5 Reasons You Should Be Using Organic Argan Oil In Beauty Routine

For a long time, Argan oil has been in use as one of the best organic beauty products globally.  Most skin and hair beauty therapists recommend the use of the oil to their clients.  The oil is popular in many areas apart from Morocco, where it is a native product. The increased use and popularity can be attributed to the several best advantages and benefits of the oil.  The oil is manufactured from the Argan tree kernels.   The oil is relatively rare, with the Morocco as the only country to find this tree and its fruits.  The oil is natural and saves your skin from the harm that could occur after using too many chemical products.

Organic Argan Oil

All the brands of the oil are high in quality, and they cannot disappoint you. Among them is Izil Natural Argan Beauty.  The oil outshines several other oil brands in the beauty markets and is preferred by several people including celebrities. If you have never used Argan Oil, then it means that you have not learned of the several benefits.  The product is non-greasy and is easy for both the hair and the skin to absorb.  The smell of the oil products is also pleasant, and thus, there is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell.  If you learn the benefits, then it will be a good start to consider adding the product into the beauty routine.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

 The product is very rich in both Vitamin E and even the fatty acids.  Besides, the oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics.  At the same time, it is critical and vital for conditioning the skin. For all these reasons, the oil becomes one of the perfect skin moisturizers available in the market.  It helps in maintaining a supple skin free from dryness, itchiness as well as flakiness. It is commonly used among persons suffering from chronic skin dryness as well as psoriasis. Furthermore, it protects the skin against aging effects. It will help you get rid of under eye bags and lines as well as the fine lines on the skin. It prevents wrinkling and also keeps the skin smooth and also radiant.

  1. Hair styling and Scalp Soothing

Using the oil can help you to easily and quickly style your hair.  Besides, you can use the organic oil to soothe and also increase the shine of the hair. For individuals suffering from scalp dryness or even dandruff, the oil can be vital and essential in eliminating the two.  Gently use the oil for scalp massaging to ensure it is both hydrated and nourished. Also, the massage clears any available flakes.

For Hair

  1. Stretch Marks Prevention

 The product is also vital for improving and increasing skin elasticity. The presence of Vitamin E makes the function easier. During pregnancy, using the oil can help in reducing and eliminating those stretch marks. Furthermore, using it at an early stage works in the prevention of the stretch marks. Slather and then apply on the breasts in a gentle manner, the hips, or the thighs and any other places that are likely to have stretch marks.  It makes the skin smooth and keeps away the stretch marks.

  1. Acne Treatment

For a natural acne treatment, the oil is a perfect choice. It is vital for making the skin smoother than before. Besides, it promotes the skin healing process in case of acne or pimples. In other words, it is both preventive and curative.  It is also good for the production of sebum.  An essential tip while selecting skin oils or creams is that it is critical to avoid comedogenic products. They can easily cause acne issues on the skin.

For Skin

  1. Hand and Nail Treatment

 Since Argan Oil is intensive in hydrating the skin, it is considered to be vital for the treatment of both the nails and the hands.  You need to rub the oil and ensure you focus on the nails. You can do the hack just before sleeping.  It treats the hands as well as the cuticles that may have cracked.  The oil makes the nails shiny while making the hands, soft, youthful as well as strong.


Apparently, the organic oil has several benefits and uses. It moisturizes, fights aging as well as works for the treatment of the hands and the nails. At the same time, it is critical for the scalp and hair care. The functions should encourage you to try the oil and use it more often. It is entirely natural and can have no side effects or harmful results on the skin. It gives quicker results than most of the other oils.  While selecting the oils, be wise to ensure that the oil does not have added chemicals. These could harm the skin.




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Huge haul-Makeup,skincare & haircare


I am going to travel in April, so I thought of buying all the essentials and stocking travel sizes of the things I use. Also, I wanted to test some new items (blogger tendencies :-P), so shopped online from Amazon, Instagram, Nykaa, Myntra & Purplle. I will post the links and where to buy them too, but the prices shown will be current. No guarantee of any running discounts. 😦 Sorry.Also,I think only Amazon will benefit you if you are staying abroad India,as other sites don’t deliver there.

Many bloggers gave thumbs up to Incolor Matte Me lipsticks, which are affordable matte lipsticks. You know the craze, right? I bought only 1 shade, as I wanted something in deep blood red color. The shade no. is 402.I haven’t tried it yet as I am suffering from dry lips due to continuous use of matte lip creams. Does anyone of you suffer from this? Do let me know what to do. 😦 I bought this from an Instagram account The_makeup_and_jewellery_shop, which offers the lowest shipping cost. COD is available in Kolkata only. I keep browsing through various accounts till I find the lowest shipping price.(Saving is my forte 😉 )I paid 250+50 shipping for this through bank transfer.

