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Hi !

This blog is PR Friendly.I will always share my  honest opinions on any product that I review.If I believe a product is not worth it, I won’t feature it or I will write why it has disappointed me. I will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship.I have my ideal that there’s no compromise with beauty.I am never paid to review certain items, however if I have written a sponsored post, I will clearly state this at the end of the page.
If you are a PR company & you’re looking to contact me for advertising your brand,event invites,sample sending or giveaways, please email me at

Ladies!If you want to discuss something with me,suggest,ask or just about anything,you too can drop me a mail on or ask me below.I love hearing from you. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.I am simply here to share my views on products and infact, I encourage patch testing for any skincare or haircare product. Everyone is different . 🙂

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