Neesh Perfumes Review


Today ,I am here to review perfumes for you.Apart from my herbal addiction,I am in love with perfumes as well.Actually the word ‘attar’ is dear to me. I have been using perfumes since a long time but changed to attars since 2 years.There is no going back for me ever since.My brother stays in UAE and he brought me this amazing sweet,more floral type of attar which is still there.My father brought a sample size of pure jasmine attar from there.So you know why I like them so much. 😛

In India, I was looking for good quality attar based perfumes.Attars are scented oils.Perfumes may have artificial scent/chemicals in them. This brand,honestly,answered my prayers.I am serious!

About the brand: No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s Neesh has come up with the idea of creating distinct Oriental and Floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible to be adjusted in pockets.

Keeping in mind the fragrance, creative names are allotted to different smells. Their company is growing by leaps and bounds, both in terms of reputations, volume and shares. Neesh is an expanding brand in online perfumes category with innovative packaging and a branded segment.

Being the first Attar based Perfume brand of India, we cater our services online and offline. Unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties, we are committed to create distribution networks in India via popular online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

To know about them more and view their catalogue,visit their website.

 Availability: Online portals mainly. Easily available on Flipkart,Amazon,Snapdeal and Ebay.Internationally,I guess Amazon and Ebay will fit the purpose.

 Price and quantity: INR 340 for 20 ml.But you can easily get them for a discount on these portals.

 Ingredients: Attached picture below.

neesh 3

 To have any perfume or attar in aerosol form,you need ethanol.So you will find it for sure.It only dries your skin a bit but obviously,nobody sprays attars on full body.So no need to worry . 😀

Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) is safe for cosmetic use.You can find more about it online.It is used in almost all scented cosmetics to make the fragrance last longer.Your body will break it down easily and it leaves the body within hours through sweat and you know what! J It is always used less than 2%.

Chremophor stabilizes water-oil mixtures,as far I understood.Is is also of cosmetic grade and doesn’t harm the skin.Rest is distilled water and the main perfume.

Packaging: I have 2 words for it-Damn Perfect! All the perfume bottles I have seen,are always bulky with intricate designing.You find it difficult to carry it everywhere.This perfume ,on the other hand, is easily pocket friendly,in terms of price and pocket size. 😛 It actually fits in your jeans or trousers.Very sleek and simple packaging.You have to push the central part for the spray to come out.

neesh 2

My views: These are men’s perfumes actually which were sent to me for review after being asked my preference. I personally like men’s perfumes/unisex perfumes.You will never see me rocking entirely feminine perfumes like floral or fruity scents.These scents didn’t have overpowering manly scents yet you can catch a whiff of musk in it.I like the fact that anybody can use these,in any way actually.They have 6 fragrances each for men and women.I have received Eau-De-Mehfil and Attar –E-Ishq.

Being small in size,it is easier to carry everywhere.The plastic case is sturdy as well so no possibility of breakage.

Longevity is the key.I use them on inner wrists and behind the ears.Trust me! Even after 10 hours,I can still smell it .I didn’t use any Vaseline or oil prior using it,so you can see how strong it is.

Eau-De-Mehfil– It is supposed to be a loud perfume but I easily use it during daytime.All the perfumes create a unique scent when it touches your skin due to the presence of a natural scent which we emanate.So how it smells like on me,may differ on your body.

  • Top Note:            Arabian Bakhoor
  • Middle Note:      Black Rose, Patchouly
  • Base Note:          Castoreum, Agarwood

Attar-E-Ishq-It is supposed to be aphrodisiac but I need to ask the opposite sex then. 😛 It is a beautiful perfume as in,attractive yet not too much in the face.

  • Top Note:            Nutmeg, Cedar wood ,Bakhoor
  • Middle Note:      Agar wood, Amber
  • Base Note:          Powdry Musk, Vanilla

neesh 1

Overall verdict-I would say go for it.Quality and quantity alongwith the price,is a catch here.