I also bought Maybelline colorshow matte lipstick in Mysterious Mocha M304.It is nude lipstick as in brown lipstick with pink undertones. More of a Kylie Jenner lip shade. This lipstick is drying on the lips, more than the Miss Claire ones. I will post a detailed review on this. I paid INR 276 after discount on 325. Sales were amazing around the Valentine’s Day on Nykaa.com.

From the same place, I also bought Chicco cleansing wipes. I had an order issue if you are following me on Insta. Anyway it costs INR 169 for 72 wipes. It is pricey but each wipe is sufficient for the face, neck and hands. Pretty big size! Also it is alcohol-free, soap-free and is moisturizing. Baby products are the safest products for skincare. I bought this when I saw Haul video of beauty Youtuber Debasree.

Dry lips mean lip balm. Somehow, my herbal lip balms weren’t working that much. I was reapplying them within half an hour. I had used Neutrogena lip balm earlier and I swear by it. So I picked it up too from Nykaa.com for INR 149 for 4g product. This is the best lip balm I had ever used having SPF. You need a layer only and your lips get moisturized for a long time.

After reading the ill-effects of using nylon loofah, I bought a cotton-bamboo fiber based loofah from Audrey’s. This is the first time I am using this kind .For 195 bucks, I paid only 117 INR on Nykaa.com. It feels soft against the skin, and takes away the dry skin without irritating or damaging it.

The site was running this offer of giving free sample size of 50 ml Avene gentle milk cleanser on any purchase of Avene product, so I grabbed this offer when I bought Avene thermal spring water in 50ml.It cost me 600 bucks. This is good for travel purpose, as for home, I have 2 big bottles in 300ml. I suffer from sensitive atopic skin, so needed to try this cleanser. Yet to test it.

From Purplle.com, I stocked on my haircare by buying the Loreal X-tenso shampoo and hair masque in discounted prices. I am telling you, I am hoarder during the sales. 😛 Shampoo costs 575, but I paid 479 for 230 ml. Same for the masque, I paid 574 only after getting discount on 675 INR for 200 ml. I need these for my smoothened hair. They keep my hair soft, frizz-free  and removes mild-dandruff .In the same range I bought the serum at full price of 600 bucks for 50 ml from nearby store.

I managed to lay my hands on the much raved about Loreal Paris La palette nude eyeshadow palette in Rose. On V-day, various sites were running 50% off on selected products for 14 min.  :-\  I grabbed this for 700 only after discount on 1400 MRP on Amazon.in. The color pay-off is okay, as in you have to build it up on your lids. Definitely requires a primer/white shadow as base.Here’s the link.
L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude, Rose, 7g

Also, bought Lakme white radiance compact powder in Golden medium at a discount. I paid 180 bucks against 210.This was at Myntra app. This is good for normal to combination skin.

I will be posting soon a clothing haul.Do lookout for it. 🙂  

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My hair smoothening/smoothing experience


Today’s post will be bit different from my usual posts of product reviews.I will be reviewing a hair treatment procedure which is quite in vogue today.

I have always had wavy frizzy hair.Due to which when I tied my hair,it always looked messy and uneven.I usually straightened my hair before going to any event.After asking many friends and gaining from their hair straightening experience,I decided to try this for myself.

My hair looked bit straight when I washed them,but with the passage of days,they turned wavy.So I felt smoothing will be apt for me as it uses less chemicals and is good for medium straight to wavy hair. I got it done last year in May and it’s been approximately 9 months ( the irony 😉 ),that I am ready to share what I felt.

Let’s start with the charges.Most of the salons will charge you 6-8k for long hair till waist.Mine cost INR 6000.The starting price is 4k for short hair and so on.Additional haircare products made it 8k in total.  So this will be definitely heavy on your pocket.

Duration: Maximum time it takes is 4 hours,which was in my case.I guess shorter the hair,shorter is the duration.You are made to sit idle that too erect ,as any movement will cause bends in your hair.This was the most tiring part of the entire process.


Process: My stylist told me Loreal X-tenso will suit me.It is a formaldehyde-free frizz-fighting treatment.Remember,Smoothing is basically removing frizz and getting smooth hair.It will not make your hair poker straight.If you have fine hair,then it might seem to appear that way. 😛 .

