5 Reasons You Should Be Using Organic Argan Oil In Beauty Routine

For a long time, Argan oil has been in use as one of the best organic beauty products globally.  Most skin and hair beauty therapists recommend the use of the oil to their clients.  The oil is popular in many areas apart from Morocco, where it is a native product. The increased use and popularity can be attributed to the several best advantages and benefits of the oil.  The oil is manufactured from the Argan tree kernels.   The oil is relatively rare, with the Morocco as the only country to find this tree and its fruits.  The oil is natural and saves your skin from the harm that could occur after using too many chemical products.

Organic Argan Oil

All the brands of the oil are high in quality, and they cannot disappoint you. Among them is Izil Natural Argan Beauty.  The oil outshines several other oil brands in the beauty markets and is preferred by several people including celebrities. If you have never used Argan Oil, then it means that you have not learned of the several benefits.  The product is non-greasy and is easy for both the hair and the skin to absorb.  The smell of the oil products is also pleasant, and thus, there is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell.  If you learn the benefits, then it will be a good start to consider adding the product into the beauty routine.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

 The product is very rich in both Vitamin E and even the fatty acids.  Besides, the oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics.  At the same time, it is critical and vital for conditioning the skin. For all these reasons, the oil becomes one of the perfect skin moisturizers available in the market.  It helps in maintaining a supple skin free from dryness, itchiness as well as flakiness. It is commonly used among persons suffering from chronic skin dryness as well as psoriasis. Furthermore, it protects the skin against aging effects. It will help you get rid of under eye bags and lines as well as the fine lines on the skin. It prevents wrinkling and also keeps the skin smooth and also radiant.

  1. Hair styling and Scalp Soothing

Using the oil can help you to easily and quickly style your hair.  Besides, you can use the organic oil to soothe and also increase the shine of the hair. For individuals suffering from scalp dryness or even dandruff, the oil can be vital and essential in eliminating the two.  Gently use the oil for scalp massaging to ensure it is both hydrated and nourished. Also, the massage clears any available flakes.

For Hair

  1. Stretch Marks Prevention

 The product is also vital for improving and increasing skin elasticity. The presence of Vitamin E makes the function easier. During pregnancy, using the oil can help in reducing and eliminating those stretch marks. Furthermore, using it at an early stage works in the prevention of the stretch marks. Slather and then apply on the breasts in a gentle manner, the hips, or the thighs and any other places that are likely to have stretch marks.  It makes the skin smooth and keeps away the stretch marks.

  1. Acne Treatment

For a natural acne treatment, the oil is a perfect choice. It is vital for making the skin smoother than before. Besides, it promotes the skin healing process in case of acne or pimples. In other words, it is both preventive and curative.  It is also good for the production of sebum.  An essential tip while selecting skin oils or creams is that it is critical to avoid comedogenic products. They can easily cause acne issues on the skin.

For Skin

  1. Hand and Nail Treatment

 Since Argan Oil is intensive in hydrating the skin, it is considered to be vital for the treatment of both the nails and the hands.  You need to rub the oil and ensure you focus on the nails. You can do the hack just before sleeping.  It treats the hands as well as the cuticles that may have cracked.  The oil makes the nails shiny while making the hands, soft, youthful as well as strong.


Apparently, the organic oil has several benefits and uses. It moisturizes, fights aging as well as works for the treatment of the hands and the nails. At the same time, it is critical for the scalp and hair care. The functions should encourage you to try the oil and use it more often. It is entirely natural and can have no side effects or harmful results on the skin. It gives quicker results than most of the other oils.  While selecting the oils, be wise to ensure that the oil does not have added chemicals. These could harm the skin.




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My Winter/Autumn body-care routine

Heya everyone!

Keeping up with my weekday posting schedule promise,I am sharing my body-care routine during winter/autumn season for normal to dry skin.

