GloBox beauty subscription review


Girls! I know we have so many subscription boxes but the usual sample sizes don’t help us much,right?This is where this new beauty box comes in a shining armour.

About GloBox

GLOBOX Is An Online Subscription Service For Expert Selected Beauty Products. Take The Hassle Out Of Choosing Between Brands And Beauty Products. With A GLOBOX Subscription, You’ll Receive The Best Skin Care, Hair Care And Makeup Products That Are Carefully Selected By Our Beauty Experts To Suit Your Beauty Profile Delivered To Your Door Each Month.And You Never Know, You Could Discover Some New Beauty Essentials! A GLOBOX Also Makes An Easy And Thoughtful Gift For Any Beauty Lover. You Can Now Breathe Easy When You Buy Cosmetics

You have to fill up a beauty profile,based on which the box is curated.

Prices: They have the usual monthly schemes for a single month,3 months,6 months and yearly.There is a 20% discount going on.Use the code “GLO20” on your first purchase.

Prices are as follows:

Monthly- 799 INR

3 months-2247 INR

6 months-4194 INR

Yearly-7188 INR

And………..Free delivery!!!!

Prices of the products are mentioned below.


Packaging: They serve us in a plain brown cardboard box as of currently due to a contest running on their site.It requires you to doodle or draw on the box.If your design is selected ,it will be featured thereafter on the boxes.However,the box is pastel pink in color from inside.

The boxes are bubblewrapped and when you open the lid,you are greeted to a black ribbon wrapped packaging inside.The Globox is written on it.You have 2 notes -one from the founder and the other from the expert who mentions why each product has been selected for you.Isn’t that a personal touch?Atleast you know,you are special and given due attention.There are also 2 stickers.

There is again a bubble wrapping paper and there,you have the goodies.


Availability: They ship almost everwhere in India,but not internationally.

Products: First thing you will notice is the size.All the products are full sized ones and from good brands mostly.

The products are in sync with your beauty profile.I have combination skin which is showing signs of ageing( I am growing old,I guess! 😛 ),who wears light makeup and has normal body skin. Did I get the products right?Holy yes! I am being sincere.Truly! for the first time I felt the products are for me.

Most of the brands are herbal or use less chemicals when it comes to skincare.Makeupwise,we have reputed brands.

What I got:

Oriflame fairness body lotion-This is 2-in-1.It moisturizes as it has Vitamin E and protects you from Sun due to UV filters in it.The term ‘fairness’ is a misnomer as it basically prevents tanning,not remove it. No more applying 2 products when you are in a rush to go out of home!

Biobloom age defying serum– This has lot of herbal extracts and comes in gel form.Easy to apply and gets absorbed readily in those wrinkly areas.

Rustic Art Aloe shampoo-Gentle on the hair and has no SLES,SLS and parabens.It is a  gentle hair cleanser,perfect for daily use or for dry hair.


Maybelline hyperglossy liner in black– Again a full sized product.Good eyeliner as you know it already.

Grey Gon lipstick in 163 Matt-It is deep red with pinkish undertones.It has velvety finish but moisturizing.This lipstick is from an Indian brand,as far I know it.It is new to me,but the color is perfect for summer days.It is not smudgeproof though.


My thoughts:I got the Travelista box for 799 bucks.Truly,if you see the prices,it is literally half of what the total sum of all the prices are.

Let me simply summarize for you.

  • Full sizes(5-6 products)
  • Follows beauty profile
  • Decent pricing
  • Herbal skincare
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Reputed brands

Need I say more? Give this box a try,as you will have decent size to try out.

I will tryout the samples and will provide a detailed review for it.:)

Here’s their website.Go, fill the profile and get started.

PS: This is a PR sample box.

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Boots beauty haul- Oxford street,UK


During my London visit,I had made up my mind to shop in Boots.On my list was,Soap & Glory.