After washing your hair,they smear a cream on your hair which opens up the bonds of the hair.It takes 10-20 min depending on your hair.Then it is washed off and steam pressed.After that,a neutralizing cream is applied so that the new bonds are set.In my case the straightened bonds are set.It was again washed off after 10-15 min and then my hair was pressed again but this time,dry pressing.They told me to keep the hair sweat free,no clips or anything for 2 days.The hair needs to set during this time.Since it was summers,I had a hard time .You can’t tuck your hair behind the ears and it was such a distraction when it kept falling on your face.The salon people checked my hair on the 2nd day evening for signs of dents in hair,then washed it off.I was told no oiling for one month and only use Loreal X-tenso range.

My views:My hair looks sleek and smooth.It is more manageable.

For the first 3 months,I didn’t face any problem,but after that,my dandruff increased and hair-fall started.I used to go for Ozone treatment weekly to combat dandruff and hair-fall. In my friend’s case,she didn’t face such problems,even though we share the same stylist and treatment.

Also,I noticed split ends later on,so had to trim my hair. During winters,I faced dryness as I wasn’t able to oil my hair regularly.

My hair grows at a fast rate so already I can see my natural hair type.Luckily,the smoothened hair and my natural hair are looking synced.I was scared that my hair will have a partition of sorts having straight section at the bottom and wavy on the top. 😀

Overall verdict: If you have scalp condition,then don’t go for chemicals.They dry out your scalp and cause problems.Also, these treatments are costly so opt for them only if you are not happy with your locks or need some change. Consult a good stylist before jumping on the wagon.

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Madison Reed hair-o-scope review

Heya lovelies!

To be honest,I was bit clueless about what to write since I am new to this idea. Have you heard about hair-o-scope? Because I haven’t and that’s what created curiosity in me to go ahead with the Madison Reed team,who wanted me to consult about how our hair and hairstyle will look good,if we follow the star chart.

Before I start ,I would like to point out that,our hair is that feature of the body,which if becomes unruly,may wreak havoc on your face shape.No seriously! I have been there where I blindly followed a hairstyle and ended up looking even more weirder.I have a square jawline and so I have limited options when it comes to haircuts as I always want something which softens my face shape and makes me look softer.I went ahead with this hair-o-scope to throw light on my current hair choice and reflect on my past ones.

Madison Reed is a US based company which specializes in hair colouring,which are mostly natural.They provide suggestions on hair colour and also came up with root touch up powder,which I think will be beneficial for those,who are lazy enough to go for root touch ups every 15 days.To know more about them,follow the link given below.


Also do not forget to check out their hair dye advisor that helps in deciding the best color for your hair. 

What they claim-“From Which John Hughes Film Are You? quizzes to the popular Myers-Briggs test, we’re always trying to define and deepen our understanding of ourselves. Before all of these, people looked to the stars for guidance (and no, we don’t mean red-carpet celebrities!). 

Whether it’s our careers or our love lives, the twelve zodiac signs give insight into our individual paths and personalities, both the brag-worthy and the opportunities for improvement.

Did you know that you can consult the constellations about your hair, too? A ‘do that’s on point can make the difference between a good or bad day, so help bring out the best of yourself with a shade and style that’s in sync with the sun and stars.”

I was sent the hair-o-scope for Pisces as I was born in March.Let’s see how much I have followed the stars unconsciously… 😛


Personality wise I am indeed dreamy.One moment,I am sailing on a luxury yacht,next moment I am hiking.

I am a beauty blogger and an engineer,isn’t this enough to show my creative side? 😉 My work requires me to come up with various solutions to a case and as a blogger,I find innovative ways to look my beautiful self without splurging much,all signs of creativity.

Compassionate-check.My friends have told me that I listen to them and support their decisions.I always stay when they need me the most.Not only friends! I may help a stranger or maybe an elderly in crisis.I am not boasting,but it is the truth.Infact,my parents say,” I am too naive.” 

For me a good hair day is when I look simple.I am not a elaborate hairstyle person.Either you will see me in a ponytail or open haired,parting on one side,tucked behind ears.These are the only ways,I can move around without stressing over flyaways falling on my face or hampering my work.Any other hairstyle merely makes me more broad faced and aged. 😦 I feel good when my hair(be it any style or cut)adds some roundedness to my cuboid face. 😛 For others,maybe its dry hair or something,but for me,I just need framing and that’s another match. 