9 Things To Avoid When Traveling As A Couple

In most cases you will find it getting sour when you travel with your partner. This is due to lack of knowledge on the things you are supposed to avoid. The following 9 things to avoid will be discussed deeply to help you enjoy as a couple. In the presence of misunderstanding, no partner can enjoy considering that the surrounding is new and also the people around are not familiar. I believe that when you decide to travel as a couple, all you want is to enjoy the best you can therefore; the following will be of great help.


The following are 9 things that you need to avoid when traveling as a couple

  1. Don’t Stop Communicating

 Communication is always one major key to a successful love and relationship. Therefore, you have to avoid any mood swings that can come your way that can make you feel dumb. Being dumb will make your partner feel unwanted and will ruin the mood for the holiday. Communication will make you know what your partner is thinking, feeling and where he/ she want to go next. Be open to your partner which will make the whole trip enjoyable and make you enjoy traveling the more. Once you speak out, you will encourage your partner to speak out too.

 2. Do Not Argue About Money

 This entails planning before you travel by budgeting and ensuring that you have enough money. This must be a surplus since when you encounter a deficit; it will raise arguments leading to lack of joy in the trip. Check for travel ideas through internet whereby you will able to identify cheaper and enjoyable places. To avoid these arguments completely do not carry liquid cash since it is so tempting making you to be extravagant unknowingly. The plan on money should entail even when you return from your trip this will help both of you to be alert when spending. Without plan and budgeting, you can come back and realize you have no cash to buy even supper.

 3. Do Not Divide Travel Responsibilities

 Working together helps you to increase your love and understanding for one another. Sharing responsibilities will drive both of you apart making the other party feel used since some responsibilities may be demanding than others. A good relationship entails unity which strengthens the bond you create. Working together helps to avoid stress and also ensure nothing has gone astray.

 4. Avoid Making Complains

 Being a whiner makes your partner think that you are not enjoying the trip. Some people like complaining about the weather, distance, environment which becomes boring to your partner. Try to make your complains in a positive way and consider your partner too.

 5. Do Not Go in the Neighborhood

 Traveling to the neighboring estates or towns is not enjoyable and can never create a trip attitude. Research before you travel and you will be glad to find travel ideas that are more enjoyable and serene than your neighborhood. You will have freedom; encounter new things that you never knew existed.

 6. Do Not Act Possessive to Your Man or Lady

 This happens to both parties when your man compliments another female do not start getting mad at him. Just remember he came with you and it’s you he loves the other lady is just a total stranger. For the male give your lady an allowance to have the freedom of appreciating another man. This will help your relationship become stronger since no one will feel insecure.

 7. Do Not Isolate Yourselves

 Most couples think that when they travel alone is the best idea. This can only be enjoyable during the honeymoon and the first 3 trips to allow you know each other best. Your relationship needs to grow therefore, you require joining other couples as they travel and you will learn new things that you didn’t know. Isolating yourself can also be boring since you might not know other important places couples travel to which are more enjoyable and educative.

 8. Avoid Spending Every Second Together

 Do not be together all the time which does not mean you are avoiding your partner. Being in a relationship does not mean you deny yourself self-love. Do what you love most at least two hours the go back to your partner. It is boring when you cling to your partner all the time.

 9. Do Not Expect All Couples Travel to Be Romantic All Time

You may think that being alone with your partner means being always romantic. That is not the case since it also becomes boring. Make your trip enjoyable by doing different things such as swimming, playing badminton among other things that you don’t find time while at home.


With all the above 9 aspects, you will be able to enjoy your trips and make out so much more as a couple. Being a couple does not mean you become selfish or act less concerned, you need to be wise and act as required.


 Author Bio

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert, having 10 years of experience in Beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fitness, women’s issues and more. In recent  years, she has had an opportunity to learn about Food and Nutrition. She always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, healthy food recipes, and diet plans. Join Vaileria on Twitter, Facebook and G+ and their products review

Heya everyone!