In India,you get these at Sephora and online stores ,that too at exorbitant prices.Comparatively,these are cheaper in their native place,i.e. UK & Europe. 😛

Boots is a beauty haven for women.You get skincare,haircare,fragrances & ofcourse makeup.My priority was to buy Soap & glory products alongwith random other stuffs from makeup and skincare.I will share the Boots link and the online links of Indian sites wherever possible, in case you want to buy them.Here’s what I got:-

Soap & Glory Travel Size Flake Away Body Scrub 50ml– Honestly,you must be wondering who buys a travel version on a tour when you don’t get that in your country?I do! We had 2 days in London so didn’t carry enough Pounds with us.Payment through card costs additional conversion cost back in your country.Also,I was testing it for the first time,so didn’t want my money to go waste in case I get a skin reaction.This is a gentle scrub mainly but does remove the hardest of your rough areas.

This was costing me £2.50 which is approximately 250 INR.( It is around 96 INR for £1 back then,so providing the approximate amount.)As far I know,it costs 390 bucks in India in Sephora.

Here’s the link with the prices.Their store and online prices are the same.

Soap & Glory Mini The Daily Smooth Dry Skin Formula Body Butter 50ml– This one is again for £2.50 .It is of a whipped cream nature.

Soap & Glory RICH & FOAMOUS Dual-Use Shower & Bath Body Wash 500ml– This one is £6.50.It is a moisturizing body wash perfect for dry skinned beauties.


Aveeno Hand Cream 75ml-This one is for £3.66.It is for atopic skin.They have another variant for normal skin.This has oatmeal in it,which is said to help in atopic skin.

Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream with Oatmeal (75ml) (Amazon)

 Sanex Advanced AtopiCare Hand Cream 75ml£3.99.Again I bought the one for eczema prone hands like mine.Both the hand creams are non-greasy.

 La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche 40ml£14.50.It is a moisturizer for dry-very dry sensitive skin.I usually get dry itchy patches on my face so bought this after reading great reviews for it.


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+ 50ml– I know you must be thinking why  I bought a French brand product in UK.I didn’t know then, that I would get time in Cannes.We had a hurried Europe tour so was picking up stuffs from wherever I got time.Either way,if I buy anything from UK and Europe,it will be cheaper anyways .This was for £12.37. It is bit steep but not steep enough if I buy in India.Hate the import taxes!This is a sunscreen for combination skin/sensitive skin.You need to reapply after every 3 hours. (flipkart)

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Fluid Ultra-Light, 50ml(amazon)

 Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in shade Amethyst shine– Trust me! I didn’t want to buy this one,but ended up getting it for my VAT refund minimum amount bill .It is for 2.99 pounds.It is a very moisturizing lipstick and has satin finish to it.It has minute shimmers in it ,but when worn during the day time,looks like a balmy lipstick.For nighttime,it is a good wear.

 Collection Bronze Glow Matt Powder Terracotta-Finally I got a bronzer which is matte and is soft on the skin.It is for 2.99 Pounds and doesn’t have any brush with it.


 I will try all of them and will let you know my thoughts on it. 🙂

Tourist information: If you are a tourist over there,ask for the minimum bill amount to get a tax refund.I had shopped for around 47 pounds in  Boots,but was told the VAT refund will be applicable if I shop for minimum 50 pounds.So the lipstick came to my rescue.Same goes for all the shops.Different shops have their own minimum bill amount so be sure to ask beforehand.This rule is valid all over Europe as well.

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Amara organix hand cream review

Hi Dolls!

I am back with another review of a chemical-free product by a brand Amara organix. Firstly,I would bring to your notice that this brand understands your needs and customises the products for you.In my case,before sending me the samples,they had asked about what all ingredients pose a problem to me.They have sent 2 soaps as well in their basic gift wrapping which I will post about later. 🙂


About the brand: Amara handcrafted bath & beauty products are formulated to create a positive and enriching experience to an individual’s mind,body and soul. We at Amara use the abundant body of knowledge left behind by our ancients in Ayurveda,Aromatherapy, Ancient Chinese texts and our very own backyard recipes to present safe,gentle and natural beauty solutions.

