Combat Acne Problems With Natural Herbs

Acne is caused by the over production of sebum by our glands that block the skin pores along with the layer of dead cells on it. The growth of bacteria occurs at an alarming rate, further resulting in inflammation and redness of the skin. Ayurvedic treatment to combat the acne problem has served great benefits to people. There are certain herbs being used as a part of skin care products. Keep reading to find out more about this natural remedy.

Eucalyptus Oil

Including over 600 species, the genus Eucalyptus has been used as a medicinal treatment by a large number of people. The oil is extracted by performing the steam distillation of tree leaves. Lately, its properties have been utilized for the acne treatment and are an effective ingredient in many face washes, ointments, and toners. The studies conducted on its species such as Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus viminalis, Eucalyptus globulus reflects their capacity to fight against bacterium Propionibacterium acne problems. The redness is caused by the action of bacteria and fungi. The oil has two ingredients eucalyptol and chalconoids which protect the skin against fungi and microbes and also suppresses inflammation. Eucalyptus oil as an ayurvedic treatment for acne has proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin.

Lavender Oil

A natural herb, Lavender Oil is known for its analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. When applied alone, the effect of lavender oil is too strong, therefore, mix it with grapeseed oil to dilute it. Then apply it directly on your skin. Its action kills the bacterias grown on the skin. By penetrating deeply into the skin, it reduces pain, redness and inflammation. Apart from fighting against the acne, the lavender oil also nourishes the skin and thereby, promoting the skin health. Hence, many people use lavender oil as an effective acne treatment.


Since the ancient times, Neem or Azadirachta indica is used for its medicinal properties for a lot of problems. It is a part of many medicines and beauty products. As an ayurvedic treatment, it has properties like antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral that combats against the acne problem. It also has the healing capability. Taking 5 to 6 Neem leaves early in the morning help to get rid of all types of acne problems. Neem as the ayurvedic remedy for acne is used by people of all the ages. It prevents pimples, blackheads, cysts, rashes and other related skin problems. Neem oil is available in the market as pure oil, powder or in capsules and does not pose any harmful side effects on the skin. It fights against the bacteria that blocks the skin pores and thus do not allow our skin to breathe. Kama Ayurveda provides a huge number of Ayurvedic products to get rid of problems pertaining to skin, hair and other treatments.

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Seabuckthorn Oil

Another herb used for acne treatment is Seabuckthorn Oil owing to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in its nutrient content with the presence of high amount of essential fatty acids. Apart from this, the oil also contains vitamins E, A, D, C, and K. Fighting against acne, it has the capacity to regenerate the worn out tissue and heals the epithelial layer which gets destroyed due to bacterial and fungal infection. The oil is incorporated into many face washes and acne treatment creams and ointments.

Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia, the Tea Tree Oil is used in Australia as an effective remedy for a number of skin disorders. However, the soil is sold in many parts across the globe as a part of skin care products and ointments. Since it has a lot of anti-viral, anti-microbial, antiseptic properties, it fights against all kinds of acne issues. These properties limit the spread of bacterial infection on the skin. But when taken internally, its toxic nature causes stomachache, fatigue, vomiting and even hallucinations. It is more effective as benzoyl peroxide during clinical trials and thus prevents the acne. It is a proven ayurvedic treatment for pimples.

Apply these herbal products to get rid of acne problems without any side effects.

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Pure Suds Lavender & Chamomile Face Gel Pack review


You know my affiliation with the herbal world. 😛 So here I am with the review of the face pack,which was sent as a full-size sample with my haul from Pure Suds.

My skin is sensitive combination type,which needs extra care during winters.I usually avoid using face packs as either they cause tingling sensation or they cause redness.I have used this and in a position to share whether this product fared for me or not.

Availability: Currently they are taking orders through their facebook page ,mobile and E-mail.You can view their product listing from the facebook page.They do ship outside India , but only in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Phone no.- 09784591628


Price & Quantity: INR 250 for 90 g.The quantity will last you a long time as usage wise,only small amount is required during application.They take the payments through bank transfer only.

