Eau thermale Avene cold cream lip cream review


Being eczema-prone and having sensitive skin,I always stock up on my skincare so that when the time comes,I am battle ready .

Last year,I splurged on Avene products suited to my skin type,and bought this lip cream in that haul. I started using this lip cream since Jan 2016.

Avene has gained reputation in the dermatology area as it makes premium skincare for sensitive,acne-prone and atopic skin.It is a France-based company whose trademark product Avene thermal spring water garnered so many fans,me being one of them.

Recently,I am suffering from extremely dry lips and itchy lip corners due to matte lipsticks I was wearing daily.None of the usual lip balms I had been using were able to moisturise it for a long time.So I opened up this tube and saw its goodness from the first usage.


Availability: It is available only online as far I know. In India,it is very costly due to import costs,so I got my tube from UAE.
Here are the links:
Amazon.in-Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream

Ebay-Avene cold cream lip cream

Rediff-Avene cold cream lip cream

Price and quantity: INR 1281 according to Amazon.in as I trust it shows the genuine MRP for India.(I am not biased,if you are thinking that way. )The tube has 15 ml product,which according to me is very less for the price offered.If someone has dry lips,they will apply this many times ,so this will get finished very easily. 😦 I usually prefer budget lip balms for this reason.
If you have someone living abroad,tell them to buy it for you.

Ingredients: Long list so attached the picture . 😛

Packaging: Comes in a white cardboard box bearing the usual instructions,price,quantity and ingredients. Mind you! Most of it is written in French.The lip cream comes in white tube,like the Himalaya lip balm.You have to squeeze it for the product to come out.During harsh winters,the lip cream refused to come out,which I found time consuming.

Texture and fragrance: Looks exactly like petroleum jelly and smells like it too.It is thicker than other lip balms as during summers,it doesn’t go runny like Vaseline .Also it thickens more in winters.

Description and when to use:


My views:I will jot it down in short as its just a lip balm. 😛

-Moisturises the lips for a long time (6-7 hours without heavy meals and 4+ hours with meals and drinking.)

-Thicker consistency so will stay on your lips more.

-Very small size and sturdy packaging-travel friendly.

-Glides on the lips easily.

-Expensive for the quantity.

-Thicker consistency means it doesn’t come out of the tube easily.

-Available only online.

Will I recommend? Yes! For sensitive skin people only as we have very less options in India.I guess beauty comes at a price.I would rate it 4/5.Packaging can be improved.

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Santhoos handcrafted soaps lip balm review


Well today’s post is actually a late night entry to my blog as I have been busy doing my household chores. 😛 Anyway,I will be reviewing a lip balm which is completely organic.Yes! you heard me right.It doesn’t have even the minutest of chemicals in it.

About the brand: Santhoos handcrafted soaps is owned by Smitha Jacob who specialises in making soaps,lip balms, body butters etc. using ingredients devoid of chemicals or preservatives.So she handles the products in small batches only for preserving purposes.They also take custom orders based on ingredients you like.

Availability: They ship all over India.Regarding other countries,I will let you know after confirming.They take orders through phone and their facebook page.You can also contact them on their email.Contact details:

  • Email : santhooscollections@gmail.com.
  • Whatsapp or Call : 9845276751

Ingredients: Since it was a custom order,I requested for a lip balm which didn’t have cocoa butter or olive oil as I am allergic to them.So I was suggested a coconut oil lip balm,perfect for winters.It has coconut oil( obviously 😛 ),Vitamin E and Honey.

  • Coconut Oil moisturises and also provides a coating to skin.
  • Honey holds the water content.
  • Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and protects the skin cells.

This is a winter lip balm only,as it is prone to melting in summers.I am okay with this as I will finish it before then. (I am a lipbalm addict. 😀 )

Price and quantity: Different ingredient lip balm costs differently.Mine costs INR 300 for 30g plus 100 bucks more for shipping.My lipbalms came in 2 tubs,each containing 15g.

Their lipbalms have 3 size options-10g,20g and 30g.Santhoos recommends 20g is sufficient for most people.Shipping charges are extra.Payment is through bank transfer only.

Texture and color: Natural,Off-white shade,smooth and spreads on the lips easily.There is no artificial coloring.

Fragrance: No fragrance at all.

Packaging:Simple small plastic tub with clasp-type opening.The label is affixed on the top.Very sturdy packaging,but is not leak proof in my case as my lipbalm will melt if kept till summers.

My views: I love this lipbalm a lot. That explains it,no?

It glides easily on the lips,no tugging required.You just have to swirl your finger in the tub.It gives a natural sheen to the lips and acts as a natural gloss.Also,it keeps me moisturised for 5-6 hours with only drinking or snacking.Heavy meals may require reapplication.Small size is good for travel so it stays with me wherever I go.

Best part is that it is completely organic  and you can get it customized!!! 🙂

Hope to see you all in my next post,till then bye,take care :-*

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Skincare & Makeup haul


I usually don’t write about hauls as I shop in bits and pieces.But this time,a fellow blogger requested me to do a haul post and coincidently, I had shopped a lot in October(GOSF 2015)  and November.