In the quest for beauty that is safe and natural, we at Amara Organix strive to deliver natural and handmade skincare essentials. We procure our ingredients from the most genuine sources available and use only the purest steam distilled essential oils, cold pressed Virgin nourishing oils, organically farmed honey,exotic oils like Argan ,Maracuja oils and herbs and exfoliates.

To know about them more and their product list,head over here.

Availability: Products can be ordered via whatsapp (+91 8056592923) , Facebook  messenger and mail ( They do ship worldwide but it will be costly due to shipping charge.

Price and quantity: ₹350/- for 100 gms. Shipping charge additional ₹50/- within chennai and if out of station – mostly it is ₹70 to ₹80. It is best to order several items at a time.I find the price reasonable for an organic product and the quantity is apt,considering it will last you easily for 2-3 months depending on how severe your hands are dry. Payment to be made via NEFT transfer and Bank Deposit.COD not available.Bank details will be shared when your order is confirmed.

Ingredients: Shea butter ,Aloe Vera extract, Coconut oil, Argan oil ,Tamanu oil ,Frankincense essential oil  and Lavender essential oil


Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic transparent tub with screwed lid.The tub had a nature-like design all over but it faded away while using it. It only has the product name on it.On enquiring I got to know,its just a sample packaging,so the correct name will be mentioned for sure. :-D.The packaging can be improved as in mentioning of ingredient list,price and expiry. Nonetheless,Mehar,the owner of this brand is very responsive to your queries. They also do customised gift wrapping for party favours/wedding favours/birthday return gifts/event takeaways for corporates etc. Colour/design/theme and budget – everything is customisable and they also work within budgets.


Name will be changed! 😀

Fragrance and texture: It has a very lavender like smell which is refereshing.Not too overpowering.It has a very light texture and the cream looks offwhite in color.Easily blends into the skin.


My thoughts: I like my hand creams hydrating but non-greasy.Does this serve the purpose?

Yes!It gets absorbed readily and is not at all greasy. Makes your hands soft for 4-5 hours for moderate dry hands.You need to reapply it though after washing hands.

The tub is sturdy so no issues of spillage.However,if you are travelling and open the tub,the product may stick to the lid and fall.

Didn’t cause any trouble to my eczema prone skin as well.Infact all the ingredients used are good for soothing the eczema skin.

The consistency is such that,you can use it as a body moisturiser also or dry areas of your face.

Overall verdict: Definitely a good purchase.

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Amsterdam travelogue


Sometime back,I shared my London travelogue with you.If you haven’t read it,click here.This travelogue follows my trip from London.

Overnight the ferry,we were treated to a luxurious dinner and bedding arrangement.We were lucky to get the port side room. Our cruise ship,named Stena line covered the journey from Harwich port to Hook of Holland .It departed from Harwich at 23:00 and reached Holland at 8 AM.You can know about its fare and details on this site


Ferry room-That’s our room!

Our coach was waiting for us,and drove straight to Keukenhof,the land of Tulips.On the way,the windmills greeted us.You could literally see them everywhere.Amsterdam is known for its windmills,tulips,the wooden shoes and dairy,apart from the more modern form of occupation. 😛


Keukenhof is a synonym of paradise(according to me).Your eyes will have the opportunity to absorb varied hues of tulips ranging from canary yellow to mysterious violet.The keukenhof garden was teaming with tourists from all the countries.It has many entry points and you could easily get lost in there.The garden representatives provide you with a ticket and a map to find your way through it.The entry gate,through which we were told to go,had a fountain and a traditional Dutch musical instrument.It was playing some traditional tunes which I actually liked.It was in sync with the surroundings.


Music instrument at the entrance of Keukenhof

We were moving forward towards the old windmill situated in the garden.It was still working!We climbed it up and saw the infinite tulip beds in red,yellow and God knows what all colors they are.We were told Tulips were being harvested since May beginning,so we might not see the grand tulip scene.Anyway,we were contented by what we saw.

 On climbing down,we found a wooden shoe and I knew,I have to get my picture taken with it. I am a child, I guess.


