Things You Should Know When Reading a Cosmetic Label


Deciding on a cosmetic product that will actually work for your beauty routine is not as easy as it seems – there are so many things you need to take care of before purchasing. It is not just about the beautiful packaging or its wonderful scent – an ingredient list should be your top priority. If you are not quite sure how to read it properly, stay with us. Here are four crucial things you should know when reading a cosmetic label.

Read the label from top to bottom

The first thing you should do before making a final decision is reading the label carefully – from top to bottom, not vice versa. This is essential since ingredients are listed in proportional order – highest quantities are always at the top of the list. Check out the first half of it and see if there are some ingredients you don’t like – if that is so, you may want to leave such product on the shelf. This is particularly important since our skin absorbs around 60% of what we apply to it directly into the bloodstream. That sounds really scary, right?

Is ‘organic’ really organic?


                                                                                Image source: Flickr

Since there are no laws that regulate ingredients used for the production of organic cosmetic products, you can never be sure whether it is really organic or not. The sad truth is that a company can label their product like that even if it consists of only 1% organic ingredients, which is truly devastating. However, there are certain certification bodies, such as COSMOS, that attempt to establish standards for such cosmetic products all over the globe. In order to get their certification, a brand needs to meet a strict set of standards in order to be recognized as organic. Just make sure that you always go shopping well-prepared – knowledge about specific items will help you choose an appropriate health-friendly product for yourself.

Know your irritants

Knowing about the ingredients that tend to be most irritating is of utmost importance, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Artificially added fragrances are irritants that can make your skin condition even worse, as well as preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol, a compound that retards the formation of bacterial growth. Brands such as Cosmedix have come up with preservative-free products that don’t put you at risk of absorbing those deep into your skin. Parabens also belong to this category, and they are added to cosmetic products to extend their shelf life and stop fungus and other microbes from growing in them. These can actually mimic estrogen and even cause breast tumor cells to grow, so make sure that you have read the label thoroughly before buying in order to avoid these.


                                                                                Image source:Flickr

Know how to decode expiration date

Decoding an expiration date of a product you are about to purchase is very important, and you should pay extra attention to particular symbols that can be seen on the label. The one with a floating lid jar, with a number and an ‘M’ will tell you the truth. For example, if it says 12M, you are allowed to use the product for 12 months after opening. Blushes, eye shadows, and moisturizers and last up to two years, whereas lipsticks, brow pencils, and eyeliners are appropriate for everyday use for only one year after you open them. When the time is up, you should better throw them away – you don’t want that bad product to go directly into your bloodstream, right?

As you can see, seeking an appropriate cosmetic product is definitely not as easy as it seems – there are so many things you need to know before purchasing. Unfortunately, a wide range of harmful chemicals are a part of formula when it comes to a lot of products, which is why you need to pay extra attention to their labels. Be informed and know exactly what you want – this is the only way to do it right!

About the author: Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.You can look her up @ZaraELewis on twitter.


Huge haul-Makeup,skincare & haircare


I am going to travel in April, so I thought of buying all the essentials and stocking travel sizes of the things I use. Also, I wanted to test some new items (blogger tendencies :-P), so shopped online from Amazon, Instagram, Nykaa, Myntra & Purplle. I will post the links and where to buy them too, but the prices shown will be current. No guarantee of any running discounts. 😦 Sorry.Also,I think only Amazon will benefit you if you are staying abroad India,as other sites don’t deliver there.

Many bloggers gave thumbs up to Incolor Matte Me lipsticks, which are affordable matte lipsticks. You know the craze, right? I bought only 1 shade, as I wanted something in deep blood red color. The shade no. is 402.I haven’t tried it yet as I am suffering from dry lips due to continuous use of matte lip creams. Does anyone of you suffer from this? Do let me know what to do. 😦 I bought this from an Instagram account The_makeup_and_jewellery_shop, which offers the lowest shipping cost. COD is available in Kolkata only. I keep browsing through various accounts till I find the lowest shipping price.(Saving is my forte 😉 )I paid 250+50 shipping for this through bank transfer.

I also bought Maybelline colorshow matte lipstick in Mysterious Mocha M304.It is nude lipstick as in brown lipstick with pink undertones. More of a Kylie Jenner lip shade. This lipstick is drying on the lips, more than the Miss Claire ones. I will post a detailed review on this. I paid INR 276 after discount on 325. Sales were amazing around the Valentine’s Day on

From the same place, I also bought Chicco cleansing wipes. I had an order issue if you are following me on Insta. Anyway it costs INR 169 for 72 wipes. It is pricey but each wipe is sufficient for the face, neck and hands. Pretty big size! Also it is alcohol-free, soap-free and is moisturizing. Baby products are the safest products for skincare. I bought this when I saw Haul video of beauty Youtuber Debasree.

