Cleaning make up brushes and sponges

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We love make up,don’t we? We use our hands,Q-tips and obviously,make up brushes and sponges to achieve that flawless airbrushed look.But using the same tool for daily use will get it dirty and germ-prone.

Make up brushes and sponges help in spreading the product on your face more effectively,but also collect facial oils overtime,which make it prone to dirt and germs.Imagine you are using these on your face daily!!! :-O Your skin gets these acne and rashes due to this.

My skin is extremely sensitive. Even though I apply make up only for parties and occasions, yet I wash them after every use. So my method of washing will be bit different and is suitable for someone who uses make up occasionally or does light make up on a daily basis. So let’s begin.

  1. Take some lukewarm water in a mug and add baby shampoo or face wash to it.The water should become lathery. The baby shampoo or face wash is gentle for the brush hairs so is recommended. Lukewarm water cleans the brushes, the best.
  2. Place the brushes in the mug in such a way that only the hairs get dipped, not the hair-handle junction/entire brush. Water shouldn’t get inside the brush or else the glue holding the hairs will get soluble and the hairs will fall out.Place the sponge also.Now sit and wait for a minute or two.
  3. Take the brushes one by one and swirl them in your hand.You will see the color running off.In the case of sponge ,press and release it repeatedly. Place them again in the water and do this step again till you see the color has gone.
  4. Empty the mug and take normal water.Swirl the brushes inside it till all the color has washed away. Wash the sponge in the running water by pressing and releasing it several times.If you still feel the brushes aren’t clean enough,you need to repeat the step 3 more than twice.This will come with usage as you will get to know how much you need.
  5. Keep a towel ready .Spread it out on a slanting surface and keep the brushes and sponge on it to dry.The brush hair side should be aligned in the downward side so that remaining water drips down the brush.

If you use make up daily/ do heavy make up,you need to do spot-cleaning first.Take the shampoo or face wash in your hand and swirl the brushes in it.It removes maximum make up from the brushes.Same with the sponge.Then do the steps.

I prefer this method to the various brush cleansers found in the market,as this is cheap and effective the same way as the cleansers do.

makeup brushes clean

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