The famous wooden shoe

The garden is very big,and you can easily spend a day in there.We had one hour slot with us and came back to our coach to take us to Amsterdam city.Amsterdam city is full of canals.Our canal cruise was for an hour,which took us through important canals housing important buildings.The cruise was a small boat which had inbuilt audio system .It described the history of Amsterdam and about its buildings while the cruiseboat took us through narrow canals.After the cruise ended,we were taken to Dam square.


Various cruise boats

 Dam square– the real heart of Amsterdam, where the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk and the War Memorial overlooks the vast and bustling open space. When we were there,some sort of mini carnival was going on with electro music in the background.You know right,Amsterdam influenced lot of musicians. Adjacent to it,for an hour,we roamed the shops.I had to get my Gouda cheese which was for 8 Euros.Souvenir shops were interesting.You could literally see sex toys lined up in the aisles near the souvenirs.Imagine my horror,when my parents were buying souvenirs from there. 😀


Dam square

I also bought Stroopwafels,Holland’s traditional biscuit/cookie. I got the caramel variant as that was devoid of any nutty factor.From there,the coach took us to Madurodam. All throughout the year, it is open,where you can see most of Holland in miniature, replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale.Remember the doll houses? It is like that.The entire city of Holland is built in there.

Their language,Dutch is officially spoken there,but you can easily get by if English is the foreign language.

I wish I had more time in Amsterdam.It is amazing for its nightlife as well,but looks like,I will have to come with my besties next time. 😉

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Born pretty store jewellery & hair accesories review

Hi folks!

If you remember ,I had done a post on website.I will link it here.The website sent me 2 jewellery sets with a hairclip set for reviewing and after using it,I can finally share what I feel about them.

Water Drop Earring & Necklace Set Sweet Color Cute Sweater Chain Necklace Earings Set

Yeah! That’s a handful . 😀 This multicolor set is perfect to contrast monochrome dressing and for summer time.Here,I have opted the summery look with a pastel blue top.

You can adjust the closing so this one can be worn by everyone.

Also,in no way,the set feel cheap.The quality is really good.It is made of plastic shaped in drops,held by a rosegold chain.

I can’t say much about whether the color will fade due to sweat but till now,there are no signs of discolouration.

Gold Glitter Necklace & Earrings Set Multifunctional Round Glitter Bridal Necklace Hairband Set

This one serves dual purpose.You can rock the Arabian look by sporting this as hairband or go like me as a necklace lover.


It is made of metal,probably steel,shaped in circles,embossed with a male figurine head.This is actually a dainty piece so handle it with care.One of the circles fell off during transit,which luckily can be fit together.The website team was helpful in terms of replacement of the same jewellery.

This is golden in color and is well for those party nights or bohemian look.

Seamless Magic posts / bangs stick,Ornament Magic Tape

This one is my favourite,seriously! I hate my baby hairs which keep falling on my face and irritate me,specially during summers.Also,they never helped me during makeup application.This hairclip or hairtape set is perfect to tuck in those hairs.

These are actually velcro tapes which hold your hairs together.They don’t hold big bunch of hair. 😛


Packaging-All the products came in a plastic wrapping which in turn was individually wrapped in many layers of foam.Very safe for travel.

Pricing– The website offers free shipping and allows the customers to look at the prices in their currency.I will mention the current USD and INR values of the samples. The prices are pretty decent.

Water Drop Earring & Necklace Set Sweet Color Cute Sweater Chain Necklace Earings Set- USD $7.10/INR 475.62

Gold Glitter Necklace & Earrings Set Multifunctional Round Glitter Bridal Necklace Hairband Set-USD $5.47/INR 366.43

2pcs/lot Seamless Magic posts / bangs stick,Ornament Magic Tape(Random Color)-USD $2.46/INR 164.79

Delivery– For India,it took approx. 3 weeks to deliver.

Overall verdict– The website does offer replacement for defective items sent and mostly offers items at wholesale prices.I loved it.