Notice how the side ponytail changes my face shape drastically.An angle and a hairstyle ,will change how you look.

My stars advise me to opt for layers,which I have done before and I swear,they add so much beauty .I am sure layers will suit mostly.


Ignore my skin please! 😦 The layers frame the face and basically add softness to your face.Notice how the hair curves inside,giving the illusion of an oval face.

Surprisingly,my hair-o-scope is so much what I am today and I believe you should try it too.Maybe,we all need it for our hair.See what your sunsign says about your mane here. You will be amazed at how much true it is. 🙂

Stay happy,stay healthy,see you all in my next post,byeeee :-*

Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus review


How is the weekend treating you? Mine is going well till now,well mostly I am sleeping,eating and catching up with my favourite TV shows. 😛

I realized I don’t post much reviews on haircare,that’s because I can’t apply much on my hair for atleast a year as I have smoothened it and my salon told me only to use Loreal X-tenso range. Hmmn! I have broken this rule already. 😀 I have applied oils on my tresses,also undergoing ozone treatment and have used hair mask also,none of which I am supposed to use.

I was tired of my frizzy wavy hair so I smoothened it.But all the chemicals have rendered my scalp dandruff prone and hair fall.I was suffering from dandruff and hair fall since July and so tried ozone treatment .It decreases infections on the scalp due to dandruff and revitalises the hair follicles for hair growth.It is followed by Shahnaz Husain Shatone plus hair tonic.The salon told me to use the tonic at home also so I bought it and I must say,it has helped me a lot.

Availability- Available online and also in Shahnaz Husain parlours in India.For international customers,I think it is available on Amazon.com.

Price & quantity- INR 675 for 200ml. I find it reasonable as it is entirely herbal.

Ingredients- Triphala extract,shikakai extract(Soapnut/Acacia Concinna),bael giri extract,gurhal extract( Chinese rose),germinated mattar extract,methi seed extract,base to make it aqueous.

Fragrance and texture- Methi seed/fenugreek smell . It will stay for a minute only.So sensitive noses needn’t worry. 🙂 The color is brown and it is very light,almost like water .

Packaging- Simple white plastic bottle with fliptop cap.It is very sturdy and also has additional transparent plastic cap.So it is travel friendly.

How to use- Soak it in cotton wool and apply it on the scalp. Massage the scalp with finger tips and leave it on. It is non-oily.It is volatile so use cotton wool.

My views- After using it for more than a month,I am writing this review. When my dandruff condition was severe,I applied it every night and then rinsed it off in the morning.Now I do it weekly  or twice a week. My dandruff has greatly reduced and itchy scalp is gone.My hair has grown 2 cm which I can easily notice as my wavy hair and smoothened hair have an easily noticeable boundary now. Hair fall has reduced also.

Overall verdict- If you want something which is non-oily,herbal and shows effects within a month,then this might be for you.I had moderate dandruff so this worked for me.If you have more than this,it will take more time in being effective. It is easy to use so go for it.

IMG_20150920_122656_HDRIMG_20150920_122800_HDR IMG_20150920_122705_HDRHope you liked my review. Do ask me any doubts you have.See you all in my next post.Take care,byeee. :-*

Juicy chemistry hair masque review


I have been keeping busy since 2 weeks and missed out on my blog posting schedule. Sorry. 😦 😦 But that also meant I got more time to test out the samples sent to me by Juicy chemistry. I am left with only the cleanser,now that I am doing the review on hair masque. 🙂

The hair masque is perfect for those days when you want to pamper your tresses who have gone through lot of pollution,sweat,sun damage,chemical treatment or simply weather change,monsoon being the worst time of the year.Luckily,I had undergone smoothing treatment on my hair 2 months back,so my hair is under my control even during this monsoon season.Goodbye to the frizz! 😛

Smoothing makes your hair smooth 😛 but also causes problems like dandruff,hair fall or split ends if proper care isn’t taken.Usually,all the salons want you to go for their hairspas and discourage the use of any other stuff apart from using their Loreal,Wella or Matrix shampoo range.I did my own research and found that it’s their money making policy.Getting monthly hair-spas from them will cost you a bomb. :-O And this is where I found a saviour,in the form of this hair masque sent to me by the Juicy chemistry team.