You have heard of the Korean skincare,right? It is a speciality of Koreans to focus on the base,rather than covering it up.You may see that Koreans hardly use makeup.

I find it difficult to ever find any of their beauty stuff online or any stores here. I stay in India , by the way.So when sent me these samples to try and review,I knew instantly that finally my wish was granted.

About the website: Skin18 believes in skincare.Skincare products feed natural ingredients  and nutrition to the skin while makeup is considered as coverage.Founder of Skin18 concerns about her skin the most,and their mission is to bring the products that will make everyone look forever 18.

To know about them more and see the products,visit the website.

Samples sent: I received 2 face sheets,4  strips and a face pack.

I also won a giveaway so have received 2 face sheets in that.

My view:

Since most of the samples are written in a language I don’t understand,so it’s best to refer the website for ingredients and usage instructions:

It’s skin Todak Todak pack– Comes in a 10ml size. It is a face pack/sleeping pack.Good for dry skin.Here’s the link for its usage , price and details.

I found it moisturizing.I have combination skin and this mask still proved to be good for my skin.It didn’t cause any redness so suited my sensitive skin as well.I used this as a facepack and it still did its job of hydrating the skin.

Foodaholic 3D potato natural essence mask– This is a sheet mask.Good for suntanned skin as it soothes and calms it.

I couldn’t use it as it’s clearly mentioned not to be used by people suffering from skin diseases. 😦

Four season Multi Vita brightening active mask– This is also a sheet mask which claims to whiten the skin,but its description reads,it brightens the skin and vitalizes dull skin. I don’t believe in whitening as I love who I am.But it depends from person to person!

I tried it considering its brightening aspect.Brightening means you feel your skin looks refreshed and dullness and dirt is removed. It did remove dirt but I couldn’t see a stark difference to my skin.It may work better for those whose job makes them work outdoors mostly.I take care of my skin diligently,so usually don’t have dull skin.


Luke charcoal nose cleansing strip and lemon teatree cleansing strip– Now this is the fun part. I don’t usually use nose strips but if you get one,who can stop you? 😉

The satisfaction you get,once the visible gunk is pulled out,knows no boundaries.I have used all the pore strips and each time they made me happy.Charcoal is known to attract dirt and removes the blackheads and tightens it.So I was more excited to try it.

I noticed my blackheads literally got sucked out and also,the oiliness went away too for sometime.Mind you! You should use a toner after that or you will get the blackheads back on the same day itself. I did feel  that it stripped away the top layer of the skin as well but after applying toner and moisturizer,it  looked normal.

Beyond The God of patches bye-bye to nose blackheads– Do I need to say more? 😉

Beyond The God of patches  bye-bye smile lines–  This is the first time I saw a strip meant for wrinkles.I don’t have laugh lines and even if I do,I will embrace it. Graceful ageing,  eh? So naturally I didn’t use it.For this type of strip to work,I feel you need to be regular with its usage.

skin1 1

Four season aloe soothing waterful oasis mask– This one is my favorite as well.It soothed my skin and hydrated it so well.Good for sensitive skin due to aloe extracts.

skin 18 2

Overall verdict– Sheets masks are all the rage so one should be aware that authencity is the key.Buy from genuine places like To see the real effects of sheet masks ,use them weekly.Using once a month,won’t show you visible results. Also,prices on this website are cheap,so definitely a yay! From my side. And,if you are someone who loves cute things,their packaging will attract you. My package reached me within a week,safe and sound,so the website does a good job of the delivery system.

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See you all in my next post,Take care,bye :-)


5 Reasons You Should Be Using Organic Argan Oil In Beauty Routine

For a long time, Argan oil has been in use as one of the best organic beauty products globally.  Most skin and hair beauty therapists recommend the use of the oil to their clients.  The oil is popular in many areas apart from Morocco, where it is a native product. The increased use and popularity can be attributed to the several best advantages and benefits of the oil.  The oil is manufactured from the Argan tree kernels.   The oil is relatively rare, with the Morocco as the only country to find this tree and its fruits.  The oil is natural and saves your skin from the harm that could occur after using too many chemical products.

