Avene Eau Thermale Xeracalm AD cream review

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People suffering from dry skin,sensitive skin and eczema-prone people swear by this brand.So last year,I also took the plunge and introduced this in my skincare.To be honest,the products have improved my skin texture,reduce redness and itching and control the symptoms to some extent.However,the cream was too rich to be used during the day,so I had to be patient while using them.I have a done a review on some of the products from the Trixera+ selectiose range of Avene.I will link them below.

Eau thermale Avene cold cream lip cream review

Avene Trixera+ Selectiose emollient cream review ( for dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin)

Recently,when I saw,Avene has come up with a new product for us people,I knew I have to get it.It is the Xeracalm AD cream ,balm and cleansing oil.I bought only the cream for myself after reading about them.

Availability: It is available mostly online everywhere.I got mine from UAE.But I just found out,this particular item is cheaper in India. 😛 I will provide all the links below.Rest of the world can find it in stores or Boots.

Price & quantity: Varies everywhere but it is a 200ml product which will last you a long time.

Avene XeraCalm A.D LipidReplenishing Cream 200ml/6.76oz

Avene Avène XeraCalm AD Lipid-Replenishing Cream

Avene Xeracalm AD cream-rediff

Packaging: Comes in the usual tube form with fliptop cap.It has a different opening mechanism as in you press the tube and a seal comes up as you keep on pressing.The product gradually comes up.The moment you stop squeezing,the seal goes back,but the product stays.This prevent contamination with the remaining cream.I give 5 star rating to this package.Very travel-friendly and hygienic. 🙂 Usage instructions are given on the tube and the box it comes in.Detailed ingredients are given on the box and it has a small pamphlet inside it.

Texture & fragrance: No smell at all.It is a very thick cream actually but the beauty of it lies after application.It looks like it will stay on top of the skin,but leave it,and within a moment,the cream gets absorbed and your skin looks dewy instead of matte or greasy.I like this actually.Perfect for day time.Just pat it gently on the dry areas and bam!its gone.Kudos!to the texture.

Ingredients: See for yourself.I went through all of them and pleased to see 90% ingredients comes from plants and so called microorganisms. 😛 I will try giving a brief info on the unknown ingredients.This cream boasts of no paraben & preservatives. Isn’t that amazing? 


cetearyl alcohol-These are fatty alcohols,conditions and softens the skin.

caprylic triglyceride-derived from coconut oil and glycerine,emollient

cetearyl glucoside-Can be obtained from cetearyl alcohol or coconut oil.Helps in mixing of oils in water.

Aquaphilus dolomiae- It is a bacteria found in thermal springs.Anti-irritating and soothing.

Arginine-Boosts collagen and heals wounds

Carbomer-Gives the creamy texture to the product.

Glycine-Wound healing 

Tocopherol-Vit E…You know it.

My views: I have used it and I fell in love with it.I dab it in the places of  dryness and it gets absorbed easily and gives that dewy finish.

Even though its written that its good for severe dryness,but I feel the balm will work better for excessive dryness.This cream is good for sensitive skin and moderate to mild dryness.

It does reduce the itching sensation that I have due to my eczema patches on the face.

It also reduces redness due to rashes or sensitivity.Overall it gives a soothing effect to the skin.

This cream doesn’t cure the eczema or rashes but it will make it bearable so that we don’t scratch the skin or infect it.I will suggest everyone to try this who share dry skin issues.This cream is good for babies as well due to absence of preservatives and parabens.




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My Eczema journal-Spring-Summer


It’s been a while since I posted an update of my eczema.I am having an on & off relationship with eczema and I wish I have a proper break-up with him,but alas!he’s clingy. 😀

The weather here in Delhi,India is turning warm day by day and so my skin is turning itchier.Also,I am having a lot of work at my office so the stress level is also high even though I make sure not to brood on any subject,but I guess,heart and mind refuse to cooperate with me.Taking these factors in mind,my eczema has come back again.

I haven’t changed anything in my skincare and I haven’t changed my diet either.So,I am sure the above factors are contributing to this.My cheeks have these dry flaky red patches which worsen when I wake up due to rubbing of skin with the pillow. 😦 Now ,how I am supposed to stop that. My neck also has this equally irritating dry patch.My hands are as usual dry and flaky.It is the face I worry the most.

