Boots beauty haul- Oxford street,UK


During my London visit,I had made up my mind to shop in Boots.On my list was,Soap & Glory.

In India,you get these at Sephora and online stores ,that too at exorbitant prices.Comparatively,these are cheaper in their native place,i.e. UK & Europe. 😛

Boots is a beauty haven for women.You get skincare,haircare,fragrances & ofcourse makeup.My priority was to buy Soap & glory products alongwith random other stuffs from makeup and skincare.I will share the Boots link and the online links of Indian sites wherever possible, in case you want to buy them.Here’s what I got:-

Soap & Glory Travel Size Flake Away Body Scrub 50ml– Honestly,you must be wondering who buys a travel version on a tour when you don’t get that in your country?I do! We had 2 days in London so didn’t carry enough Pounds with us.Payment through card costs additional conversion cost back in your country.Also,I was testing it for the first time,so didn’t want my money to go waste in case I get a skin reaction.This is a gentle scrub mainly but does remove the hardest of your rough areas.

This was costing me £2.50 which is approximately 250 INR.( It is around 96 INR for £1 back then,so providing the approximate amount.)As far I know,it costs 390 bucks in India in Sephora.

Here’s the link with the prices.Their store and online prices are the same.

Soap & Glory Mini The Daily Smooth Dry Skin Formula Body Butter 50ml– This one is again for £2.50 .It is of a whipped cream nature.

Soap & Glory RICH & FOAMOUS Dual-Use Shower & Bath Body Wash 500ml– This one is £6.50.It is a moisturizing body wash perfect for dry skinned beauties.


Aveeno Hand Cream 75ml-This one is for £3.66.It is for atopic skin.They have another variant for normal skin.This has oatmeal in it,which is said to help in atopic skin.

Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream with Oatmeal (75ml) (Amazon)

 Sanex Advanced AtopiCare Hand Cream 75ml£3.99.Again I bought the one for eczema prone hands like mine.Both the hand creams are non-greasy.

 La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche 40ml£14.50.It is a moisturizer for dry-very dry sensitive skin.I usually get dry itchy patches on my face so bought this after reading great reviews for it.


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+ 50ml– I know you must be thinking why  I bought a French brand product in UK.I didn’t know then, that I would get time in Cannes.We had a hurried Europe tour so was picking up stuffs from wherever I got time.Either way,if I buy anything from UK and Europe,it will be cheaper anyways .This was for £12.37. It is bit steep but not steep enough if I buy in India.Hate the import taxes!This is a sunscreen for combination skin/sensitive skin.You need to reapply after every 3 hours. (flipkart)

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Fluid Ultra-Light, 50ml(amazon)

 Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in shade Amethyst shine– Trust me! I didn’t want to buy this one,but ended up getting it for my VAT refund minimum amount bill .It is for 2.99 pounds.It is a very moisturizing lipstick and has satin finish to it.It has minute shimmers in it ,but when worn during the day time,looks like a balmy lipstick.For nighttime,it is a good wear.

 Collection Bronze Glow Matt Powder Terracotta-Finally I got a bronzer which is matte and is soft on the skin.It is for 2.99 Pounds and doesn’t have any brush with it.


 I will try all of them and will let you know my thoughts on it. 🙂

Tourist information: If you are a tourist over there,ask for the minimum bill amount to get a tax refund.I had shopped for around 47 pounds in  Boots,but was told the VAT refund will be applicable if I shop for minimum 50 pounds.So the lipstick came to my rescue.Same goes for all the shops.Different shops have their own minimum bill amount so be sure to ask beforehand.This rule is valid all over Europe as well.

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Nykaa Haul


My penchant to shop has reached new heights where I literally wait to get my hands on the coveted items even though I am very late in buying them.Reason being,waiting for discounts and sale.

Nykaa had this sale going on in March during Holi in which they offered discounts on all brands but gave highest discounts for some brands for only a single day.So I shopped repeatedly to grab those single day offers and bought some new items for myself.You must be wondering why I am writing this post now,well! has come up again with that type of sale,so hurry and visit that site to grab the goodies. 🙂

  • Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette-I am very late,I know. 😦 But I didn’t feel paying 900 bucks for a palette is budgety.For me budget is 500 INR. Don’t consider me cheap.I shop every month so need to be strict with my shopping limit. 😛 I have used this,and I must say,go for this whenever you find it on sale,like now. 😉 I will link it below.