Dry lips mean lip balm. Somehow, my herbal lip balms weren’t working that much. I was reapplying them within half an hour. I had used Neutrogena lip balm earlier and I swear by it. So I picked it up too from for INR 149 for 4g product. This is the best lip balm I had ever used having SPF. You need a layer only and your lips get moisturized for a long time.

After reading the ill-effects of using nylon loofah, I bought a cotton-bamboo fiber based loofah from Audrey’s. This is the first time I am using this kind .For 195 bucks, I paid only 117 INR on It feels soft against the skin, and takes away the dry skin without irritating or damaging it.

The site was running this offer of giving free sample size of 50 ml Avene gentle milk cleanser on any purchase of Avene product, so I grabbed this offer when I bought Avene thermal spring water in 50ml.It cost me 600 bucks. This is good for travel purpose, as for home, I have 2 big bottles in 300ml. I suffer from sensitive atopic skin, so needed to try this cleanser. Yet to test it.

From, I stocked on my haircare by buying the Loreal X-tenso shampoo and hair masque in discounted prices. I am telling you, I am hoarder during the sales. 😛 Shampoo costs 575, but I paid 479 for 230 ml. Same for the masque, I paid 574 only after getting discount on 675 INR for 200 ml. I need these for my smoothened hair. They keep my hair soft, frizz-free  and removes mild-dandruff .In the same range I bought the serum at full price of 600 bucks for 50 ml from nearby store.

I managed to lay my hands on the much raved about Loreal Paris La palette nude eyeshadow palette in Rose. On V-day, various sites were running 50% off on selected products for 14 min.  :-\  I grabbed this for 700 only after discount on 1400 MRP on The color pay-off is okay, as in you have to build it up on your lids. Definitely requires a primer/white shadow as base.Here’s the link.
L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude, Rose, 7g

Also, bought Lakme white radiance compact powder in Golden medium at a discount. I paid 180 bucks against 210.This was at Myntra app. This is good for normal to combination skin.

I will be posting soon a clothing haul.Do lookout for it. 🙂  

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Cleaning make up brushes and sponges

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Day of Love is here!So firstly,a very Happy Valentine’s day to you.Thank you so much for showing your support and loving my posts.I love all of you.You are so much important to me. 🙂 This blog wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We love make up,don’t we? We use our hands,Q-tips and obviously,make up brushes and sponges to achieve that flawless airbrushed look.But using the same tool for daily use will get it dirty and germ-prone.

Make up brushes and sponges help in spreading the product on your face more effectively,but also collect facial oils overtime,which make it prone to dirt and germs.Imagine you are using these on your face daily!!! :-O Your skin gets these acne and rashes due to this.

My skin is extremely sensitive. Even though I apply make up only for parties and occasions, yet I wash them after every use. So my method of washing will be bit different and is suitable for someone who uses make up occasionally or does light make up on a daily basis. So let’s begin.

  1. Take some lukewarm water in a mug and add baby shampoo or face wash to it.The water should become lathery. The baby shampoo or face wash is gentle for the brush hairs so is recommended. Lukewarm water cleans the brushes, the best.
  2. Place the brushes in the mug in such a way that only the hairs get dipped, not the hair-handle junction/entire brush. Water shouldn’t get inside the brush or else the glue holding the hairs will get soluble and the hairs will fall out.Place the sponge also.Now sit and wait for a minute or two.
  3. Take the brushes one by one and swirl them in your hand.You will see the color running off.In the case of sponge ,press and release it repeatedly. Place them again in the water and do this step again till you see the color has gone.
  4. Empty the mug and take normal water.Swirl the brushes inside it till all the color has washed away. Wash the sponge in the running water by pressing and releasing it several times.If you still feel the brushes aren’t clean enough,you need to repeat the step 3 more than twice.This will come with usage as you will get to know how much you need.
  5. Keep a towel ready .Spread it out on a slanting surface and keep the brushes and sponge on it to dry.The brush hair side should be aligned in the downward side so that remaining water drips down the brush.

If you use make up daily/ do heavy make up,you need to do spot-cleaning first.Take the shampoo or face wash in your hand and swirl the brushes in it.It removes maximum make up from the brushes.Same with the sponge.Then do the steps.