You can try using my 10% off coupon code- EFNT10. Who doesn’t love discounts? 😉

banner [329650]

It is valid at anytime with any products (except the discounted items) on their site, for Jewellery &Accessory is better. 

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Neesh Perfumes Review


Today ,I am here to review perfumes for you.Apart from my herbal addiction,I am in love with perfumes as well.Actually the word ‘attar’ is dear to me. I have been using perfumes since a long time but changed to attars since 2 years.There is no going back for me ever since.My brother stays in UAE and he brought me this amazing sweet,more floral type of attar which is still there.My father brought a sample size of pure jasmine attar from there.So you know why I like them so much. 😛

In India, I was looking for good quality attar based perfumes.Attars are scented oils.Perfumes may have artificial scent/chemicals in them. This brand,honestly,answered my prayers.I am serious!

About the brand: No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s Neesh has come up with the idea of creating distinct Oriental and Floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible to be adjusted in pockets.

Keeping in mind the fragrance, creative names are allotted to different smells. Their company is growing by leaps and bounds, both in terms of reputations, volume and shares. Neesh is an expanding brand in online perfumes category with innovative packaging and a branded segment.

Being the first Attar based Perfume brand of India, we cater our services online and offline. Unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties, we are committed to create distribution networks in India via popular online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

To know about them more and view their catalogue,visit their website.

 Availability: Online portals mainly. Easily available on Flipkart,Amazon,Snapdeal and Ebay.Internationally,I guess Amazon and Ebay will fit the purpose.

 Price and quantity: INR 340 for 20 ml.But you can easily get them for a discount on these portals.

 Ingredients: Attached picture below.

neesh 3

 To have any perfume or attar in aerosol form,you need ethanol.So you will find it for sure.It only dries your skin a bit but obviously,nobody sprays attars on full body.So no need to worry . 😀

Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) is safe for cosmetic use.You can find more about it online.It is used in almost all scented cosmetics to make the fragrance last longer.Your body will break it down easily and it leaves the body within hours through sweat and you know what! J It is always used less than 2%.

Chremophor stabilizes water-oil mixtures,as far I understood.Is is also of cosmetic grade and doesn’t harm the skin.Rest is distilled water and the main perfume.

Packaging: I have 2 words for it-Damn Perfect! All the perfume bottles I have seen,are always bulky with intricate designing.You find it difficult to carry it everywhere.This perfume ,on the other hand, is easily pocket friendly,in terms of price and pocket size. 😛 It actually fits in your jeans or trousers.Very sleek and simple packaging.You have to push the central part for the spray to come out.

neesh 2

My views: These are men’s perfumes actually which were sent to me for review after being asked my preference. I personally like men’s perfumes/unisex perfumes.You will never see me rocking entirely feminine perfumes like floral or fruity scents.These scents didn’t have overpowering manly scents yet you can catch a whiff of musk in it.I like the fact that anybody can use these,in any way actually.They have 6 fragrances each for men and women.I have received Eau-De-Mehfil and Attar –E-Ishq.

Being small in size,it is easier to carry everywhere.The plastic case is sturdy as well so no possibility of breakage.

Longevity is the key.I use them on inner wrists and behind the ears.Trust me! Even after 10 hours,I can still smell it .I didn’t use any Vaseline or oil prior using it,so you can see how strong it is.

Eau-De-Mehfil– It is supposed to be a loud perfume but I easily use it during daytime.All the perfumes create a unique scent when it touches your skin due to the presence of a natural scent which we emanate.So how it smells like on me,may differ on your body.

  • Top Note:            Arabian Bakhoor
  • Middle Note:      Black Rose, Patchouly
  • Base Note:          Castoreum, Agarwood

Attar-E-Ishq-It is supposed to be aphrodisiac but I need to ask the opposite sex then. 😛 It is a beautiful perfume as in,attractive yet not too much in the face.

  • Top Note:            Nutmeg, Cedar wood ,Bakhoor
  • Middle Note:      Agar wood, Amber
  • Base Note:          Powdry Musk, Vanilla

neesh 1

Overall verdict-I would say go for it.Quality and quantity alongwith the price,is a catch here.