  • Maybelline The colossal liner-I heard such great reviews of it and since my black gel liner is drying up,so thought to give this a try.It is jet black and smooth.Added perks are its in pen form and water-proof.

  • Maybelline Color Show matte lipstick-Lively Violet-Earlier I had bought Mysterious Mocha,but it doesn’t look good on me when I am tanned.It washes me out so I went for this pink toned violet shade which is absolute nude for me. 🙂 It is moisturizing yet matte but need to reapply after heavy meals.

  • Vichy Thermal spring water- Since I will be travelling soon,so bought this 50ml version.It is refreshing,soothing and calms the skin down.

  • Loreal false lash butterfly mascara-This baby is my first mascara  which I actually like.This is waterproof and lengthens your lashes.

  • Loreal volume million Lashes mascara- This is not waterproof and easily drips down if you splash water on your face.It does give volume for that dramatic effect.

All the products bought were under discount.I have mentioned the links which will give the current prices.Overall I loved these items and I am planning to buy them again once I finish.

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Mini clothing and shoe haul


How is the Sunday treating you? 🙂

I had gone for a stroll in the flower show held in my city.It had so many types of plants and flowers.They are selling saplings too. I loved it so much.Rambling,ain’t I? 😛

I shopped in January during the New year sales and bought only what I wanted or wanted to style.I was looking for track wear so bought two spandex-cotton mixed tights for my walking and exercise regimen.They are from Onesport brand and are actually good considering they cost cheap and quality is also good.Both are around 600 bucks each approximately after discounts. Follow the link below if you want to buy too. To keep their elasticity ,hand wash them without wringing and dry them in shade.I pair them with loose long tops to avoid exposing your derrière. 😛 Though I don’t mind since luckily I don’t have issues with it.

1                                                 2


I got a plain black ¾ sleeves top at 262 bucks.It is good for wearing with any coloured shrugs or skirts.Plain black and white top is a must in every girl’s wardrobe.This one is from Myntra app.Also got 3 more tops from them.I am posting screenshots of the product alongwith the current pricing.

I got a party wear top having gold and black sequins near the neck at 357 bucks.It originally costs 1165 INR.

I love anything in quirky design and coincidently, I have always liked owl designs in my clothes and jewellery.You know that too if you follow me on Instagram.This top originally costs 1000 bucks but I had to pay only 460.

Something resonating with my personality,I bought this top for 255 bucks after getting a discount on 500 INR.

I also bought boots from Carlton London .These are snug boots/uggs which have fur lining in them with outer faux leather.I preferred this one over the suede uggs as these can be easily cleaned and the dust can be dusted off.I bought them at a discount price of 1146 INR but grab these now at 803 bucks only .Wish I had waited a little longer.:-(

Hope you liked my mini haul post and if you want to buy them,you know where to click. 😉

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Huge haul-Makeup,skincare & haircare


I am going to travel in April, so I thought of buying all the essentials and stocking travel sizes of the things I use. Also, I wanted to test some new items (blogger tendencies :-P), so shopped online from Amazon, Instagram, Nykaa, Myntra & Purplle. I will post the links and where to buy them too, but the prices shown will be current. No guarantee of any running discounts. 😦 Sorry.Also,I think only Amazon will benefit you if you are staying abroad India,as other sites don’t deliver there.

Many bloggers gave thumbs up to Incolor Matte Me lipsticks, which are affordable matte lipsticks. You know the craze, right? I bought only 1 shade, as I wanted something in deep blood red color. The shade no. is 402.I haven’t tried it yet as I am suffering from dry lips due to continuous use of matte lip creams. Does anyone of you suffer from this? Do let me know what to do. 😦 I bought this from an Instagram account The_makeup_and_jewellery_shop, which offers the lowest shipping cost. COD is available in Kolkata only. I keep browsing through various accounts till I find the lowest shipping price.(Saving is my forte 😉 )I paid 250+50 shipping for this through bank transfer.