Organic Argan Oil

All the brands of the oil are high in quality, and they cannot disappoint you. Among them is Izil Natural Argan Beauty.  The oil outshines several other oil brands in the beauty markets and is preferred by several people including celebrities. If you have never used Argan Oil, then it means that you have not learned of the several benefits.  The product is non-greasy and is easy for both the hair and the skin to absorb.  The smell of the oil products is also pleasant, and thus, there is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell.  If you learn the benefits, then it will be a good start to consider adding the product into the beauty routine.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

 The product is very rich in both Vitamin E and even the fatty acids.  Besides, the oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics.  At the same time, it is critical and vital for conditioning the skin. For all these reasons, the oil becomes one of the perfect skin moisturizers available in the market.  It helps in maintaining a supple skin free from dryness, itchiness as well as flakiness. It is commonly used among persons suffering from chronic skin dryness as well as psoriasis. Furthermore, it protects the skin against aging effects. It will help you get rid of under eye bags and lines as well as the fine lines on the skin. It prevents wrinkling and also keeps the skin smooth and also radiant.

  1. Hair styling and Scalp Soothing

Using the oil can help you to easily and quickly style your hair.  Besides, you can use the organic oil to soothe and also increase the shine of the hair. For individuals suffering from scalp dryness or even dandruff, the oil can be vital and essential in eliminating the two.  Gently use the oil for scalp massaging to ensure it is both hydrated and nourished. Also, the massage clears any available flakes.

For Hair

  1. Stretch Marks Prevention

 The product is also vital for improving and increasing skin elasticity. The presence of Vitamin E makes the function easier. During pregnancy, using the oil can help in reducing and eliminating those stretch marks. Furthermore, using it at an early stage works in the prevention of the stretch marks. Slather and then apply on the breasts in a gentle manner, the hips, or the thighs and any other places that are likely to have stretch marks.  It makes the skin smooth and keeps away the stretch marks.

  1. Acne Treatment

For a natural acne treatment, the oil is a perfect choice. It is vital for making the skin smoother than before. Besides, it promotes the skin healing process in case of acne or pimples. In other words, it is both preventive and curative.  It is also good for the production of sebum.  An essential tip while selecting skin oils or creams is that it is critical to avoid comedogenic products. They can easily cause acne issues on the skin.

For Skin

  1. Hand and Nail Treatment

 Since Argan Oil is intensive in hydrating the skin, it is considered to be vital for the treatment of both the nails and the hands.  You need to rub the oil and ensure you focus on the nails. You can do the hack just before sleeping.  It treats the hands as well as the cuticles that may have cracked.  The oil makes the nails shiny while making the hands, soft, youthful as well as strong.


Apparently, the organic oil has several benefits and uses. It moisturizes, fights aging as well as works for the treatment of the hands and the nails. At the same time, it is critical for the scalp and hair care. The functions should encourage you to try the oil and use it more often. It is entirely natural and can have no side effects or harmful results on the skin. It gives quicker results than most of the other oils.  While selecting the oils, be wise to ensure that the oil does not have added chemicals. These could harm the skin.


Author Bio:

Daisy Grace is a Health & Beauty Consultant, who helps women live a life they love, in a body they live. She enjoys writing on different topics related to women’s health issues. She is a long-time native from Oklahoma, USA and writes article on various topics. Daisy’s purpose and passion lies in facilitating health breakthroughs with women who deserve good health, happiness and self-love. She is being also exploring new things related to general health and beauty.Reach her on

London Diaries

Heya folks!

Just last week,I landed in New Delhi,with so much knowledge ,history and culture,I decided its worth sharing with you my travel experience.I am not that travel blogger who writes 5 ornamental words at a stretch in a sentence to describe how the food tastes like to how the place looks. 😛 I am rather a blogger who will tell what to see in a location,food to try and what to buy.Simple and straight forward!bear with me….:-D I am dividing my tour in small parts.Today I will be sharing my London tour.