My body has always been on the drier side specially my hands.Winters just make it worse.Since October beginning,I have changed my body-care routine to combat dryness and itchiness.This winter I have introduced 2 items in my body-care,which has really helped me a lot.One is the body butter and another a serum for stretch marks/cellulite.

1.)I take bath using my shower gel Nutraclin from Ethicare remedies.This is good for all skin types.It doesn’t strip moisture from the skin and makes it soft.I have done a detailed review on it.Check it out here.On weekends,I take it a step more.I exfoliate my body using a walnut scrub with apricot and olive oil from Pure Roots.I bought this on my travel in Kashmir.It has slightly strong exfoliating property.For hands and feet,I exfoliate them using the scrub from Pure Suds.It has mild particles which is good for sensitive dry hands and feet.I will review these in the upcoming posts in detail.Both are moisturising.I wash them off with water.

2.) When the skin is still wet,I apply coconut oil all over my body.This makes sure that the oil forms a layer on the skin trapping the moisture beneath.Also,it makes it less oily.

3.) I pat my skin dry and apply the body butter from Pure Suds.I have done a detailed review here.You can read it.

4.) For my hands,I apply Avene Cold cream hand cream.This has the Avene thermal spring water in it,which has calming and softening effect on skin.Throughout the day,whenever,I wash my hands,I apply another hand cream called Nevlon moisturising cream. This was suggested by my dermatologist.However,anyone can use it.It is very moisturising and gets absorbed within 1/2 min. It doesn’t impart greasy feeling.

5.) At night, I use the body butter again and for my hands,I use another hand cream called Logifeel. It was also suggested by my dermat. It contains glycolic acid,suitable for dry skin.This cream gets absorbed instantly.I follow it up with Boroline cream on my hands and wear cotton gloves to sleep. Boroline is greasy,so gloves are must.Also its antiseptic and moisturising in nature,perfect for itchy dry hands.On my cellulite areas,I use the Juicy Chemistry cell construction serum.Apply the serum first before body butter.You can read my detailed review on the serum here.






Feel free to ask me any questions. 🙂 

If you like my posts,don’t forget to subscribe here and follow me on Instagram at @simplybful and Twitter @simplybful for crazy snippets from my life and beauty world.

See you all in my next post,till then,take care,bye!  :-*


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My current skincare routine-Sensitive combination skin (Summer time)

Heya beautiful ladies!!!

By this time you must have noticed that I am a weekend person,when it comes to posting anything.Weekdays are the most hectic part of my life,so it is quite tough to write anything during that time.Now,you must be thinking,”She should get a life.Who sits at home during weekends?” 😛 Well! I usually prefer my weekends at home,as in India,you don’t want to venture out in the heat and also,I am quite a lazy person. 😀

Anyway,today my post is about the skincare I am following currently.As of now,my skin is having small dry patches on the cheeks and an oily T-zone.Firstly,I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis so this skincare routine is different.So,I will include details regarding  minimal to no make-up skin only.

I would like to say that till date,I haven’t found a single product which controls my T-zone but doesn’t strip moisture from my dry cheeks. 😦 so I have to use more products. Infact,this is not wrong.You are using the products which suit your type.But,if anyone knows of an item,please….. please let me know of it,as I am getting tired in searching for that One product for my entire face.

IMG_20150502_125731 IMG_20150502_114836-001

In the morning,I wash my face with lukewarm water.This opens up the pores.I apply Aroma magic aloe vera cleanser on my cheeks,neck  and chin and massage it gently.On my T-zone,I apply the Aroma treasures aloe vera face wash. This removes the excess oil and controls the shine for sometime.I wash everything off with cold water.I prefer using these 2 as they are mild cleansers and in the morning,you don’t want excessive cleaning of the face.After that I apply my Fabindia tea tree oil toner with a cotton ball, on my T-zone mainly.This controls the oil and prevents acne.I wait for a minute ,then apply aloe vera gel on my face and neck.During summers,no moisturiser works for me so I prefer aloe vera gel,which soothes the skin,prevents infections,nourishes the skin and is good for my eczematic skin.On my dry patches,I apply a little amount of aloe vera cold cream.A  little goes a long way when it comes to applying it,as it is effective in moistening the patches. Then I go for my Lotus Herbals sunscreen matte gel SPF 50.This is my go to sunscreen.It is my favourite because it actually mattifies the skin,sweat proof ,doesn’t make a whitish cast on face and also non-clogging.I apply just a coloured liner on my upper lids and a coloured lip balm.On my T-zone,I use compact powder and then I am out for the day.