I also bought Maybelline colorshow matte lipstick in Mysterious Mocha M304.It is nude lipstick as in brown lipstick with pink undertones. More of a Kylie Jenner lip shade. This lipstick is drying on the lips, more than the Miss Claire ones. I will post a detailed review on this. I paid INR 276 after discount on 325. Sales were amazing around the Valentine’s Day on

From the same place, I also bought Chicco cleansing wipes. I had an order issue if you are following me on Insta. Anyway it costs INR 169 for 72 wipes. It is pricey but each wipe is sufficient for the face, neck and hands. Pretty big size! Also it is alcohol-free, soap-free and is moisturizing. Baby products are the safest products for skincare. I bought this when I saw Haul video of beauty Youtuber Debasree.

Dry lips mean lip balm. Somehow, my herbal lip balms weren’t working that much. I was reapplying them within half an hour. I had used Neutrogena lip balm earlier and I swear by it. So I picked it up too from for INR 149 for 4g product. This is the best lip balm I had ever used having SPF. You need a layer only and your lips get moisturized for a long time.

After reading the ill-effects of using nylon loofah, I bought a cotton-bamboo fiber based loofah from Audrey’s. This is the first time I am using this kind .For 195 bucks, I paid only 117 INR on It feels soft against the skin, and takes away the dry skin without irritating or damaging it.

The site was running this offer of giving free sample size of 50 ml Avene gentle milk cleanser on any purchase of Avene product, so I grabbed this offer when I bought Avene thermal spring water in 50ml.It cost me 600 bucks. This is good for travel purpose, as for home, I have 2 big bottles in 300ml. I suffer from sensitive atopic skin, so needed to try this cleanser. Yet to test it.

From, I stocked on my haircare by buying the Loreal X-tenso shampoo and hair masque in discounted prices. I am telling you, I am hoarder during the sales. 😛 Shampoo costs 575, but I paid 479 for 230 ml. Same for the masque, I paid 574 only after getting discount on 675 INR for 200 ml. I need these for my smoothened hair. They keep my hair soft, frizz-free  and removes mild-dandruff .In the same range I bought the serum at full price of 600 bucks for 50 ml from nearby store.

I managed to lay my hands on the much raved about Loreal Paris La palette nude eyeshadow palette in Rose. On V-day, various sites were running 50% off on selected products for 14 min.  :-\  I grabbed this for 700 only after discount on 1400 MRP on The color pay-off is okay, as in you have to build it up on your lids. Definitely requires a primer/white shadow as base.Here’s the link.
L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude, Rose, 7g

Also, bought Lakme white radiance compact powder in Golden medium at a discount. I paid 180 bucks against 210.This was at Myntra app. This is good for normal to combination skin.

I will be posting soon a clothing haul.Do lookout for it. 🙂  

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December Haul


No! Don’t think that I shop every month.I do think twice before spending my hard earned money.Also! you will see that I shop whenever there are deals going on. 😀 I bought my essentials,some makeup products to test and 2 novels which I was waiting to go on sale. 😛 Most of the products were bought on sale so I am not mentioning the prices I paid ,as by the time,you will check the links,maybe the prices may have changed. :-\

Last week Flipkart was running 3 day shopping festival,so I stocked up on my makeup remover cotton pads from Tulips 1+1 offer,which always go out of stock usually.Couldn’t leave this chance. 😛

From Amazon India,I bought –

  1. Reckless by Tilly Bagshawe(Sidney Sheldon novel)
  2. Five little pigs by Agatha Christie
  3. Nivea men after shave balm for sensitive skin.Yep!I am testing this out as I heard great things that its a good primer.
  4. Vega cotton makeup remover pads 1+1 offer
  5. Real techniques starter kit ( My first real techniques brush set. 🙂 )

Check the links below for current prices.

Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm – 100 ml


Agatha Christie – Five Little Pigs

Vega Cotton Pad (Pack of 50)

real Techniques Starter Set

In the search for nude lipcolors,I shopped for so many lipsticks.From Instagram,I bought 2 Miss Claire lip creams-13 & 16 from fashionstorm321.I paid 190+190+50(shipping).Amazing collection of makeup products with them.Finally I got my nude lip shade in 16.Shade 13 is dark pink for me.