I had a 18 days/17 nights Europe tour which involved visiting the prominent locations only.This was a highlight tour so if you want a detailed country tour,its best to go on your own.I traveled with my family in a group tour.All our hotel stays,coaches,air tickets and cruises alongwith food was organized by our travel company Thomas Cook.

Our flight was with Etihad Airways which is known for its hospitality and I am not complaining. 😀 After approximately 10 hours flight,London welcomed us.

Day 1– Since we reached around 3 PM in London,it was a resting day for people who are jetlagged.We decided to go for a walk after dumping our luggage in the hotel.I stay in India,so there is a drastic landscape change when we go abroad.The air we breathed,is definitely fresh and cool.It was refreshing actually.We just strolled the streets,clicked the double decker buses which is prominent in Europe and couldn’t help noticing Indians who are staying there.Yes! our people can be seen everywhere in London from the Visa desk to shopowner.

It was a wonderful evening .Families came out in the parks to relax.While in Delhi,its hot as hell but entire Europe is on the cooler side with temparatures ranging between 4-21 degree Celsius everywhere.We headed back to the hotel,from where the tour manager took us for dinner at a restaurant and then we were off to sleep in our rooms.We were staying in St. Giles,near the airport whose room rent started from 45 pounds.

Day 2-We woke up early around 6 AM as we had loads of places to cover.We had a coach for our group which took us around London and stayed with us for entire 2 days. We visited the famous Swaminarayan temple made from Italian Carrara marble.It is a Hindu temple with intricate designs done from the marble and gold.Since we were an Indian group,so we were shown that.After that we had a guided city tour covering London’s landmarks : the Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the Big Ben,Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, River Thames and many more.We were lucky enough to watch the changing of guards infront the Buckingham palace where the new shift and old shift of guards change their places to guard the palace for next 24 hours.The guards wore the obvious red garb which we have heard of.Trafalgar square has gone for a revamped look.Most of the old pictures or in movies,you may have seen flock of pigeons in the square but now for cleanliness and hygiene,people have been stopped from feeding them and so the pigeons have stopped coming.It is more of a square with a large fountain in the middle.

In the evening we were given some shopping time on the famous Oxford street.You can look up anywhere,and each travel book or site will tell you it’s a shopping haven.Budget shoppers can find their stuff in Primark.It is a huge store and you will see Londoners and tourists jostling for space.Very good quality stuff at cheap prices.Its a family shopping place.For women,you would be interested in Boots.I had my list with me and being a beautyblogger as well,I was bound to shop there.

Next we headed to guided tour of the world famous Wimbledon museum, a dream for every Tennis lover.It is a 1 hour tour where they show you the tennis courts,their untouchable grass (really!) and their trophies from the past.

Day 3– Who can miss the reknowned Madame Tussaud’s wax museum?Once you enter,its  like a real red carpet.Glitzy attires adorned the celebrities and you can get yourself clicked with your fav celeb.It has a taxi ride,which is an indoor ride.It takes you through various phases of London history-the great London fire,the kings and queens and so on.Lastly,they have a 4D movie with Marvel heroes.I was eagerly waiting for something else.I had come out of it earlier,and on my wishlist was the Sherlock Holmes museum.

There is a statue of him on Baker street and museum dedicated to him.I was delighted to find it as it wasn’t in our itenary and I so much longed to see it.It has a shop with souvenirs and the museum is upstairs.

We ended our Day 3 with a ride on London Eye and a 4D movie associated with it.It is a 30 min ride and is a must.It is a wonderful observatory through which you can see the entire panorama of London.On our way to catch our ferry,we had a chance with the London bridge or Kensington bridge.The iconic arch and the structure welcomed us and we couldn’t help but sing along the nursery rhymes that reminded us of London bridge.