I prefer this method to the various brush cleansers found in the market,as this is cheap and effective the same way as the cleansers do.

makeup brushes clean

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Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave balm as primer!

Hey beautiful!

After coming across many youtubers and bloggers talking about this, I decided, let me share what I feel about this men’s product.

I was on the lookout for a budget primer and I came across reviews of this product. Trust me! I was scared when testing this on my sensitive combination skin. So, let’s move on to how it fared for me.


Price & quantity: INR 235 for 100 ml. I got it from at INR 191. (Discount lover! 😛 ) Compared to other primers, this is cheap and has ample quantity.

Availability: Available in drug stores and also online all over the world.

Ingredients: IMG_20160125_154501_394_opt

Fragrance: ‘Manly’ is the word. Traditional aftershave lotion smell. It vanishes after a minute.

Texture & color: It is runny, white in color. Glides easily on the skin. Takes time to seep into the skin but you can work with your foundation or bb cream after applying it.


Packaging: Comes in a white plastic bottle with labelling and usual instructions. It has a screwed type cap which is sturdy. No leakage so travel friendly.

Description: The extra gentle and alcohol-free formula contains soothing and healing ingredients like Chamomile, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 that help care for sensitive, just shaved skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves it feeling soothed and moisturised.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


How It Works

Redness-free and irritation-free skin that improves over time.

How to use product

Apply liberally on the shaved area and massage into skin.For best results, shave with the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel or Foam.

My views: I had used a BB cream, as its texture is thicker than foundations and can be used to test whether it glides easily or not. Primer is supposed to make a smooth canvas on your face, fill in pores and hold your make-up for longer time.

I apply my primer on moisturised face. At first sight, it made me look oilier. I had used it as I use my moisturiser. Waited for a minute to let it sink in, but it didn’t quite do so. So I went ahead with my BB cream. I blended everything with my fingers and I must say, it does work. The BB cream easily blended on my skin. My face didn’t have the flaky patches. I got the dewy finish which I prefer during winters. You can top it up with compact for matte finish.

What I felt-

  1. Smoothens the skin
  2. Fills in small pores. Don’t know about large ones as I don’t have any.
  3. Moisturises the face as it doesn’t have any alcohol,so no more drying effect.
  4. Provides a cooling effect
  5. Controls oil easily in winters for 4-5 hours for combination skin
  6. Didn’t cause any reaction on my eczema-prone sensitive skin.

Dry skinned beauties may need a moisturiser underneath. Oily skin can skip moisturiser entirely. Girls who have sensitive skin, can try this.For summers, I need to test it, but I guess, compact will be necessary.

Overall verdict: You can buy this! This is cheap, works well and is travel-friendly. It fills the pores to some extent and is good for all skin types.Here’s the link if you don’t find it in Indian drug stores:

Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm – 100 ml

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Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous this Valentine’s Day

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The season of Love is around the corner and what’s best than to post something about it.Here is something for you written by a guest author Margaux Diaz,who will share beauty tips for that special day.Read on to know more. 🙂

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and not only men make a fuss over buying gifts for their mothers, wives and girlfriends, but women are prepping themselves to look lovely and spotless on the special day of hearts. Take these beauty tips on how to look gorgeous this Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day beautiful woman

Choose the best foundation-Foundation plays as the “canvas” of one’s face before the rest of the makeup. It can be liquid or powder. There are three important factors to consider when selecting a foundation 1) type of skin 2) color of skin 3) level of coverage. Oil-free, the matte-finish liquid foundation is best for women with oily and break-out prone skin. However, this type of foundation can be drying to the skin; thus, applying the face with a primer initially is more suitable. There is also long-wearing, the matte-finish liquid foundation that provides a more precise blending and can set for a longer period. A preferred choice for normal to dry skin is a moisturizing liquid foundation. This type of foundation has a thicker texture and mostly come with skin-repairing properties. While pressed powder foundation is easier to blend on the face, they tend to have difficult outcomes. When not applied properly, powder foundation can make the skin look clumpy for oily face, or make the skin dehydrated for the dry face. Stick foundation is a form of cream-to-powder foundation. Meanwhile, sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers are most commonly used to add a touch to a pale skin.

Learn how to choose the best eye cream-The area around the eye is one of the most susceptible regions to ageing. It has probably the thinnest skin, and it is more prone to external damage, from any source like heat, radiation, and chemicals, than any other parts of the body. Dark circles and puffiness can be very disappointing to women especially during special events like Valentine’s Day. This answers the question as to why women are really into investing eye creams. The skin around the eye needs more emollient. Hence, this is how eye cream works. Eye creams heal dry skin and reduce inflammation. Look into the ingredients (that’s the key when choosing the best eye cream!). For the big day, choose the one with sunscreen component (e.g., zinc oxide or titanium oxide), melanin-inhibiting and cellular repairing ingredients. Do not buy eye creams with fragrance formula.