Also I bought from another Instagram account wearourmakeup .It was a Me-on matte lippencil in shade 12.This turns out lavender shade on me.I paid 220 for this for which shipping is 100 bucks inclusive.

From Impressions,Karol Bagh,I bought Miss Claire lip cream in shade 17A,peachy pink on me for INR 150,Valkyries lippencil in shade 05 which is a bright red color for INR 450 and a gloss cum matte lipcolor by Glam’s secret in 202 shade for INR 200.It is pinkish purplish in color.I also bought a eyebrow pencil which has a brown pencil,brown puff and a mascara for those fleek eyebrows.It is by Mistine called 3D brows secret.It cost me INR 250. (Not sure though. )

From Snapdeal,I got myself shea shower cream from The Body Shop at an amazing discount price.

From NewU site,I got the BB cream from Spawake.I want to test it myself as I have heard great accolades for this BB cream.It is in shade Natural glow.

I will be doing a detailed review on the lipsticks and the BB cream so stay tuned  🙂 If you are craving for the same items I bought,do get them while they last.


PS:Affiliate links for Amazon India.

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Till the next year,Bye,Happy Holidays,Hope to see you in next year 🙂 :-*


Skincare & Makeup haul


I usually don’t write about hauls as I shop in bits and pieces.But this time,a fellow blogger requested me to do a haul post and coincidently, I had shopped a lot in October(GOSF 2015)  and November.

I had shopped practically from all the leading online sites like Amazon,Flipkart and Jabong.Also,I collaborated with Pure Suds,who specialises in handmade organic skincare .Currently they are offering winter discount of 30% on all their products.So don’t wait!!!I did buy some stuffs from local area.

From Flipkart,I bought a bronzer from Freedom makeup.It retails for INR 450,but I stole it for INR 290. :-P. It is actually a compact powder,but having a shade of a bronzer.Also it has fine shimmer in it,so perfect for bronzing.Who would want shiny compact powder in their kitty? 😛



From Jabong,I bought a huge tub of aloe vera gel (500g)as my Patanjali aloe vera gel was getting finished.Also I wanted to try some other brand.I had 336 Jabong credits which were expiring by October end so perfect timing to splurge.It retails for INR 321 and total cost was 421 after adding handling charges,so I used my credits and paid INR 85 only. 😀 We girls love deals. 😛 Also,I treated myself to a brown kohl from MUA called Malt choclate,which has fine glitter particles which don’t show much.It costs for INR 300 but I got it for INR 166.



I got my first professional brush set from BS-MALL and Real techniques miracle sponge from These are my prized possessions. 😛 The brush set costs INR 1390 for 5 face and 5 eye brushes,but I got the deal for INR 1000. Also I got a free leather pouch for the brushes.The Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge retails for INR 720 including shipping.The price keeps on changing depending on sellers.Guess,how much I paid? INR 455. 😛

Around Diwali,I bought a mason jar candle of INR 85,though its MRP is INR 250,having sandalwood scent,but unluckily there’s no scent on burning. 😦 Nonetheless,it looks beautiful when lit.The candle was purchased from SRS .Also,I visited the art and crafts fair Shilpotsav,held in my city,around Diwali and I came home with this cute little drawer box,which is apt for storing daily wear baubles or small makeup items.Lot of bargaining was done for this purple glittery box.Finally it ended on INR 300.

Lastly,I spent on organic skincare from Pure suds.You can find them on facebook.I was sent 2 full size samples to try if I purchased some products from their range.I got the Body butter – 899/ and Mango lip butter- 150/- . Full size sample: 1) face gel pack lavender chamomile 2) hand and foot scrub.All these were sent in cutesy boxes with ribbons.

I will do a review post on the eyeliner ,bronzer and pure suds haul soon.Hope you liked my haul post.Do share whether you want me to do such posts more. 🙂

Till the next time,byee,take care,keep on splurging. 😉

Mua Makeup Academy Bright Orange Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil review

Hi beautiful ladies!