My skincare is simple and I stick to that .This itself is controlling my eczema to some extent.I have done review on 1 product. If you want to have a look,click on the link. 🙂 Here’s what I use:-

  1. Avene Trixera+ selectiose emollient cleansing gel-Good for combination/sensitive skin and weeping eczema.
  2. Avene thermal spring water as toner and cooling the skin.
  3. Aroma Treasures Aloe vera gel for reducing inflammation and flakiness
  4. Avene Trixera+selectiose emollient cream on the dry itchy patches only as it is very rich and thick.
  5. Pure Suds mango lip butter-Herbal and moisturizes the lips well.
  6. I also use Boroline cream as hand cream at night as it is high in lanolin which softens the hands.

That’s it.Hope my eczema calms down to bare minimum.If you have any suggestions,please let me know.I also have my questions regarding La-Roche Posay.Does anyone use this?

See you all in my next post,Take care,bye :-)

Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave balm as primer!

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After coming across many youtubers and bloggers talking about this, I decided, let me share what I feel about this men’s product.

I was on the lookout for a budget primer and I came across reviews of this product. Trust me! I was scared when testing this on my sensitive combination skin. So, let’s move on to how it fared for me.


Price & quantity: INR 235 for 100 ml. I got it from Amazon.in at INR 191. (Discount lover! 😛 ) Compared to other primers, this is cheap and has ample quantity.

Availability: Available in drug stores and also online all over the world.

Ingredients: IMG_20160125_154501_394_opt

Fragrance: ‘Manly’ is the word. Traditional aftershave lotion smell. It vanishes after a minute.

Texture & color: It is runny, white in color. Glides easily on the skin. Takes time to seep into the skin but you can work with your foundation or bb cream after applying it.


Packaging: Comes in a white plastic bottle with labelling and usual instructions. It has a screwed type cap which is sturdy. No leakage so travel friendly.

Description: The extra gentle and alcohol-free formula contains soothing and healing ingredients like Chamomile, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 that help care for sensitive, just shaved skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves it feeling soothed and moisturised.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


How It Works

Redness-free and irritation-free skin that improves over time.

How to use product

Apply liberally on the shaved area and massage into skin.For best results, shave with the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel or Foam.

My views: I had used a BB cream, as its texture is thicker than foundations and can be used to test whether it glides easily or not. Primer is supposed to make a smooth canvas on your face, fill in pores and hold your make-up for longer time.

I apply my primer on moisturised face. At first sight, it made me look oilier. I had used it as I use my moisturiser. Waited for a minute to let it sink in, but it didn’t quite do so. So I went ahead with my BB cream. I blended everything with my fingers and I must say, it does work. The BB cream easily blended on my skin. My face didn’t have the flaky patches. I got the dewy finish which I prefer during winters. You can top it up with compact for matte finish.

What I felt-

  1. Smoothens the skin
  2. Fills in small pores. Don’t know about large ones as I don’t have any.
  3. Moisturises the face as it doesn’t have any alcohol,so no more drying effect.
  4. Provides a cooling effect
  5. Controls oil easily in winters for 4-5 hours for combination skin
  6. Didn’t cause any reaction on my eczema-prone sensitive skin.

Dry skinned beauties may need a moisturiser underneath. Oily skin can skip moisturiser entirely. Girls who have sensitive skin, can try this.For summers, I need to test it, but I guess, compact will be necessary.

Overall verdict: You can buy this! This is cheap, works well and is travel-friendly. It fills the pores to some extent and is good for all skin types.Here’s the link if you don’t find it in Indian drug stores:

Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm – 100 ml

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Do tag me if you have used this.See you all in my next post,take care,bye 🙂 :-*

Avene Trixera+ Selectiose emollient cream review ( for dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin)


Today I will be reviewing the most sought after cream in dermatology and would like to share whether it stays true to its claims or not.

If you are following me closely,you would know that I have sensitive combination skin which turns drier during fall-winter season.This year I vowed to take extra care so as to not to flare up like last year. :-\  I got myself this cream and I must say,this is going to stay with me forever.