I had shopped practically from all the leading online sites like Amazon,Flipkart and Jabong.Also,I collaborated with Pure Suds,who specialises in handmade organic skincare .Currently they are offering winter discount of 30% on all their products.So don’t wait!!!I did buy some stuffs from local area.

From Flipkart,I bought a bronzer from Freedom makeup.It retails for INR 450,but I stole it for INR 290. :-P. It is actually a compact powder,but having a shade of a bronzer.Also it has fine shimmer in it,so perfect for bronzing.Who would want shiny compact powder in their kitty? 😛



From Jabong,I bought a huge tub of aloe vera gel (500g)as my Patanjali aloe vera gel was getting finished.Also I wanted to try some other brand.I had 336 Jabong credits which were expiring by October end so perfect timing to splurge.It retails for INR 321 and total cost was 421 after adding handling charges,so I used my credits and paid INR 85 only. 😀 We girls love deals. 😛 Also,I treated myself to a brown kohl from MUA called Malt choclate,which has fine glitter particles which don’t show much.It costs for INR 300 but I got it for INR 166.



I got my first professional brush set from BS-MALL and Real techniques miracle sponge from Amazon.in. These are my prized possessions. 😛 The brush set costs INR 1390 for 5 face and 5 eye brushes,but I got the deal for INR 1000. Also I got a free leather pouch for the brushes.The Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge retails for INR 720 including shipping.The price keeps on changing depending on sellers.Guess,how much I paid? INR 455. 😛

Around Diwali,I bought a mason jar candle of INR 85,though its MRP is INR 250,having sandalwood scent,but unluckily there’s no scent on burning. 😦 Nonetheless,it looks beautiful when lit.The candle was purchased from SRS .Also,I visited the art and crafts fair Shilpotsav,held in my city,around Diwali and I came home with this cute little drawer box,which is apt for storing daily wear baubles or small makeup items.Lot of bargaining was done for this purple glittery box.Finally it ended on INR 300.

Lastly,I spent on organic skincare from Pure suds.You can find them on facebook.I was sent 2 full size samples to try if I purchased some products from their range.I got the Body butter – 899/ and Mango lip butter- 150/- . Full size sample: 1) face gel pack lavender chamomile 2) hand and foot scrub.All these were sent in cutesy boxes with ribbons.

I will do a review post on the eyeliner ,bronzer and pure suds haul soon.Hope you liked my haul post.Do share whether you want me to do such posts more. 🙂

Till the next time,byee,take care,keep on splurging. 😉

My current skincare routine-Sensitive combination skin (Summer time)

Heya beautiful ladies!!!

By this time you must have noticed that I am a weekend person,when it comes to posting anything.Weekdays are the most hectic part of my life,so it is quite tough to write anything during that time.Now,you must be thinking,”She should get a life.Who sits at home during weekends?” 😛 Well! I usually prefer my weekends at home,as in India,you don’t want to venture out in the heat and also,I am quite a lazy person. 😀

Anyway,today my post is about the skincare I am following currently.As of now,my skin is having small dry patches on the cheeks and an oily T-zone.Firstly,I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis so this skincare routine is different.So,I will include details regarding  minimal to no make-up skin only.

I would like to say that till date,I haven’t found a single product which controls my T-zone but doesn’t strip moisture from my dry cheeks. 😦 so I have to use more products. Infact,this is not wrong.You are using the products which suit your type.But,if anyone knows of an item,please….. please let me know of it,as I am getting tired in searching for that One product for my entire face.

IMG_20150502_125731 IMG_20150502_114836-001

In the morning,I wash my face with lukewarm water.This opens up the pores.I apply Aroma magic aloe vera cleanser on my cheeks,neck  and chin and massage it gently.On my T-zone,I apply the Aroma treasures aloe vera face wash. This removes the excess oil and controls the shine for sometime.I wash everything off with cold water.I prefer using these 2 as they are mild cleansers and in the morning,you don’t want excessive cleaning of the face.After that I apply my Fabindia tea tree oil toner with a cotton ball, on my T-zone mainly.This controls the oil and prevents acne.I wait for a minute ,then apply aloe vera gel on my face and neck.During summers,no moisturiser works for me so I prefer aloe vera gel,which soothes the skin,prevents infections,nourishes the skin and is good for my eczematic skin.On my dry patches,I apply a little amount of aloe vera cold cream.A  little goes a long way when it comes to applying it,as it is effective in moistening the patches. Then I go for my Lotus Herbals sunscreen matte gel SPF 50.This is my go to sunscreen.It is my favourite because it actually mattifies the skin,sweat proof ,doesn’t make a whitish cast on face and also non-clogging.I apply just a coloured liner on my upper lids and a coloured lip balm.On my T-zone,I use compact powder and then I am out for the day.

In the night,first,I take a cotton ball,put 1-2 drops of coconut oil on it,and gently wipe my liner off.Coconut oil is an excellent make-up remover.Try it.Then,after washing with lukewarm water,I use the Clean & clear Blackhead clearing face wash on my T-zone,since this actually removes the blackheads,cleans the dirt and removes the oil.For my other parts,I use the Episoft cleanser.This cleanses the skin without irritating it.After washing everything off with cold water,I use the toner and aloe vera gel.Then the cold cream for my dry patches.I literally slather my lips with Maybelline Electropop tangy and fierce.This is my love.Keeps my lips soft for the entire night.

