked my hair on the 2nd day evening for signs of dents in hair,then washed it off.I was told no oiling for one month and only use Loreal X-tenso range.

My views:My hair looks sleek and smooth.It is more manageable.

For the first 3 months,I didn’t face any problem,but after that,my dandruff increased and hair-fall started.I used to go for Ozone treatment weekly to combat dandruff and hair-fall. In my friend’s case,she didn’t face such problems,even though we share the same stylist and treatment.

Also,I noticed split ends later on,so had to trim my hair. During winters,I faced dryness as I wasn’t able to oil my hair regularly.

My hair grows at a fast rate so already I can see my natural hair type.Luckily,the smoothened hair and my natural hair are looking synced.I was scared that my hair will have a partition of sorts having straight section at the bottom and wavy on the top. 😀

Overall verdict: If you have scalp condition,then don’t go for chemicals.They dry out your scalp and cause problems.Also, these treatments are costly so opt for them only if you are not happy with your locks or need some change. Consult a good stylist before jumping on the wagon.

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