Availability: This is available only online as far I know,on all the renowned sites like Amazon,purplle etc in India.However,if someone knows any store in Delhi-NCR,do let me know. I got this from Abu Dhabi. This cream comes in 2 variants-200 and 400 ml.

Price & quantity: It is sold for INR 1500 for 200 ml on these sites but currently it is selling cheap for INR 1425 on Fortishealthworld.com, Keep a lookout for discounts online. The customs have made this a pricey affair so if possible get it from abroad like I did. For 200 ml ,this is indeed very costly but when it comes to skincare related to eczema,I can’t take any chances.

Fragrance: It doesn’t have any and it is also mentioned on the tube.


• Avène Thermal Spring Water (50%) – Calms redness and irritation, soothes and softens

• Selectiose® (1%) – Helps control the skin’s inflammation response

• Lipidic-Trio (Essential fatty acids, Ceramides 3, Plant sterols) – Restores the skin’s barrier

• Glycine – Relieves itching

Packaging: It comes in a cardboard box which I threw away. Sorry. Inside it,there is a pamphlet which has details about the brand and their products description from Trixera+ line. The pamphlet is very helpful as you can choose products based on your skin. The tube is simple plastic white tube with flip cap. It is sturdy so no spillage.

Texture: White cream which comes out easily of the tube. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.It glides on the skin like a dream.

Usage: Apply 1/2 times in a day on very dry areas of the face and body.

What it claims:

• Patented Selectiose® reduces skin hypersensitivity and irritation and controls skin inflammation response

• Relieves itching

• Restores the skin’s barrier

• Prevents moisture loss and soothes irritation

• Suitable for infants, children and adults

• Fragrance-free, paraban-free

• Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften skin

• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

My views: I have been using this judiciously and reviewing this after 15 days. After cleansing my face,I use it on my cheeks  which have a mild flare up now. I prefer this at night as it makes it look bit greasy and sticky.Also,at night skin products work the best as your skin is free from any pollution effects. I spread it on my cheeks gently and then start dabbing it lightly so as to not to irritate my skin further.

Only a pea sized amount goes a long way when you are applying on small areas like cheeks or chin. So I would say this tube will last me for a long time.

Honestly,this cream is not a miracle cream which will make your dryness or eczema go away in a jiffy. But in these 15 days,my skin looks smoother,less itchier and flaky.Also my skin looks softer.The redness has also reduced. I still have the flare up,but it is not noticeable now. 🙂 It hasn’t broken me out so that is a sure sign that it doesn’t clog the pores. I will keep on using this and will update after a month on my instagram.

Overall I am happy at how my skin is reacting to this. Avene is indeed a trustworthy brand and I did my research on it well before buying this stuff. Infact,I have bought many things from their range and soon I will post my thoughts on them too.This is not a promotion at all.If you are suffering from dry skin,eczema or sensitive skin,go ahead and buy this.This does work.

IMG_20151008_203239_HDR IMG_20151008_203246_HDR IMG_20151008_203313_HDR IMG_20151010_133241_HDR

Stay healthy and happy.See you all in my next post. Byeee XOXO :-* 🙂

Bio organic & natural(BON) aloevera cinnamon orange gel review

Hey lovelies!

You know how much I love Aloe vera and its products. In fact after knowing its numerous benefits,I prioritized its presence in my beauty stack. Also,anything organic is my beloved. 😉

Today I am going to review one such related product sent to me as a sample by the BON team.I promised them of an honest review and so here I am after a month of usage.

Firstly,their products are all handcrafted and use organic ingredients only.Also,they have variety of products ranging from skin care,hair care to pets,mom & baby.If you want to know more about them,here’s the link.


Availability- Currently they are operating only through their website and cater to 34 countries including India. 🙂 So availability is not an issue.

Price- INR 150 for 100g and INR 290 for 200g which I find reasonable.Shipping costs are additional.

Packaging- Plastic transparent tub with a white lid screwed on top.There’s a label on the topside and on the side . It is a simple packaging but prone to dents during shipping which happened in my case. 😦 Also,some of the product got leaked. So,may not be travel friendly.