Kensington bridge

Our next stop was in DJ world or let’s say the XXX world of Amsterdam.We had boarded a ferry/cruise from the UK port to reach the next day.There’s more to Amsterdam seriously.To read about my journey in Amsterdam,please wait for another week.Enough for today I guess. 😛

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See you all in my next post,Take care,bye :-)

PS:Click on the pictures to see the caption

Please do not reuse the pictures with / without modification without taking my permission.All these have been taken by me and my family,so kindly respect my wish.


Combat Acne Problems With Natural Herbs

Acne is caused by the over production of sebum by our glands that block the skin pores along with the layer of dead cells on it. The growth of bacteria occurs at an alarming rate, further resulting in inflammation and redness of the skin. Ayurvedic treatment to combat the acne problem has served great benefits to people. There are certain herbs being used as a part of skin care products. Keep reading to find out more about this natural remedy.

Eucalyptus Oil

Including over 600 species, the genus Eucalyptus has been used as a medicinal treatment by a large number of people. The oil is extracted by performing the steam distillation of tree leaves. Lately, its properties have been utilized for the acne treatment and are an effective ingredient in many face washes, ointments, and toners. The studies conducted on its species such as Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus viminalis, Eucalyptus globulus reflects their capacity to fight against bacterium Propionibacterium acne problems. The redness is caused by the action of bacteria and fungi. The oil has two ingredients eucalyptol and chalconoids which protect the skin against fungi and microbes and also suppresses inflammation. Eucalyptus oil as an ayurvedic treatment for acne has proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin.

Lavender Oil

A natural herb, Lavender Oil is known for its analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. When applied alone, the effect of lavender oil is too strong, therefore, mix it with grapeseed oil to dilute it. Then apply it directly on your skin. Its action kills the bacterias grown on the skin. By penetrating deeply into the skin, it reduces pain, redness and inflammation. Apart from fighting against the acne, the lavender oil also nourishes the skin and thereby, promoting the skin health. Hence, many people use lavender oil as an effective acne treatment.


Since the ancient times, Neem or Azadirachta indica is used for its medicinal properties for a lot of problems. It is a part of many medicines and beauty products. As an ayurvedic treatment, it has properties like antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral that combats against the acne problem. It also has the healing capability. Taking 5 to 6 Neem leaves early in the morning help to get rid of all types of acne problems. Neem as the ayurvedic remedy for acne is used by people of all the ages. It prevents pimples, blackheads, cysts, rashes and other related skin problems. Neem oil is available in the market as pure oil, powder or in capsules and does not pose any harmful side effects on the skin. It fights against the bacteria that blocks the skin pores and thus do not allow our skin to breathe. Kama Ayurveda provides a huge number of Ayurvedic products to get rid of problems pertaining to skin, hair and other treatments.

ayurvedic products

Seabuckthorn Oil

Another herb used for acne treatment is Seabuckthorn Oil owing to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in its nutrient content with the presence of high amount of essential fatty acids. Apart from this, the oil also contains vitamins E, A, D, C, and K. Fighting against acne, it has the capacity to regenerate the worn out tissue and heals the epithelial layer which gets destroyed due to bacterial and fungal infection. The oil is incorporated into many face washes and acne treatment creams and ointments.

Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia, the Tea Tree Oil is used in Australia as an effective remedy for a number of skin disorders. However, the soil is sold in many parts across the globe as a part of skin care products and ointments. Since it has a lot of anti-viral, anti-microbial, antiseptic properties, it fights against all kinds of acne issues. These properties limit the spread of bacterial infection on the skin. But when taken internally, its toxic nature causes stomachache, fatigue, vomiting and even hallucinations. It is more effective as benzoyl peroxide during clinical trials and thus prevents the acne. It is a proven ayurvedic treatment for pimples.

Apply these herbal products to get rid of acne problems without any side effects.

kama ayurveda

Author bio:

Shivangi Agnihotri is an energetic writer having a keen interest in writing on fashion, beauty, health and latest trends in the industry. She has written for different brands from varied industries. Her other hobbies are reading, writing and traveling.You can reach her on

Health and beauty tips for Summer

Bon Jour everyone!