In the night,first,I take a cotton ball,put 1-2 drops of coconut oil on it,and gently wipe my liner off.Coconut oil is an excellent make-up remover.Try it.Then,after washing with lukewarm water,I use the Clean & clear Blackhead clearing face wash on my T-zone,since this actually removes the blackheads,cleans the dirt and removes the oil.For my other parts,I use the Episoft cleanser.This cleanses the skin without irritating it.After washing everything off with cold water,I use the toner and aloe vera gel.Then the cold cream for my dry patches.I literally slather my lips with Maybelline Electropop tangy and fierce.This is my love.Keeps my lips soft for the entire night.

Once a week,I use the Ozone skin awakening scrub.If I am tanned,then I follow it with Just herbs almond complexion pack,which removes the tan and is good in oil-control.But I don’t use it often as it dries out my skin too much.Also,most days when I am too tired to use different cleansers for my skin,I use my DIY face cleanser.Does the job well.

Most of the products I have already reviewed  or explained earlier.But ,if you want,I can review the other products.Let me know of it in the comment box below.Also,all the products are available on major shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart etc,specially for people residing outside India.

If your skin type is like mine,you can try this.Till the next time,Byeee… XOXO :-*

PS: I am an avid believer in the goodness of Aloe vera,so I can’t live without it.It worked for me during my eczema flare-up in the winters. :-\

Beauty tip-2

Dry season is here and the summer is already ruining your skin.You look dull and there is no hydration in your skin.
No matter how many moisturiser bottles you keep on using,your skin refuses to look glowy.:|
Coconut oil or olive oil is here to your rescue.;)When you had your bath and your body is still wet,take any one of the oils,and use just like you use your moisturisers.Use this all over your body and pat dry.Wet skin makes it less oily and greasy,so that your clothes don’t get stained.
You will see,your skin looks shiny and stays soft for the longest time.Also this is herbal so won’t affect in the long run.This is easily available and at a much less price.Also,people suffering from dry skin issues or eczema,this gives soothing effect .
I prefer coconut oil as it gets absorbed into the skin very easily.
Do let me know whether this worked for you.I love hearing from you all.:)
Till the next time,buhbyeee,take care,XOXO 😘

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Nykaa & Jabong Haul

Heya ladies!

How are you all doing? 😉 I hope you are having a great day,but if you are not,then go for binge shopping. 😛 Shopping is a stress buster.

Whenever,a special day arrives,like the recent Women’s day,I get ready to splurge on amazing deals online.I am a hardcore feminist and I believe Women’s day should not be a one-day affair.Rather,every woman should live her life like it’s a Women’s day everyday. 🙂

I stocked up on my essentials and also bought some new items to try.Among my essentials,I bought Episoft cleanser ( Check out it’s review here) and Aroma Magic china rose anti-dandruff shampoo.I have to review the shampoo as I am on it’s 2nd bottle.

The things I bought for trying are Maybelline electropop Fierce n Tangy(I know I am bit late 😦 ),Aroma treasures Aloe vera facewash,Aroma treasures Tea tree oil and 2 eyeshadow palettes from Nicka K New York.The last two are from Jabong.Jabong is giving 50% discounts so I got these for an amazing price.