Texture & Smell-It is an orange gel having faint orangish smell.The gel is very lightweight and gets easily absorbed into the skin.

Ingredients-Picture attached below.

My views- It claims beautification, fairness enhancement and its ability to freshen, which also tones and softens the skin.Frequent use prevents chapping, drying, wrinkling or cracking of the skin. Bedtime use prevents premature ageing of the skin.

After using it,I did find my skin to be soft and my dry patches are moisturised.Since I use it at night,I find my face glows when I wake up in the morning.It immediately imparts a brightening effect to the face on application.I don’t have open pores that much so can’t comment on its toning effect but when I apply it,it has a cooling effect on the skin.

I follow the 5-dot rule when applying it and little goes a long way.The gel is easy to blend into the skin and doesn’t make the skin oily.It is good to use in summers but for winters ,a heavy moisturiser maybe required afterwards.So this is good for normal,oily and combination skin.Dry skinned beauties may need additional moisturiser.It didn’t affect my sensitive skin so for me this worked,but do test it before in small quantity on your face if you have sensitive issues.

Overall verdict 4/5 due to packaging.I am loving this product and have included in my routine. 🙂 If you want to buy it,follow the given link.


PS: Due to a packing tape,my label got destroyed in the process of removing the tape so I couldn’t figure out the expiry date. 😦 BON team,if you are reading this,do let me know about its expiry. 🙂

IMG_20150610_222426_HDR IMG_20150610_222459_HDR IMG_20150610_222539_HDR

Till the next post,byee ladies,take care XOXO :-*

Nutraclin body cleanser review

Heya ladies!

I have been looking at Caitlyn’s photo(Yes! The famous picture that is being circulated on the internet and Omg,she’s glamorous.) and that’s when it occurred to me,that there are other beautiful ladies all over the world to whom I made a promise to blog  regularly.

So I opened my notes app on my phone,checked which product I have to write about and chose a body wash for you. 🙂 My phone is my diary.I click pictures,take notes and edit them.It is all in there. I have heard that to be a good blogger,one needs to have a DSLR or a high end editing software. I find it hilarious. 😛 As long as the picture or video you are posting is visible enough to spot the letters and no.s in it,why spend so much on a bulky camera or high end software?

I have been using this bodywash since January 15 and it will last me another month and half easily.This product is marketed by a company called Ethicare Remedies.They work closely with dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.So their products are safe to use for skin and hair and targets the problem areas if you have any. For me,this is the first company who claims to have products suitable for my eczema-prone sensitive combination skin. After reading on them,I decided to try their cream and bodywash. I have already reviewed the cream HydromaxCT earlier.Link is given below.To know more about this company and their products,check their website below.Till now,they have shipped to Mauritius, Dubai, Bangladesh, Yemen & Nepal;and expanding further. If you want to buy something,contact on their email given in the site.

Official website: http://www.ethicare.in/

HydromaxCT review: https://simplybful.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/hydromaxct-cream-review/

Price: INR 159 for 250 ml which is cool,really. This will actually last you a long time .Also,they give a free loofah which is of good quality.

Availability: Only available on their website and also Amazon.in. I am eagerly waiting when they will be available in nearby stores.

Smell: Glycerine-ish smell which is not too strong.

Ingredients: Given in the picture below.I didn’t like the presence of SLS and SLES. It could have been avoided but I guess,for lather purposes it is required. 😦

Packaging: Plastic bottle with a flip-top cap which is sturdy for travel purposes.

Texture: It has clear gel consistency which is not too runny.

Usage: Since it lathers well,so small quantity is required. Differs from person to person.

My view: I absolutely love it and it was my knight in shining armour when I was plagued with eczema during winters.I took the courage to go outside without applying moisturiser after bath to see its effects and I was surprised.It kept my skin soft even without a moisturiser that too during the harsh winter.In summers,due to the presence of hot blowing winds in Delhi,you may need a moisturiser.It has immense quantity of glycerine in it so that’s why it keeps the skin soft.Since it is a neutral Ph cleanser,it is safe to use.