I have returned from my Europe trip and  to be honest,I didn’t want to return.Like every tourist,I too fell in Love,so intoxicating so addictive.Umn No! I don’t mean a boyfriend but I fell in love with the cities,the culture and the places.

It is blazing hot in Northern India,which waited for me once I got outside the New Delhi International Airport.Perfect timing for my next post!

I follow simple skincare and healthcare for my body and it saves me time,keeps me energetic and makes my skin ‘look’ less problematic.(I have eczema on my face currently due to something I ate or weather during my travel in  Europe.)

  1. You know it.I know it.Drink water,loads of it.I used to drink 1-1.5 l but saw the difference when I crossed 2 l.You have a glow on your face,keeps you energetic and reduces that hunger pang you get around mid day and also,your skin actually looks hydrated.
  2. If you stay in a region where it is very hot or dusty,like I do,it is best to cover your face with a scarf.In India,you will see so many girls walking around looking like a dacoit. 😛 They do so,or I do it to save myself from sun tan and skin damage.We do use sunscreen,but prefer a natural alternative . 😀 I guess this is the secret of the beautiful ladies in burqa-clad regions. 😉 No offence to anyone. I was actually in awe of their beauty when I was travelling abroad.
  3. Indulge in an exercise ,be it Swimming,Yoga,Pilates,Aerobics or home exercises daily.It could be anything.I do 15 min home workout in the morning that involves Yoga ,crunches,cardio and stretching.In the evening I devote myself to 1 hour brisk walking.I used to swim for 1 hour in the morning but my skin stopped me. 😦 Honestly,this makes a difference.My body toned faster due to swimming which everyone knows actually.Otherwise also,the exercises keep me active and fit the whole day.I don’t have any digestion problem or feel fatigued in the summers which is the season that drains you out.
  4. Fruit intake is a must.I eat atleast 1 fruit daily to combat water loss and have those nutrients in the system.If you have any deficiency,try to cure it by going for natural sources rather than popping a pill.Food gets digested easily than the artificial vitamins.
  5. Loose clothing is a winner.My style involves loose clothing year round since I feel suffocated in the body hugging attires.It is good for summers due to aeration and your sweat evaporates faster.
  6. I am more of a skincare person than makeup.CTM routine should be done twice a day to remove dirt and oil-buildup.In between, I blot my face or splash water.You can mist your face too for freshening your makeup and add hydration.
  7. It is best to go for light makeup in summers or go bare faced.It actually makes your life easier,trust me!You won’t have to worry about touching your face or wiping your makeup off when using a napkin.Your skin breathes literally.Your decision entirely though.
  8. Your body needs attention too.Summers make it more sensitive when you shave or wax.I get these itchy bumps more in summers due to hot weather and dryness.Waxing is more drying as it involves hot wax mostly and causes redness as well.Taking care of skin in such situations is very necessary.Both waxing and shaving are required,so make it easier by exfoliating before and after to make the hair easier to come out.Moisturize a lot and apply aloe vera post-session to reduce redness and rashes.I prefer shaving as it is easier to do,no special things are required and no heat required.Sharp razors do the trick so make sure yours is too.:mrgreen:
  9. Lastly,stay happy and content.Everyone has problems,try to deal with it rather than stressing yourself.Stress causes most of the skin problems.

These are the tips which I follow myself and noticed a huge difference.Let me know,if you do something else during Summers.Feel free to share it with me in the comment section below. 🙂

Thank you for reading my post. 🙂 If you like my posts,don’t forget to subscribe here by clicking on ‘follow by e-mail’ in the righthand pane . Also follow me on Instagram at @simplybful and Twitter @simplybful for crazy snippets from my life and beauty world.Find me on Pinterest @simplybful to know what I love in hair and makeup.

See you all in my next post,Take care,bye :-)