Ingredients: Attached in the pictures below.

Texture,color and fragrance:  The gel is more on the runny side.It looks dark green in color and when applied on the face,you do look like Shrek. 😀 😛 Fragrance is more on the flowery side but has a freshening feeling to it.It is not overpowering.

What the brand claims: This gel pack is composed of floral waters of lavender and chamomile with green clay and extracts of Pomegranate and Green tea which sooth the skin from sunburns, acne-prone skin, Dark spots and dull skin.

It is mask suited for all skin types as lavender and chamomile balance the skins sebum secretion and prevent our skin from either drying too much or becoming too oily.

One can experience instant brightness, Hydration, Glow, and a soothing calmness after a 5-10 minute application. Wipe off with a damp cotton or rinse with normal water.

Packaging: Comes in a transparent tub with golden screw type cap.The label is attached on the side which gets torn off when you twist the cap. 😦 The plastic can be deformed easily so not exactly travel friendly.I really liked the golden cap though.

My views: I applied this face pack with a brush and kept it for 5 minutes.This face pack is runny in nature so with the brush,it becomes easier to apply and also product wastage is less.I take out some product in a bowl,then use it so as to avoid contaminating the tub.

Within a minute of application,I sensed a tingling feeling,but after washing off my face,there was no redness. Weird,no?For the first time,my sensitive skin stayed calm and quiet.I would say this can suit sensitive skin.The brand claims it is for all skin types,so can’t comment on that but my combination skin felt soft and hydrated.Also,my T-zone didn’t seem too oily that day.Perfect for before party prep-up.I did notice a glow on my face.

Regarding scars and acne,I can only say,wait for atleast a month to show the results.I don’t have much such issues on my face.

My rating would be 4/5.The product does what it claims atleast in my skin-type.Price & quantity is sufficient.The packaging can definitely be improved .You can try this product if you are looking for a quick pampering to your skin,that is herbal. 🙂



See you all in my next post,byee,cya :-*

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My daily Autumn/Winter skincare routine


It’s been a long time since I posted something. I am so sorry. 😦 I was caught up with the festivities around here.It involved home decorating,lighting the balconies with lamps and earthen pots and ofcourse, decorating yourself. 😉 If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen me posting a video on my room decor and a picture of me in traditional attire and makeup for Diwali,an Indian festival of lights.

Now that I am finally over with them,let me post a skincare routine for women suffering from combination/dry/sensitive skin for autumn to winter season.Hope this helps you. 🙂

I follow a very simple daily skincare routine as I beleive we women,juggling from home to office don’t have so much time to pamper ourselves on a daily basis. :-\ I will post a weekly home facial routine soon for that extra time we reserve for ourselves on the weekends. 😉

I cleanse my face twice a day with Avene emollient cleansing gel for dry to sensitive skin.This cleans the face well but may make the skin bit drier.If I have makeup on,I remove it first prior to cleansing with coconut oil.

After cleansing ,I spray the Avene thermal springwater on my face and neck to tone the pores and also cool down my skin and reduce the redness.I have eczema patches on my cheek,so this has helped it a lot.I let it air dry.

I follow this with Patanjali aloe vera gel.I massage it gently all over my face and neck and wait for a minute or two to let it get absorbed.Aloe vera gel is good for dry flaky skin or sensitive skin.Actually for all skin types. Oily skin women may stop their skincare routine at this.Aloe vera gel moisturizes your skin,soothes the sensitive skin and reduces itchiness and dryness.It doesn’t clog the pores. I have done a post on goodness of aloe vera gel.Do check it out here.

Since I have dry patches,I apply Nevlon moisturizing cream on my dry patches for additional moisturization.I use this for daytime as this is readily absorbed into the skin without causing greasiness.For nightime or at home days,I use Avene Trixera+ selectiose emollient cream on the dry patches only,since this is very rice in nature.This is good for eczema people as it reduces the dryness.Check my instagram for 1 month result,where my flakiness disappeared after applying this.