Choose the best lipstick-Of course, you won’t go out with your Valentino without lipstick on, right? When choosing the right lipstick color for you, start with identifying your undertone. A yellow (warm) skin gravitates to warmer colors while cooler (pink) undertones look better with blue and purple lipstick. If still in doubt, stick to olive or fair color tones, says beauty experts. If you have obviously fair skin, deep colors such as red look best on you and stay away from pale ones. For women with darker skin, deeper shades such berries and plum lipstick gives you have a flattering appearance.

Choose the best toner-Facial toner works by removing excess dirt and impurities after a regular facial wash. Use toner weeks before Valentine’s Day and your partner will see the big difference on your skin. Toners are available in a wide range of sorts, so make sure you buy the best and right one for your skin. Choose a facial toner with astringent or alcohol-based for oily skin. This type of facial toner will not only remove the oils that regular washing missed but also tighten pores and help prevent breakouts. If you have an oily T-zone, apply oil-absorbing toners along your forehead, nose, and chin. Meanwhile, for dry skin, stay with toning lotions or hydrating solutions.
Must watch this video: Why Do I need a Toner?


To look good and feel good on Valentine’s Day is more than applying makeup and skin products like Nectifirm and many more available in market. The secrets to the gorgeous skin are good sleep, healthy diet, active lifestyle, exfoliation, and hydration. As they say, beauty is skin deep. Being and becoming beautiful should not only be for a day or a single occasion but a lifetime! Work on it, and you will be surprised how younger you look than your actual age!

valentines day special

Author Bio

Margaux Diaz is Health and Beauty Expert. She has interest in building knowledge and self – confidence  of people who really want to improve their Life by proper Health guide and stay fit for life time.  She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles related to Health and Beauty. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Margaux Diaz

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Top 5 Face Make-up of Year 2015

Hi lovelies!

Now that the year is coming to an end,I want to come up with a list of products which I found to be affordable and actually works for what it is made. 🙂 So without any further delay,let’s get started!

  1. Miss Claire lip creams

This was featured in so many Youtube beauty channels that I had to get it myself.I got shade no. 17A,a beautiful peachy pink. These lip creams are matte finish but doesn’t dry out the lips.Pigmentation is damn good.They are available only in few places,I guess,Khar beauty centre,Mumbai and Impressions,Karol Bagh.Retails for INR 195 but you will get them for a discount in these stores. Online its available on  Paytm,but its triple the original price. :-O I will review them soon.

2. Sivanna colors shimmer highlighters

This is also made famous by many beauty gurus.I am yet to order it .Perfect dupe of Bobbi Brown shimmer brick set.Pigmented and affordable and has many options for you to choose.Good highlighting palette for face and eyes.Retails for INR 400 but usually sites offer discounts continuously. Links are given below if you want to check them out on sites.

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter (HF302-03)

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter (HF302-01)

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter (HF302-06)

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter (HF302-02)

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter (HF302-04)

3. Maybelline New York Nudes, the Nudes Palette

Finally a drugstore brand came up with a nudes eye palette at an affordable price.It is a perfect mixture of shimmer and matte eyeshadows.The 12 shades are enough for any daytime or night look.The eyeshadows are well pigmented and last long.Costs INR 900 .You can buy it from the link given below.

Maybelline New York Nudes, the Nudes Palette 

4. L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder

Loreal introduced this compact powder and to be honest,this is the most affordable compact powder when it comes to controlling oil on the T-zone for a longer duration and is pigmented enough for hiding minor flaws.Comes in various shades to suit Indian skintones.Packaging is also chic. 😉 Costs INR 400 but you will get it at a discount online. You can get it below.

L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder 

5. Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

This baby made so many Indian girls happy.We lacked a good eyebrow product but this came out to be our saviour.Comes in 2 variants-Brown and Gray.Gives natural looking fuller eyebrows in just INR 245.Has a pencil on one end to draw and on other end a puff applicator for filling the brows.You really should buy it.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper, Brown

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper, Gray

This year,I didn’t find any affordable matte lipstick launches under INR 500 from well known brands,that actually last longer and don’t dry out the lips. 😦

Anyhow,if you had missed out on any of the above products,do get them before they get stocked out.  🙂 

PS: All the links provided are affiliate links.

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