Travel essentials-Tips and tricks


A girl needs to have her entire vanity with her always. Yep! It’s true but not practical. 😛 I travel every year, or at least I try to. Not that I go for those Instagram picturesque locales but yes, definitely, wander about here & there with my parents. Me and my parents, share the same travel bug and try to cover places mostly during summers.

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Travel light has been my main aim. So when I went to Gwalior last month, I had packed all the essentials strictly and no wonder, my trolley felt so light. 😀 So here are my tips to travel safely and lightly.

  1. Carry samples or travel sizes of skincare.I specifically bought 2 thermal spring water bottles in 50 ml for this purpose,one by Avene and another by Vichy.It acts as a toner,soothing water and calms the skin after sun exposure.I also took samples with me sent to me from different brands for review.Otherwise also,you can ask for small sizes in any store or from these brands.
  2. Also have small water bottle.No matter what,have it with you while travelling within or outside India.If you are lucky,you can find water bottles easily in India but that gives rise to added travel costs or plastic pollution.Fill them at your hotel beforehand. Abroad,you have water taps everywhere,so you can fill your bottle easily or fill them at your hotel also.
  3. Carry your emergency medical kit everywhere.It should be small in size and should only contain emergency medicines like for fever,flu,cuts,heartattack( yes! There is a medicine for this too which if taken during the attack gives more time for you to survive on the way to hospital.Consult your doctor for this.),indigestion etc.I have a simple plastic box in which I literally throw all the medicines I know I require while travelling.
  4. Travel light.I know,while travelling,you love showing yourself off.You want to flaunt those dresses and coats.Trust me! You will regret this until unless you have a porter with you.I always go with the worst case scenario and pack clothes which can be worn in many ways.Stoles can do wonders as in headwrap,protection from Sun,accessory etc. Maxi skirts can be worn as skirts as well as tops. 😉 Boots protect you from cold and can also be worn with floral dresses.Backpacks look trendy with every attire so does satchel.I carry a messenger bag with me which can accommodate small bottle,lipbalm and handcream,an umbrella and obviously wallet.If you have a party,then you can pack a separate dress ,purse and shoes.
  5. Always tag your bags with your name,address and contact number.Many times during transfer flights,you reach your destination but find your baggage is still stuck in the previous inbetween airport.Happened with my Dad who reached London,only to find that his bag is at Dubai airport.His flight was from New Delhi-London via Dubai.His baggage reached at his hotel safe and sound.
  6. Carry extra batteries or powerbanks for your electronics.You know why. 😉
  7. Carry an adapter for charging while travelling abroad,You never know what type of plug-socket system lies in the hotel.We usually find that out from before and pack the adapters.
  8. Now comes the makeup. 😉 I carry only 1 brush set which has all my face-eye brushes and a makeup sponge.Real techniques already provides its brushes in a bag style in which you can put extra 4 brushes as well. Carry neutral eyeshadow palette instead of glitters and other palettes.You can use it for everyday or create smokey eye for that glam night.I take a nude and red lipstick with me as these 2 are sufficient.Eyebrow pencils are better always.Takes less space.1 foundation and 1 compact are good to go.
  9. Haircare needs your shampoo and conditioner.That should do it.
  10. Roll your clothes instead of layering.Gives more space to fit your shopping stuffs. 😀
  11. Tickets and cash.Anything else? 😛

I will be travelling and by the time this post comes up,I will be somewhere else.I  thought to share my travel style with you. Hope this benefits you all. To know where I am going, follow me on Instagram .It is more of a surprise to me and to you all. Maybe if time permits,I can meet you too. 😉

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Nykaa Haul


My penchant to shop has reached new heights where I literally wait to get my hands on the coveted items even though I am very late in buying them.Reason being,waiting for discounts and sale.

Nykaa had this sale going on in March during Holi in which they offered discounts on all brands but gave highest discounts for some brands for only a single day.So I shopped repeatedly to grab those single day offers and bought some new items for myself.You must be wondering why I am writing this post now,well! has come up again with that type of sale,so hurry and visit that site to grab the goodies. 🙂

  • Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette-I am very late,I know. 😦 But I didn’t feel paying 900 bucks for a palette is budgety.For me budget is 500 INR. Don’t consider me cheap.I shop every month so need to be strict with my shopping limit. 😛 I have used this,and I must say,go for this whenever you find it on sale,like now. 😉 I will link it below.

