Huge Haul-Khadi and various websites

Heya beauties!

Sorry for being so inactive on my blog,but if you are following me on instagram,you may have seen that I got smoothening done on my hair and also was spending my vacation in Kashmir.Infact,even there,I couldn’t stop myself from buying beauty products. πŸ˜› May month has been my bank emptying month. πŸ˜€ I splurged a lot on skincare,makeup and lots more.So today I will be posting about the haul which is so much responsible for stealing my money. πŸ˜› I went to Khadi,a Govt. owned herbal and handicrafts store.I went there keeping in mind for replenishing my stock of Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder for my DIY shampoo,but ended up buying more than that.


What I bought:-

  1. Amla,Reetha and Shikakai powder-Each costs for 40-50 INR for 200g.Yes! it’s cheaper than the Amazon Khadi powders which I had bought earlier.Also,the quantity offered is more in the store.
  2. Facial cleanser or Ubtan- INR 120 for 100g.I always wanted to try Ubtan.Will review it.
  3. Facial scrub-INR 80 for 100ml. It is good for pore cleansing.Will review it.
  4. Skincare oil- INR 259 for 50 ml. It is like a serum with essential skincare oils.I use it in my night-time skincare routine.I will review it.

All of the products mentioned are herbal and infact Khadi claims that there might be discolouration in them with time,which proves the authenticity.There might be some preservatives in the liquid or gel versions of Khadi products but of minimal quantity. Apart from this,I bought some products online from Flipkart,amazon,Nykaa and Purplle sites.These sites were offering discounts and free shipping.

IMG_20150509_113453 IMG_20150509_113510 IMG_20150509_113524 IMG_20150509_113549

What I bought:-

  1. Citronella oil for my diffuser from Breathe aromatherapy- 50ml in INR 299. It is best when it comes to effect and fragrance.
  2. Aroma Magic aromatic skin toner- Suggested by my parlour. INR 170 for 200 ml. Will review it also.
  3. Kudos color expert cake eyeliner-This brand deals with herbal products and is new in the market. It offers 4 colors-black,brown,blue and green in a small compact style box,without any mirror. 😦 Will review it soon. 16g in INR 410
  4. Bliss T-light candles for my diffuser- I love fragrances in my room. 50 pieces in INR 199
  5. Avera 50 round cotton pads- INR 155 for 50 pieces
  6. Lakme eyeconic kajal in blue & green-Best long lasting kajals at affordable prices. I got it for 200 INR eachΒ 

I prefer buying online because you get so many discounts.Do keep it mind that overall cost of the product should be less inclusive of delivery charge if it’s there.Otherwise,what’s the point of buying online. πŸ˜‰ Hope you liked my haul post.

Till the next post,cya.. :-*


Nykaa & Jabong Haul

Heya ladies!

How are you all doing? πŸ˜‰ I hope you are having a great day,but if you are not,then go for binge shopping. πŸ˜› Shopping is a stress buster.

Whenever,a special day arrives,like the recent Women’s day,I get ready to splurge on amazing deals online.I am a hardcore feminist and I believe Women’s day should not be a one-day affair.Rather,every woman should live her life like it’s a Women’s day everyday. πŸ™‚

I stocked up on my essentials and also bought some new items to try.Among my essentials,I bought Episoft cleanser ( Check out it’s review here) and Aroma Magic china rose anti-dandruff shampoo.I have to review the shampoo as I am on it’s 2nd bottle.

The things I bought for trying are Maybelline electropop Fierce n Tangy(I know I am bit late 😦 ),Aroma treasures Aloe vera facewash,Aroma treasures Tea tree oil and 2 eyeshadow palettes from Nicka K New York.The last two are from Jabong.Jabong is giving 50% discounts so I got these for an amazing price.

I have got the herbal bug so I am trying every herbal brand out there. Infact,I am an eyeshadow freak also.I keep piling up eyeshadows,not knowing when to use them. πŸ˜€

I will do a detailed review on the above leaving out the lipbalm.Everyone has done it already. 😦

IMG_20150316_202020 IMG_20150315_115237 IMG_20150318_200352

That’s all in my haul.Take care,byee :-* XOXO

Mini haul from Nykaa-Review

During GOSF 2014,as you may have known,I have shopped almost from all the sites.One such site new to me was Nykaa.

It offers products ranging from makeup,skin care,hair care to mom and baby.Check out their site.

Website-The site is attractive and every item has been categorised which makes it easy for navigation and searching.Also,everyday, some or the other deal is going on like discounts,combos etc.They have a huge collection of every kind ranging from the drugstore to luxury brand.Also,they ship worldwide. πŸ˜‰Β 

Since it was my first time,I had shopped less.I wanted to buy a dual sharpener and was looking forward to try Colorbar makeup brushes.So I added them to my cart and placed my order on Dec,12. Immediately,I received a mail informing me about the items and transaction details.


Since it was GOSF,I knew there would be a delay in delivery.And so there was.But the best part is,I didn’t have to call the customer care.They themselves mailed me about the delay within 4 days from the order date.


I thought maybe within the next 2-3 days,I will receive the package.But instead,on Dec 19th,I received a mail regarding the dispatch.Finally,after 1 and half weeks,I received the package on Dec 24th.Perfect timing isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Packaging-I forgot to click pictures,but it was covered in a plastic bag with Nykaa logo on it.The actual contents were put in a bubble wrapped cardboard box.Also,the contents were bubble wrapped too. πŸ™‚

Condition-Every item was in good health.Not even a single tear or scratch. Yayy!!!

Overall view-I would say their delivery system is bit slow,but their response and customer care seems pretty fast and prompt.Their packaging is a go.Website is interactive and catchy.I would rate them 9/10.