Its midweek and I know,you are eagerly waiting for the week to end.Midweek is the worst.It is the most hectic day but also brings relief with the idea of remaining 2 days for the week to end. 😛

I thought,”How about I write a review which would brighten you up? ” (Metaphorically speaking)

I am going to review a lovely and cheery color from the MUA eyeliner pencil range.I had bought this baby 2 weeks back and am in love with it.I got so many compliments in my office. 🙂

I am referring to the Bright orange colour eyeliner pencil.It is the perfect orange which would not look horrible but at the same time,will complement Indian skintones from fair to medium.

Price: INR 700 for 2g but I got it for 150 INR from were offering heavy discounts.  😛

Availibility: Easily available online on any shopping site in India or nearby store if abroad.

Texture: Creamy and smooth.Gives matte finish on application. Doesn’t tug on the eyelids. 

Ingredients:Carnauba Wax, BeesWax, Ceresin, Cocoa Butter, Isopropyl Myristate, Diethylhexylcyclohexane, Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Butylparaben, BHT, May Contain: CI 77019 Mica, CI 77492 Iron Oxides Yellow, CI 77491 Iron Oxide Red, CI 77499 Iron Oxides Black, CI 77891 Titanium Dioxide, CI 77007 Ultramarines, CI 77742 Manganese Violet, CI 77510 Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, CI 15850 D&C Red No. 6 Disodium Salt, CI 19140:1 FD&C Yellow No. 5 Aluminum Lake, CI 42090:2 FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake.

Staying power:8 hours atleast. I have attached picture below.I took it after 8 hours ,that too on a humid day.It doesn’t smudge,so yay from my side.

Packaging: It’s a classy orange coloured pencil with a plastic cap-cum- sharpener.On it,are embossed in silver the shade name and the brand.

Rating: 4.5/5 because of its cost.You should buy it through discounts only.

IMG_20150619_184449_HDR IMG_20150619_184418_HDR IMG_20150619_184313

Blue Heaven Expression lipsticks review


The heat in Delhi is getting unbearable,specially when it becomes the humid kind. :-\ I am eagerly waiting for the monsoons.I came back from my office bearing this furnace environment.Yes! In India,we don’t have everything centrally air conditioned.I travel by public transport-the bus(usually I prefer the AC one) and a shared auto,where the driver crams up to 8 people in a seating area of 6.I drive occasionally. 😦

But my mood got uplifted when I got all my parcels today from Flipkart and had ordered 3 lipsticks from Blue Heaven brand having shades from the red and maroon family.I love these shades and they complement my skin.

Price: INR 105 for 4g which I find reasonable for the quality and quantity.

Availability: Easily available in the drug stores and online.Yes! Internationally also.I did see them on

Texture: It’s neither matte nor glossy.Glides easily on the lips.When I first applied it,I found it less smooth.But later,it was easy to apply.

Packaging: Comes in a paper box.The lipstick packaging is sassy.It is golden plastic and sturdy to carry around in your purse.

My views:I bought 3 shades namely Cherry red which is dark red with pinkish undertones but its lipstick bullet looks bright red(R002),mocha magic which is wine coloured lipstick(M020) and iced cocoa which is lighter version of M020 or lavender coloured lipstick(CB028).I found minute shimmers in mocha magic and iced cocoa but they didn’t appear loud on the lips. If you are on the budget,go for this.For the money you will pay,this is worth it.It keeps the lips moisturized and has a sheen to it.Color payoff is good.Stays on the lips for 4-5 hours and leaves a beautiful tint on the lips.It is budgety and travel friendly.Also,they have many shades.
For removing the lipsticks,I first used a dry cotton and it easily took most of the color away in 1-2 swipes.That means,you can easily remove them with a remover in one swipe only.

IMG_20150619_185527 IMG_20150619_185615 IMG_20150619_185824 IMG_20150619_190527

Cherry red


Mocha magic


Iced cocoa


From the left:Iced cocoa,Mocha magic and cherry red without flash


With flash


Huge Haul-Khadi and various websites

Heya beauties!