Price & quantity: INR 650 for 75 g.Now,honestly,you need only a little of this,because it is very thick and heavy.For my medium length hair,I need 2-3 tsps of the product.This will last you atleast 3-4 months depending on the usage(assuming half monthly usage).I use it monthly so may last longer. 🙂

Ingredients: Mango butter,coffee infused almond oil,argan oil,vit E,Castor oil,beeswax,cedarwood essential oil,rosemary essential oil,peppermint essential oil,Lavender essential oil & german chamomile essential oil. They don’t have any chemicals and preservatives.

Packaging: Plastic transparent tub with a screwed lid.When you open it,it has additional cover to prevent spillage.The tub is sturdy and travel-friendly.The tub has the logo on the top and on its side,you will see the usual details about the product.

Fragrance: Strong peppermint smell.I find it refreshing actually.But if you have a sneezy nose,God be with you. 😛

Texture: Offwhite color.It is thick and buttery.Almost like a body butter ,except its hair butter. 😛

Availability: Right now,they are taking orders through whatsapp(+91-96556 63566) and facebook page.Here’s the link.They do ship worldwide.Shipping charges are extra.For Indians,it is 100 INR shipping.You can consult them and opt for products based on your concerns on whatsapp or you can choose from the brochure on their facebook page.

My views: Chemical treatment renders your hair dull and dry after a long time.So I decided to use this hair masque.As told by them,I applied the hair masque.waited for 20 mins and used my Loreal x-tenso shampoo.I found my hair smooth,detangled and the ends showed less signs of split ends.On my normal hair,I didn’t feel the need to add the conditioner.Also,my hair smelled strongly of peppermint which I like.

However,if you have oily hair,I would say,mild shampoo may not work for you,because this is very buttery thick.It might need 2 washes if you are using mild shampoos.

Dry hair people can rejoice,because after using it,you will notice that your hair is weighed down a little.Also frizz will be less.

It claims to remove dandruff and hair fall,but I don’t have such issues,so can’t comment on it.But usually herbal products take time to show their results. 🙂

Now girls like me who have chemically treated hair,I am sure your salons have told you not to use hair masks as it will open the smoothing or curling etc. There is no proof to this but if you are so scared,you can apply on the ends where split ends usually occur.It actually ‘mends’ them or makes them less visible.

Overall verdict is go for it,if you are suffering from dull,frizzy lifeless hair.It will add the shine and moisture back to your hair.For more details,see the pictures below. 🙂





DIY Herbal shampoo

Hello ladies!

Hope all of you are well and enjoying the lazy Sunday. Today I made a shampoo, entirely herbal and whose shelf life is extending to a month.You know my affection for ayurvedic and organic products,so I couldn’t stop myself from trying this shampoo,which cleanses as well as moisturizes the hair. Your mothers or grandmothers may have already told you about this,mostly Indians.

So the shampoo I made requires equal amounts of amla ,shikakai and  reetha powders.You can add more shikakai and hibiscus for more softness if you see the shampoo is drying.The powders are easily available or you can powder the raw materials at home.I got mine from Khadi,as it is a trusted brand when it comes to herbal.Mix them thoroughly.


Now add water to this till it becomes a paste.Apply this on the scalp and hair strands.It becomes easier to apply on wet hair.Store the excess powder in a airtight container.


You can also add more water to make it fully liquid and use it as proper shampoo.You will see foamy consistency in the latter case. Remember,reetha is bit drying,so avoid twirling your hair like you usually do in normal shampoos.Just let it sit for 5 mins if you have normal to dry hair.For oily hair,15 mins is must.Rinse it off.Usually 2 applications are required for removing the oil completely but during the second time,don’t wait.Apply and rinse quickly.Follow this with your usual conditioner and serum routine.

You will notice your hair is glossy and silky.This shampoo also adds volume and reduces frizz gradually. I apply aloevera gel and serum after the routine as my hair is frizzy.My hair has become shiny,soft,bouncy and frizz-free.Also during shampoo,I noticed less hair fall.This shampoo also makes it less necessary to wash your hair often.I used to wash twice a week but now once a week is enough.

You need to have patience for this shampoo to work as your scalp and hair will take time in getting used to it. Reetha is a mild cleanser and is an excellent alternative to soaps and shampoos. Shikakai acts as a detangler and makes hair smooth and soft.Helps in hair growth. Amla maintains a healthy scalp and prevents premature greying.

NOTE : Depending on the length,prepare your mix.It takes some time to get the right amount of shampoo for your hair.Also,this might stain light surfaces .If your scalp burns slightly,it means the shampoo is working on your dandruff.

Let me know whether you have tried this .Tag me in your pictures ,I want to see your beautiful hair too.;-) Till the next time,byeee,XOXO 🙂

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