For luscious lips,I have been using a natural lip balm from Puresuds.This is highly moisturizing and keeps my lips hydrated for 6-8 hours without eating/drinking and for 4-5 hours with drinking/eating.

This entire process takes approximately 4-5 minutes. 🙂 Isn’t that simple! You must have noticed that I am using Avene products a lot.In no way am I promoting or advertising for them.I am using the products as they are genuinely good for sensitive/problematic skin.I have seen the results and also my dermatologist suggested me to use.However,they are costly,atleast in India.But good things come at a price. 😛

Also,Nevlon ,Puresuds and Patanjali are Indian brands,so you may not find them in your country or online.But you can use their equivalent.I am sure aloe vera gel is hugely available worldwide,so is the lip balm containing shea butter or mango butter.You can use any moisturizing cream that suits you.

I have been following this routine for more than a month,and my skin texture has improved,so is the glow.Earlier I used to have serums in my routine but now I have kept it simple.

If you want me to review any of the products used above,do write in the comments section below. I will be happy to post on them.

IMG_20151114_125957_HDR IMG_20151114_130020_HDR IMG_20151114_130031_HDR

Do watch out for the weekly home facial routine I will be posting soon. 🙂 See you all in my next post,byee,take care lovelies. 🙂 

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Juicy Chemistry Cell construction serum review


I know,I know,I am posting again on the same brand.But I can’t help it.It was sent to me for review and I have to give a verdict,right? 😛 Also,I am genuinely loving the product,so decided to share my views on it.

I had never used a serum before,so was desperately looking for a serum which would suit my combination sensitive skin.Looks like,God answered my prayers in the form of this tiny bottle sent to me by the Juicy Chemistry . 🙂

I had notified them about my skin beforehand and so they felt this will do justice to my skin.So,here goes the review.

What they claim:It is formulated with ingredients that are highly Cicatrisant(anti-scarring properties).Our serum penetrates deeply into the skin and works to heal and regenerate damaged skin.

For best use,use it every night.

The product when used regularly results in diminishing:-

  • acne scars
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • stretch marks
  • dark spots
  • fine lines & wrinkles

Price: INR 300 for 8ml which I find affordable as it will last you a long time.

Ingredients:Rosehipseed oil,jojoba oil,almond oil,carrotseed oil,lavender oil,frankincense oil,geranium essential oil,neroli essential oil and helichrysum essenial oil.

Usage: 3-4 drops for the face and neck combined.

Packaging: Comes in a small glass bottle having a dropper cap.Unscrew the cap and use the attached dropper.

Smell:I cannot describe the exact fragrance to which it resembles but it is pleasant and an organic smell.

Availability: Only through Facebook and whatsapp.I hope they come up with their site. :-/ Also,they take the payment through bank transfer.Internationally,I don’t think they deliver. :-/ But I do hope,they start shipping outside India soon.

My views: I use the serum after toning my face.I apply it by patting gently on the skin.Serums are concentrated oils so 3-4 drops are sufficient ,also,it should not be rubbed onto the skin.Gentle application is the key. 🙂

It gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t make my skin oily or dry.I did not notice any redness or tingling feeling so this can work for sensitive skin beauties.

The smell will go away within a minute of application so those having a sensitive nose,will not find any problem.

I have been using this since a month and I am actually happy to say that this serum works in removing the dark spots,scars and hyper-pigmentation. I don’t have spots that much but a weird pimple caused a dark spot on my forehead a month back,which has literally gone away now. 🙂 Also, my skin looks more clear and hydrated.This imparts a glow when you wake up in the morning.I don’t have wrinkles so can’t comment on it.Also,I haven’t used it for stretch marks as it will get finished quickly if I start using for my body. 😛 I am not ashamed to admit I have loads of those white lines on my body. 🙂

The price tag is also nice as I have only got to 1/4th of the bottle even after a month’s usage.

I will rate it 5/5 and I am definitely buying it once I finish my bottle.

They are taking orders through facebook and whatsapp as of now.Their no. is 91-9655663566.I have also reviewed a product from their range last weekend.Here’s the link if you missed it.