Sorry for being so inactive on my blog,but if you are following me on instagram,you may have seen that I got smoothening done on my hair and also was spending my vacation in Kashmir.Infact,even there,I couldn’t stop myself from buying beauty products. 😛 May month has been my bank emptying month. 😀 I splurged a lot on skincare,makeup and lots more.So today I will be posting about the haul which is so much responsible for stealing my money. 😛 I went to Khadi,a Govt. owned herbal and handicrafts store.I went there keeping in mind for replenishing my stock of Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder for my DIY shampoo,but ended up buying more than that.


What I bought:-

  1. Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder-Each costs for 40-50 INR for 200g.Yes! it’s cheaper than the Amazon Khadi powders which I had bought earlier.Also,the quantity offered is more in the store.
  2. Facial cleanser or Ubtan- INR 120 for 100g.I always wanted to try Ubtan.Will review it.
  3. Facial scrub-INR 80 for 100ml. It is good for pore cleansing.Will review it.
  4. Skincare oil- INR 259 for 50 ml. It is like a serum with essential skincare oils.I use it in my night-time skincare routine.I will review it.

All of the products mentioned are herbal and infact Khadi claims that there might be discolouration in them with time,which proves the authenticity.There might be some preservatives in the liquid or gel versions of Khadi products but of minimal quantity. Apart from this,I bought some products online from Flipkart,amazon,Nykaa and Purplle sites.These sites were offering discounts and free shipping.

IMG_20150509_113453 IMG_20150509_113510 IMG_20150509_113524 IMG_20150509_113549

What I bought:-

  1. Citronella oil for my diffuser from Breathe aromatherapy- 50ml in INR 299. It is best when it comes to effect and fragrance.
  2. Aroma Magic aromatic skin toner- Suggested by my parlour. INR 170 for 200 ml. Will review it also.
  3. Kudos color expert cake eyeliner-This brand deals with herbal products and is new in the market. It offers 4 colors-black,brown,blue and green in a small compact style box,without any mirror. 😦 Will review it soon. 16g in INR 410
  4. Bliss T-light candles for my diffuser- I love fragrances in my room. 50 pieces in INR 199
  5. Avera 50 round cotton pads- INR 155 for 50 pieces
  6. Lakme eyeconic kajal in blue & green-Best long lasting kajals at affordable prices. I got it for 200 INR each 

I prefer buying online because you get so many discounts.Do keep it mind that overall cost of the product should be less inclusive of delivery charge if it’s there.Otherwise,what’s the point of buying online. 😉 Hope you liked my haul post.

Till the next post,cya.. :-*

Sarojini Nagar Haul


Wassup ladies? 😉 Shopping time!!!!

With my close friend,I ventured into the most wanted shopping place where you get the latest fashion at dirt cheap price.Basically,all the items are export surplus or rejects from factories of high end brands.
Don’t worry,the rejected are not something you will throwaway.Its almost like,the size S will fit a M person or one of the buttons is of different color and so on.Thats something we can easily work on right. 😉
I went this Sunday in the early hours and will share how you can be a pro in Sarojini Nagar comfortably.

1. Reach there by 11.The early hours are good for summers as there’s less heat and also you get Boney deals i.e. first sale of the shop,which usually is cheaper price for the customer to pay.
2. Start your bargaining from 100 bucks.You can easily get high end stuff for this cheap price.
3. Carry your big bag so that you don’t end up carrying lots of plastic bags which they give, that might cut your finger or make it cumbersome for you.
4. Water bottle and a scarf is a must.You can rock a hat too.Sun will hit you no matter what. 😦 so keep yourself hydrated.
5. If you don’t get the item at your price,walk away.Mostly the shopowner will call you back at your price but if he doesn’t,its fine as the entire market is flooded with alternatives and same fashion maybe.
6. Try to go with someone or in a group as that will help you in overpowering the shopowner and grabbing the discounts. *wicked * :- P

Now,my turn to show you what I got.I buy on need basis and restrain myself from splurging too much.


150 bucks,Denim shirt with flower patterns


150 bucks,cotton glittery top in olive green


100 bucks,cotton pajamas


150 bucks,rounded cat eye shades in brown

Till the next time,cya…XOXO :-*

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