Eau thermale Avene cold cream lip cream review


Being eczema-prone and having sensitive skin,I always stock up on my skincare so that when the time comes,I am battle ready .

Last year,I splurged on Avene products suited to my skin type,and bought this lip cream in that haul. I started using this lip cream since Jan 2016.

Avene has gained reputation in the dermatology area as it makes premium skincare for sensitive,acne-prone and atopic skin.It is a France-based company whose trademark product Avene thermal spring water garnered so many fans,me being one of them.

Recently,I am suffering from extremely dry lips and itchy lip corners due to matte lipsticks I was wearing daily.None of the usual lip balms I had been using were able to moisturise it for a long time.So I opened up this tube and saw its goodness from the first usage.


Availability: It is available only online as far I know. In India,it is very costly due to import costs,so I got my tube from UAE.
Here are the links:
Amazon.in-Avene Cold Cream Lip Cream

Ebay-Avene cold cream lip cream

Rediff-Avene cold cream lip cream

Price and quantity: INR 1281 according to Amazon.in as I trust it shows the genuine MRP for India.(I am not biased,if you are thinking that way. )The tube has 15 ml product,which according to me is very less for the price offered.If someone has dry lips,they will apply this many times ,so this will get finished very easily. 😦 I usually prefer budget lip balms for this reason.
If you have someone living abroad,tell them to buy it for you.

Ingredients: Long list so attached the picture . πŸ˜›

Packaging: Comes in a white cardboard box bearing the usual instructions,price,quantity and ingredients. Mind you! Most of it is written in French.The lip cream comes in white tube,like the Himalaya lip balm.You have to squeeze it for the product to come out.During harsh winters,the lip cream refused to come out,which I found time consuming.

Texture and fragrance: Looks exactly like petroleum jelly and smells like it too.It is thicker than other lip balms as during summers,it doesn’t go runny like Vaseline .Also it thickens more in winters.

Description and when to use:


My views:I will jot it down in short as its just a lip balm. πŸ˜›

-Moisturises the lips for a long time (6-7 hours without heavy meals and 4+ hours with meals and drinking.)

-Thicker consistency so will stay on your lips more.

-Very small size and sturdy packaging-travel friendly.

-Glides on the lips easily.

-Expensive for the quantity.

-Thicker consistency means it doesn’t come out of the tube easily.

-Available only online.

Will I recommend? Yes! For sensitive skin people only as we have very less options in India.I guess beauty comes at a price.I would rate it 4/5.Packaging can be improved.

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My daily Autumn/Winter skincare routine


It’s been a long time since I posted something. I am so sorry. 😦 I was caught up with the festivities around here.It involved home decorating,lighting the balconies with lamps and earthen pots and ofcourse, decorating yourself. πŸ˜‰ If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen me posting a video on my room decor and a picture of me in traditional attire and makeup for Diwali,an Indian festival of lights.

Now that I am finally over with them,let me post a skincare routine for women suffering from combination/dry/sensitive skin for autumn to winter season.Hope this helps you. πŸ™‚

I follow a very simple daily skincare routine as I beleive we women,juggling from home to office don’t have so much time to pamper ourselves on a daily basis. :-\ I will post a weekly home facial routine soon for that extra time we reserve for ourselves on the weekends. πŸ˜‰

I cleanse my face twice a day with Avene emollient cleansing gel for dry to sensitive skin.This cleans the face well but may make the skin bit drier.If I have makeup on,I remove it first prior to cleansing with coconut oil.

After cleansing ,I spray the Avene thermal springwater on my face and neck to tone the pores and also cool down my skin and reduce the redness.I have eczema patches on my cheek,so this has helped it a lot.I let it air dry.

I follow this with Patanjali aloe vera gel.I massage it gently all over my face and neck and wait for a minute or two to let it get absorbed.Aloe vera gel is good for dry flaky skin or sensitive skin.Actually for all skin types. Oily skin women may stop their skincare routine at this.Aloe vera gel moisturizes your skin,soothes the sensitive skin and reduces itchiness and dryness.It doesn’t clog the pores. I have done a post on goodness of aloe vera gel.Do check it out here.

Since I have dry patches,I apply Nevlon moisturizing cream on my dry patches for additional moisturization.I use this for daytime as this is readily absorbed into the skin without causing greasiness.For nightime or at home days,I use Avene Trixera+ selectiose emollient cream on the dry patches only,since this is very rice in nature.This is good for eczema people as it reduces the dryness.Check my instagram for 1 month result,where my flakiness disappeared after applying this.

For luscious lips,I have been using a natural lip balm from Puresuds.This is highly moisturizing and keeps my lips hydrated for 6-8 hours without eating/drinking and for 4-5 hours with drinking/eating.

This entire process takes approximately 4-5 minutes. πŸ™‚ Isn’t that simple! You must have noticed that I am using Avene products a lot.In no way am I promoting or advertising for them.I am using the products as they are genuinely good for sensitive/problematic skin.I have seen the results and also my dermatologist suggested me to use.However,they are costly,atleast in India.But good things come at a price. πŸ˜›

Also,Nevlon ,Puresuds and Patanjali are Indian brands,so you may not find them in your country or online.But you can use their equivalent.I am sure aloe vera gel is hugely available worldwide,so is the lip balm containing shea butter or mango butter.You can use any moisturizing cream that suits you.

I have been following this routine for more than a month,and my skin texture has improved,so is the glow.Earlier I used to have serums in my routine but now I have kept it simple.

If you want me to review any of the products used above,do write in the comments section below. I will be happy to post on them.

IMG_20151114_125957_HDR IMG_20151114_130020_HDR IMG_20151114_130031_HDR

Do watch out for the weekly home facial routine I will be posting soon. πŸ™‚ See you all in my next post,byee,take care lovelies. πŸ™‚Β 

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