I have got the herbal bug so I am trying every herbal brand out there. Infact,I am an eyeshadow freak also.I keep piling up eyeshadows,not knowing when to use them. 😀

I will do a detailed review on the above leaving out the lipbalm.Everyone has done it already. 😦

IMG_20150316_202020 IMG_20150315_115237 IMG_20150318_200352

That’s all in my haul.Take care,byee :-* XOXO

Neem oil-good for skin? :-O


I know I am writing this post when most of you are in your offices and maybe not able to read this.But I felt this urgency that if I don’t tell you now,maybe you buy the stuff,which I so fearfully warn you about.

I had misdiagnosed my facial skin in November 2014 for a dry skin which caused the massive eczema flare-up on my face & neck.It was the onset of winter & I thought,I am having dry patches on my skin .They used to itch sometimes & look red.So I thought,maybe my skin is having some dry skin problem or infection.Like you,I began reading on net & found that Neem oil works the best.

What I forgot to research further that Neem oil should be used along with a carrier oil.:-(

Next morning I woke up to a horrifying site.Please don’t scroll below if you have a faint heart. :-\

I had developed a swollen and itchy face.The pictures were taken after I had washed my face with water.Before washing,it was crusty with some oozing liquid.

IMG_20141114_072005 IMG_20141114_071949 IMG_20141114_071944

Isn’t this bad? No girl wants this kind of face. 😦 😦

It took about 2 days to subside,but the dryness and itchy rash remained till date. Neem oil just worsened my condition and caused a full-fledged eczema flare-up.Till December ,I was on & off on the eczema,sometimes I had rashes so prominent that people started asking,rest of the times,they thought I am blushing. 😛

Then my skin was becoming better and I thought .let me try the neem oil with some dilution.So I used it with my body lotion and applied only on my fingers.But looks like,I kicked myself again.

It increased my eczema on the fingers and on my face even though I didn’t use it there.So ,you can see,Neem oil proves harmful to me in both ways.I had used a herbal neem oil without any preservatives.

DSC01145 DSC01141 DSC01138

DSC01135DSC01136  DSC01127   

One thing,I am confused about,I have been using a Neem face wash from Himalayas brand since 3 years,but it never flared me up neither worsened my condition.So,I don’t know about what it is with me and neem oil.

After researching on this,I did find out that people prone to eczema or having sensitive skin ,should stay away from all the essential oils specially if they are in pure form. Eczematic skin is highly sensitive,so except coconut oil,all other oils may cause some reaction.Well! in my case only coconut oil worked wonders.Patch test is a must before applying any oil fully.Also,Neem oil works only if you have fungal or skin diseases.Eczema isn’t a skin disease,it’s caused when your immune system goes out of balance,so it’s an internal reaction.

Currently,I am much better.My cheeks look blushed and dry and my neck looks normal,but is dry to touch.My fingers still pose a problem,but it is manageable.

If you have any tips,as to how to go about eczema naturally,please comment below.It’s highly welcome. 🙂

Bye ,XOXO :-* Take care

Winter woes :-(

It’s that time of the year when we are plagued with dry skin and don’t know how to stop it.So,here’s what I’ve been trying in the winters,when I don’t flare up.

If you are prone to dry cheeks & chin,follow this skin care routine,specially at night. Night-time is apt for skin renewal.

1-Wash your face with lukewarm water and use a mild cleanser.
2-Wash the cleanser/face wash off with lukewarm water again.Lukewarm water helps in opening the pores for better cleaning.
3-Now splash your face with normal water,which I suppose would be cold This will act as natural toner.
4-Go for alcohol-free toner,as it wouldn’t dry out your skin.I use Gulabari as a toner .
5-Now I apply oil as my moisturizer. Oil is natural,gets absorbed readily and has many benefits.My personal favourite is Parachute coconut oil or Johnson’s baby oil.Don’t apply too much,because it would get greasy.
6-Now tug into your favourite blanket and sleep.  😛

In the morning,I find myself with softer skin.For best results,scrub your face once a week to remove clogged dirt,so that oil gets absorbed and does its work.

So go ahead,don’t shy away from that cool breeze,and enjoy this winter. 🙂