Once a week,I use the Ozone skin awakening scrub.If I am tanned,then I follow it with Just herbs almond complexion pack,which removes the tan and is good in oil-control.But I don’t use it often as it dries out my skin too much.Also,most days when I am too tired to use different cleansers for my skin,I use my DIY face cleanser.Does the job well.

Most of the products I have already reviewed  or explained earlier.But ,if you want,I can review the other products.Let me know of it in the comment box below.Also,all the products are available on major shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart etc,specially for people residing outside India.

If your skin type is like mine,you can try this.Till the next time,Byeee… XOXO :-*

PS: I am an avid believer in the goodness of Aloe vera,so I can’t live without it.It worked for me during my eczema flare-up in the winters. :-\

Nykaa & Jabong Haul

Heya ladies!

How are you all doing? 😉 I hope you are having a great day,but if you are not,then go for binge shopping. 😛 Shopping is a stress buster.

Whenever,a special day arrives,like the recent Women’s day,I get ready to splurge on amazing deals online.I am a hardcore feminist and I believe Women’s day should not be a one-day affair.Rather,every woman should live her life like it’s a Women’s day everyday. 🙂

I stocked up on my essentials and also bought some new items to try.Among my essentials,I bought Episoft cleanser ( Check out it’s review here) and Aroma Magic china rose anti-dandruff shampoo.I have to review the shampoo as I am on it’s 2nd bottle.

The things I bought for trying are Maybelline electropop Fierce n Tangy(I know I am bit late 😦 ),Aroma treasures Aloe vera facewash,Aroma treasures Tea tree oil and 2 eyeshadow palettes from Nicka K New York.The last two are from Jabong.Jabong is giving 50% discounts so I got these for an amazing price.

I have got the herbal bug so I am trying every herbal brand out there. Infact,I am an eyeshadow freak also.I keep piling up eyeshadows,not knowing when to use them. 😀

I will do a detailed review on the above leaving out the lipbalm.Everyone has done it already. 😦

IMG_20150316_202020 IMG_20150315_115237 IMG_20150318_200352

That’s all in my haul.Take care,byee :-* XOXO

Lakme lip love care-Strawberry


I am an avid fan of lip balms,be it tinted or non-tinted.I keep hoarding them inspite of knowing that it costs me money and I have to finish it.😜
Recently we all had GOSF going on,so there I was ,deciding what to buy and my eyes fell on this cute pink lip balm.I wanted a pink tinted lip balm,since it looks more natural on me and yess!I wanted to splurge.
Lakme has released these balms for the first time,so my curiosity took the best of me,and I clicked on BUY NOW.😁There are four variants but I don’t remember now.
Ingredients-Not mentioned :|Well,Lakme never mentioned though.
Price-200 INR i.e. approx 3$
Availibility-Since its new,only online you can find it,I bought it from Amazon.in.Free shipping though.
Staying power-On my dry lips,it stayed for 3 hours.It might stay more on normal lips.
Packaging-Came in a paper like covering.Sturdy cap and fitting.Plastic packaging entirely but looks cute.Handbag-friendly.😜
Thoughts-It gives a very light pink tint on the first swipe.On two swipes,the color shows more.Even after having meals,my lips were moisturized,though the tint lightened up a bit.It doesn’t give waxy appearance.I thought it might taste strawberry,but nope.It has balmy core which gives the moisture effect.I tried applying with only the color side.Tint appeared more,like a lipstick.But it too felt like lip balm.It has SPF so a boon for us.
Women having extremely chapped or dry lips should stay away.The lip balm will appear blotchy on you.
I would give 4/5 for this balm,because of its tint ,SPF and price.





One swipe


3 Swipes

Lotus Herbals Vanilla Lip therapy Review

Okay it’s a lip balm,but it’s classy to synomise it . OMG,is that actually a word,or did I use it as a verb. ? 😛 😀

Packaging: Slim plastic tube with twist up application.

Price: 135 INR

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Kokum Butter & respective Fruit extracts

Smell: Vanilla but not overpowering

Availability: Easily 

Thoughts: It works well for the entire day if you have normal lips and is good as a balm. SPF is a bonus.It actually relieves chapped lips and remains for 3-4 hours on dry lips.If you are looking for a tint,stay away from this balm.This balm has really made my lips soft and smooth.

One problem I faced is that when I apply it,it gives a waxy whitish appearance,but after sometime or if i rub my lips together,it vanishes.

It claims to be herbal so good for the skin.Also,slim package means fits in your jeans,which girls like me prefer,who don’t like carrying handbags sometimes. 😛 

Would I recommend? Yess. 🙂 It’s a budget lip balm which actually works.Also comes in many flavours,so go for your favourite.IMG_20141111_222757 IMG_20141111_222821 IMG_20141111_222821 IMG_20141111_222836 IMG_20141111_222904