9 Things To Avoid When Traveling As A Couple

In most cases you will find it getting sour when you travel with your partner. This is due to lack of knowledge on the things you are supposed to avoid. The following 9 things to avoid will be discussed deeply to help you enjoy as a couple. In the presence of misunderstanding, no partner can enjoy considering that the surrounding is new and also the people around are not familiar. I believe that when you decide to travel as a couple, all you want is to enjoy the best you can therefore; the following will be of great help.


The following are 9 things that you need to avoid when traveling as a couple

  1. Don’t Stop Communicating

 Communication is always one major key to a successful love and relationship. Therefore, you have to avoid any mood swings that can come your way that can make you feel dumb. Being dumb will make your partner feel unwanted and will ruin the mood for the holiday. Communication will make you know what your partner is thinking, feeling and where he/ she want to go next. Be open to your partner which will make the whole trip enjoyable and make you enjoy traveling the more. Once you speak out, you will encourage your partner to speak out too.

 2. Do Not Argue About Money

 This entails planning before you travel by budgeting and ensuring that you have enough money. This must be a surplus since when you encounter a deficit; it will raise arguments leading to lack of joy in the trip. Check for travel ideas through internet whereby you will able to identify cheaper and enjoyable places. To avoid these arguments completely do not carry liquid cash since it is so tempting making you to be extravagant unknowingly. The plan on money should entail even when you return from your trip this will help both of you to be alert when spending. Without plan and budgeting, you can come back and realize you have no cash to buy even supper.

 3. Do Not Divide Travel Responsibilities

 Working together helps you to increase your love and understanding for one another. Sharing responsibilities will drive both of you apart making the other party feel used since some responsibilities may be demanding than others. A good relationship entails unity which strengthens the bond you create. Working together helps to avoid stress and also ensure nothing has gone astray.

 4. Avoid Making Complains

 Being a whiner makes your partner think that you are not enjoying the trip. Some people like complaining about the weather, distance, environment which becomes boring to your partner. Try to make your complains in a positive way and consider your partner too.

 5. Do Not Go in the Neighborhood

 Traveling to the neighboring estates or towns is not enjoyable and can never create a trip attitude. Research before you travel and you will be glad to find travel ideas that are more enjoyable and serene than your neighborhood. You will have freedom; encounter new things that you never knew existed.

 6. Do Not Act Possessive to Your Man or Lady

 This happens to both parties when your man compliments another female do not start getting mad at him. Just remember he came with you and it’s you he loves the other lady is just a total stranger. For the male give your lady an allowance to have the freedom of appreciating another man. This will help your relationship become stronger since no one will feel insecure.

 7. Do Not Isolate Yourselves

 Most couples think that when they travel alone is the best idea. This can only be enjoyable during the honeymoon and the first 3 trips to allow you know each other best. Your relationship needs to grow therefore, you require joining other couples as they travel and you will learn new things that you didn’t know. Isolating yourself can also be boring since you might not know other important places couples travel to which are more enjoyable and educative.

 8. Avoid Spending Every Second Together

 Do not be together all the time which does not mean you are avoiding your partner. Being in a relationship does not mean you deny yourself self-love. Do what you love most at least two hours the go back to your partner. It is boring when you cling to your partner all the time.

 9. Do Not Expect All Couples Travel to Be Romantic All Time

You may think that being alone with your partner means being always romantic. That is not the case since it also becomes boring. Make your trip enjoyable by doing different things such as swimming, playing badminton among other things that you don’t find time while at home.


With all the above 9 aspects, you will be able to enjoy your trips and make out so much more as a couple. Being a couple does not mean you become selfish or act less concerned, you need to be wise and act as required.


 Author Bio

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert, having 10 years of experience in Beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fitness, women’s issues and more. In recent  years, she has had an opportunity to learn about Food and Nutrition. She always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, healthy food recipes, and diet plans. Join Vaileria on Twitter, Facebook and G+