  • Maybelline The colossal liner-I heard such great reviews of it and since my black gel liner is drying up,so thought to give this a try.It is jet black and smooth.Added perks are its in pen form and water-proof.

  • Maybelline Color Show matte lipstick-Lively Violet-Earlier I had bought Mysterious Mocha,but it doesn’t look good on me when I am tanned.It washes me out so I went for this pink toned violet shade which is absolute nude for me. 🙂 It is moisturizing yet matte but need to reapply after heavy meals.

  • Vichy Thermal spring water- Since I will be travelling soon,so bought this 50ml version.It is refreshing,soothing and calms the skin down.

  • Loreal false lash butterfly mascara-This baby is my first mascara  which I actually like.This is waterproof and lengthens your lashes.

  • Loreal volume million Lashes mascara- This is not waterproof and easily drips down if you splash water on your face.It does give volume for that dramatic effect.

All the products bought were under discount.I have mentioned the links which will give the current prices.Overall I loved these items and I am planning to buy them again once I finish.

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Avene Eau Thermale Xeracalm AD cream review

Hi everyone!

People suffering from dry skin,sensitive skin and eczema-prone people swear by this brand.So last year,I also took the plunge and introduced this in my skincare.To be honest,the products have improved my skin texture,reduce redness and itching and control the symptoms to some extent.However,the cream was too rich to be used during the day,so I had to be patient while using them.I have a done a review on some of the products from the Trixera+ selectiose range of Avene.I will link them below.

Eau thermale Avene cold cream lip cream review

Avene Trixera+ Selectiose emollient cream review ( for dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin)

Recently,when I saw,Avene has come up with a new product for us people,I knew I have to get it.It is the Xeracalm AD cream ,balm and cleansing oil.I bought only the cream for myself after reading about them.

Availability: It is available mostly online everywhere.I got mine from UAE.But I just found out,this particular item is cheaper in India. 😛 I will provide all the links below.Rest of the world can find it in stores or Boots.

Price & quantity: Varies everywhere but it is a 200ml product which will last you a long time.

Avene XeraCalm A.D LipidReplenishing Cream 200ml/6.76oz

Avene Avène XeraCalm AD Lipid-Replenishing Cream

Avene Xeracalm AD cream-rediff

Packaging: Comes in the usual tube form with fliptop cap.It has a different opening mechanism as in you press the tube and a seal comes up as you keep on pressing.The product gradually comes up.The moment you stop squeezing,the seal goes back,but the product stays.This prevent contamination with the remaining cream.I give 5 star rating to this package.Very travel-friendly and hygienic. 🙂 Usage instructions are given on the tube and the box it comes in.Detailed ingredients are given on the box and it has a small pamphlet inside it.

Texture & fragrance: No smell at all.It is a very thick cream actually but the beauty of it lies after application.It looks like it will stay on top of the skin,but leave it,and within a moment,the cream gets absorbed and your skin looks dewy instead of matte or greasy.I like this actually.Perfect for day time.Just pat it gently on the dry areas and bam!its gone.Kudos!to the texture.

Ingredients: See for yourself.I went through all of them and pleased to see 90% ingredients comes from plants and so called microorganisms. 😛 I will try giving a brief info on the unknown ingredients.This cream boasts of no paraben & preservatives. Isn’t that amazing? 


cetearyl alcohol-These are fatty alcohols,conditions and softens the skin.

caprylic triglyceride-derived from coconut oil and glycerine,emollient

cetearyl glucoside-Can be obtained from cetearyl alcohol or coconut oil.Helps in mixing of oils in water.

Aquaphilus dolomiae- It is a bacteria found in thermal springs.Anti-irritating and soothing.

Arginine-Boosts collagen and heals wounds

Carbomer-Gives the creamy texture to the product.

Glycine-Wound healing 

Tocopherol-Vit E…You know it.

My views: I have used it and I fell in love with it.I dab it in the places of  dryness and it gets absorbed easily and gives that dewy finish.

Even though its written that its good for severe dryness,but I feel the balm will work better for excessive dryness.This cream is good for sensitive skin and moderate to mild dryness.

It does reduce the itching sensation that I have due to my eczema patches on the face.

It also reduces redness due to rashes or sensitivity.Overall it gives a soothing effect to the skin.

This cream doesn’t cure the eczema or rashes but it will make it bearable so that we don’t scratch the skin or infect it.I will suggest everyone to try this who share dry skin issues.This cream is good for babies as well due to absence of preservatives and parabens.