If you are a lover of lather,this won’t disappoint you. 😉 It cleans the skin well and refreshes you .It is economical since it lasts a long time and that too within your budget. If your skin is dry and sensitive,you should go for it.Normal skinned people can also opt for this.

PS: If you have cuts or wounds,it might sting you because of glycerine in it.Also,do a patch test before.This is my honest review.I haven’t been sponsored in anyway. 

IMG_20150606_104747_HDR IMG_20150606_104805_HDR_1433567902343 IMG_20150606_113057_HDR


Hope you liked my review.Till the next post,bye,cya, XOXO :-* take care

My current skincare routine-Sensitive combination skin (Summer time)

Heya beautiful ladies!!!

By this time you must have noticed that I am a weekend person,when it comes to posting anything.Weekdays are the most hectic part of my life,so it is quite tough to write anything during that time.Now,you must be thinking,”She should get a life.Who sits at home during weekends?” 😛 Well! I usually prefer my weekends at home,as in India,you don’t want to venture out in the heat and also,I am quite a lazy person. 😀

Anyway,today my post is about the skincare I am following currently.As of now,my skin is having small dry patches on the cheeks and an oily T-zone.Firstly,I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis so this skincare routine is different.So,I will include details regarding  minimal to no make-up skin only.

I would like to say that till date,I haven’t found a single product which controls my T-zone but doesn’t strip moisture from my dry cheeks. 😦 so I have to use more products. Infact,this is not wrong.You are using the products which suit your type.But,if anyone knows of an item,please….. please let me know of it,as I am getting tired in searching for that One product for my entire face.

IMG_20150502_125731 IMG_20150502_114836-001

In the morning,I wash my face with lukewarm water.This opens up the pores.I apply Aroma magic aloe vera cleanser on my cheeks,neck  and chin and massage it gently.On my T-zone,I apply the Aroma treasures aloe vera face wash. This removes the excess oil and controls the shine for sometime.I wash everything off with cold water.I prefer using these 2 as they are mild cleansers and in the morning,you don’t want excessive cleaning of the face.After that I apply my Fabindia tea tree oil toner with a cotton ball, on my T-zone mainly.This controls the oil and prevents acne.I wait for a minute ,then apply aloe vera gel on my face and neck.During summers,no moisturiser works for me so I prefer aloe vera gel,which soothes the skin,prevents infections,nourishes the skin and is good for my eczematic skin.On my dry patches,I apply a little amount of aloe vera cold cream.A  little goes a long way when it comes to applying it,as it is effective in moistening the patches. Then I go for my Lotus Herbals sunscreen matte gel SPF 50.This is my go to sunscreen.It is my favourite because it actually mattifies the skin,sweat proof ,doesn’t make a whitish cast on face and also non-clogging.I apply just a coloured liner on my upper lids and a coloured lip balm.On my T-zone,I use compact powder and then I am out for the day.

In the night,first,I take a cotton ball,put 1-2 drops of coconut oil on it,and gently wipe my liner off.Coconut oil is an excellent make-up remover.Try it.Then,after washing with lukewarm water,I use the Clean & clear Blackhead clearing face wash on my T-zone,since this actually removes the blackheads,cleans the dirt and removes the oil.For my other parts,I use the Episoft cleanser.This cleanses the skin without irritating it.After washing everything off with cold water,I use the toner and aloe vera gel.Then the cold cream for my dry patches.I literally slather my lips with Maybelline Electropop tangy and fierce.This is my love.Keeps my lips soft for the entire night.

Once a week,I use the Ozone skin awakening scrub.If I am tanned,then I follow it with Just herbs almond complexion pack,which removes the tan and is good in oil-control.But I don’t use it often as it dries out my skin too much.Also,most days when I am too tired to use different cleansers for my skin,I use my DIY face cleanser.Does the job well.

Most of the products I have already reviewed  or explained earlier.But ,if you want,I can review the other products.Let me know of it in the comment box below.Also,all the products are available on major shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart etc,specially for people residing outside India.

If your skin type is like mine,you can try this.Till the next time,Byeee… XOXO :-*

PS: I am an avid believer in the goodness of Aloe vera,so I can’t live without it.It worked for me during my eczema flare-up in the winters. :-\