IMG_20150711_112519_HDR IMG_20150708_235340 IMG_20150708_235408

Do let me know whether this serum worked for you or  not.Feel free to ask me questions. 🙂 See you all in my next post. Byeeee :-*

DIY face cleanser for all skin types

Heya beauties!!! 🙂

How’s your weekend going on? 😉

As you maybe knowing, I am a sucker for herbal products. But the products we buy from the stores,are not entirely organic.They are having some or the other preservatives,which diminishes the purpose of herbal ingredients.All herbal products should have less shelf life specially if they are in liquid form,say paste,like a week or two. And for powder form,it can stay till a month or so, provided they are kept in air-tight containers. 😦 So, I decided to make my own herbal beauty product using easily available ingredients from the kitchen or garden.

I am starting with a face cleanser suitable for all skin types including eczema , sensitive skin or acne-prone skin and a shelf life of a month.


  • turmeric
  • besan or gram flour or chickpea flour
  • oats
  • honey(optional)

Turmeric-It is endowed with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so suitable for wounds,acne etc; It contains a compound known as ‘curcumin’ which forms the yellow pigment; this in turn functions as a coloring agent to impart a brighter skin complexion.Turmeric is an anti-oxidant that assists in attacking free radicals to give a youthful looking skin, devoid of rashes and other disorders.

Besan or gram flour or chickpea flour- It makes your skin smooth and radiant.Helps in removing tan and is a popular ingredient for skin lightening.It reduces oiliness and fights pimples.Also,removes dead cells, excess sebum and dirt quite effectively,so acts as a good scrub.Regular use reduces unwanted hair.

Oats-It absorbs and removes excess oil and bacteria from your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells, thus helping to combat acne.Oats are effective in fighting dull, flaky dryness as they contain polysaccharides, which become gelatinous in water. They form a fine protective film when applied on skin.It is effective in addressing dry skin symptoms like itching, rashes, scales, peeling etc.It contains beta-glucan that forms a fine film on your skin as well as penetrates deep into the skin to provide much needed deep moisturizing to your skin.It enhances wound healing and shallow abrasions and improves collagen deposition and activation of immune cells within the skin,helpful during chicken pox and poison ivy.Oats have anti-inflammatory properties and are suitable for all skin types. They are clinically effective in healing dry and itchy skin.Hence,can be used for eczema or dry skin related diseases.Oats are known for their skin lightening effects as well as improving the skin tone and texture and smoothing out blotchy areas.Oats contain natural cleansers called saponins that can remove dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation.It leaves behind soft and silky skin and reduces pore size.

Honey-It is anti-bacterial in nature so good for acne-prone skin.Also,it is moisturizing so good for skin as it doesn’t strip it off its natural oils.


1. Take the oats and besan.


2. Grind the oats to a powdered form so that besan and oats can be mixed easily.


3. Now we have to mix the powdered oats with besan thoroughly.


4. After mixing ,add a little turmeric and mix it again.


5. It should look like pale yellow powder.To this,you can add honey 2 tsps.I didn’t add it here,because unluckily,didn’t had it that time. 😦 But both the results are good for skin.


6. Store it in an airtight jar.Your herbal cleanser is ready.



Take a tsp size in your hand.Add water or milk to it to make a thick paste.Rub it in your palms and then apply it as you usually do with a facewash.You can keep this for a minute to act as facepack or wash it off immediatly.

PS: Do a patch test first because everyone has different skin.Even though the ingredients used here,shouldn’t cause any problem but to be on the safer side,do it.If there is itching or redness,discontinue the use.

If you tried this cleanser,let me know.I want to know whether this worked for you or not.I love hearing from you all. 🙂

Till the next post,byeee,tc, XOXO :-*

Episoft cleansing lotion review

Hey all!

I have been keeping busy lately,so sorry if I didn’t post anything. 😦

Today,I am reviewing a cleansing lotion which I have used since December 14,and recently bought its second bottle.So you can guess,this will be a positive review.