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Aroma Essentials Shea moist review

Hello peeps!

Summers are here and so is dehydrated skin.No matter how much you drink water,the summers in North India will dry you out.I personally get chapped lips and dry cheeks.

If you have normal-combination skin,then look no further as this moisturizer provides the nourishment with added fresh scent.

Availability: You can buy their products from contacting them on their facebook page & Instagram account @aromaessentials. The owner, Madhurima, will reply to your queries and messages therein. Their products are also available at selected places in India as given below and internationally, they ship also.


Price and quantity: INR 250 for 35g.It is kind of less quantity but the reason is it is freshly made and to be used in a short time due to absence of preservatives.That is my reason though. 😛 You need very less to apply on face and neck.Since I have combination skin,I take a pea-sized amount,rub it a little between my palms and then pat it gently on my face and neck.That is, no gliding or rubbing the product on the skin.I keep on patting till I feel the skin has got the moisture it needs.Another reason is I also have sensitive skin,so any rubbing causes redness easily. They take additional 100 INR for shipping within India, so best to order 2-3 products at once.


Ingredients: Shea butter, soya lecithin and chamomile. Now soya lecithin is a food emulsifier, as in, it is used in food industries, for the oils and water to mix as you know they don’t mix easily.( Some science fact. 😛 ) If it is worthy of digesting, then skin is obviously nothing compared to it. You can find this in chocolates, mayonnaise etc.

Fragrance: Strong chamomile smell which is actually calming and refreshing. If you have a sensitive nose, then I have nothing further to say.  😦

Texture: It is fluffy in texture and very light. Easily gets absorbed into the skin and looks almost like a gel.It is offwhite in color.


Packaging: Comes in a small plastic tub with all the usual labels.For ingredients,you can ask them easily before buying.The tub is sturdy and leak-proof so it is travel-friendly.I carry this tub with me daily for emergency moisturization.

My views: On my combination skin,it provides optimum moisturization however,T-zone needs dusting after 3-4 hours.Dry skin may need reapplication of this . Oily skin may not benefit from this but Aroma Essentials do have other products which cater to particular skin type.

This fits my sensitive skin also without causing any tingling or redness. It didn’t cause any effect on my eczema also,so I am relieved.

For dry weather,you may need more quantity while applying so the tub may not last full month.But atleast you can be sure that the quantity has been decided based on its expiry.

Overall verdict is try it.I love it for its entirely herbal contents, size,freshness and cooling effect.Their product list is attached below.



catalogue 1.jpg


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PS: This was a sample sent to me but the views are honest and true to the word I said.This is not a sponsored post.

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My Eczema journal-Spring-Summer


It’s been a while since I posted an update of my eczema.I am having an on & off relationship with eczema and I wish I have a proper break-up with him,but alas!he’s clingy. 😀

The weather here in Delhi,India is turning warm day by day and so my skin is turning itchier.Also,I am having a lot of work at my office so the stress level is also high even though I make sure not to brood on any subject,but I guess,heart and mind refuse to cooperate with me.Taking these factors in mind,my eczema has come back again.

I haven’t changed anything in my skincare and I haven’t changed my diet either.So,I am sure the above factors are contributing to this.My cheeks have these dry flaky red patches which worsen when I wake up due to rubbing of skin with the pillow. 😦 Now ,how I am supposed to stop that. My neck also has this equally irritating dry patch.My hands are as usual dry and flaky.It is the face I worry the most.

My skincare is simple and I stick to that .This itself is controlling my eczema to some extent.I have done review on 1 product. If you want to have a look,click on the link. 🙂 Here’s what I use:-

  1. Avene Trixera+ selectiose emollient cleansing gel-Good for combination/sensitive skin and weeping eczema.
  2. Avene thermal spring water as toner and cooling the skin.
  3. Aroma Treasures Aloe vera gel for reducing inflammation and flakiness
  4. Avene Trixera+selectiose emollient cream on the dry itchy patches only as it is very rich and thick.
  5. Pure Suds mango lip butter-Herbal and moisturizes the lips well.
  6. I also use Boroline cream as hand cream at night as it is high in lanolin which softens the hands.

That’s it.Hope my eczema calms down to bare minimum.If you have any suggestions,please let me know.I also have my questions regarding La-Roche Posay.Does anyone use this?

See you all in my next post,Take care,bye :-)