Skin type: Combination skin,sensitive,normal skin and acne-prone skin.(I experimented with this after seeing a girl with acne using this)

Availability: Easily in any drug store

Price & quantity: 180 INR for 125ml..pretty good

Smell: No such fragrance

Texture: Milky white liquid

Packaging: Comes in a white paper box.The plastic bottle itself is a flip-cap bottle.Suitable for travel also.

My thoughts: I used this during my flare-up and it was the perfect cleansing lotion for me.It didn’t sting at all,cleansed my face well and didn’t cause dryness.During the winters,it caused slight dryness on my combination skin,but I think for summers,this will be suitable also.

Since it didn’t cause further reaction on my skin,so sensitive skinned people can go for this.This is a cleansing lotion which leaves the skin clean,not control oiliness. So oily skinned people will not benefit from this.

It doesn’t lather at all.So those who are used to foamy cleansers,will not like this.

I found this cleanser very gentle as this is good for the skin and also eyes. 😛 So many times,this product has come into contact with my eyes,but it doesn’t harm it at all.No stinging or redness.

I wet my face,take a little amount of it,rub it in between my palms and use it on my face like I am massaging a moisturiser.After 1-2 Min,I wash my face.

IMG_20150316_202020 IMG_20150316_202046_1426527343539 IMG_20150316_202034_1426527357578 IMG_20150316_202201 IMG_20150316_202545

Aroma magic Aloe Vera cold cream review

Heya beautiful ladies & girls!

I know it’s been a while I posted something.I had excess work pressure,cooking and maintaining the home on my own,(Parents have gone somewhere. 😉 ) and also,facing some health issues.Now ,that I am back on the track,I decided to do a review on this herbal cold cream,newly launched by Blossom Kochhar,the owner of Aroma magic brand.

I stumbled on this during this winter when I was on the lookout for herbal cream stuff for my eczema and dry skin issues.Previously,I was using Nivea cold cream.Though it didn’t harm me in the short term,but lately I am preferring anything herbal.

Price- INR 85 for 50g. I know it is on the higher side,but when it comes to natural stuff,I am ready to bear the cost. 

Availability- Hmmn! We have an issue here.Aroma magic products are available strictly online,or maybe in some select stores which I haven’t come across yet.I had ordered this on Amazon since I wanted to try this first.All other retail sites were offering 1+1 only.Also,you can order from their official website,but their shipping and delivery cost is higher than other sites. 😦 Currently,they have reduced the price.

Ingredients- Everything mentioned is purely natural.But I am pretty sure,with expiry of 36 months,there’s bound to be something inorganic.I think the base for the cream maybe not herbal.(Just my guess) You can test it by looking at the expiry date.Herbal formulations should have short life term.

Texture- Lighter than the traditional cold creams.It is not thick or greasy.Very easy to blend.I had applied this on my hands and face,but noticed that it took time to absorb on my face.

Smell-Faint lemony smell,strong scent of usual cold cream. :-\ After application-the smell vanishes.

Packaging- Sturdy translucent plastic tub with a white screw lid.It has the labels on the lid as well on the sides.It is big in size so maybe not feasible for handbags.

My views- Firstly,I noticed that they could increase the quantity as the tub thickness is high that it gives the impression of more product.I would say 50g would last you a month or a month & a half if used twice daily on the face and neck.

It takes time to absorb which is not good for the women on the run to work.On my combination sensitive skin,it took time to get into my skin,but I am hoping this will work for dry to very dry skin beauties.For me,it didn’t breakout.Also,there’s a glow after applying it.It didn’t sting my flareups so yay for sensitive skin.

If you have acne prone or oily skin,this will not work for you.Normal skin people can try this as night time hydration.

Overall verdict is 3/5 and there’s room for improvement.I don’t know whether I will buy again,because it is almost summer,so this will not suit me.

Hope you like the review.Cya,take care. :-*

IMG_20150222_195321 IMG_20150222_195436 IMG_20150222_195446


IMG_20150222_195533 IMG_20150222_195550 IMG_20150222_195610