Risks and Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal in Your Beauty Routine


Activated charcoal has been around for a very long time, but it’s only in the recent years that it’s getting the spotlight as a new miracle beauty product. However, is it worth all the hype? We sometimes tend to follow health fads without examining them closely, and this can lead to potential harm. The aim of this article is to examine this beauty trend and see if it has any real benefits and how can we use it in our beauty routines.

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is carbon that has been processed by high temperatures and gas to create small, low-volume pores that give it excellent absorption qualities. It has been used in medicine to help treat drug overdose or alcohol poisoning, but now it is seeing a much wider range of application. It has the ability to absorb toxins and certain chemicals, and that’s generally the reason people have started using it in various hair and skin treatments, and even as a form of teeth whitener.


A lot of skin experts seem to agree that activated charcoal definitely brings benefits to our skin, with its ability to clean it thoroughly and get rid of all the excess oils. Acne prone skin responds to charcoal treatments especially well, and many people have started making facial masks and using it as a gentle scrub. As acne treatments go, this is a pretty good one, as it reaches deep into our pores and gets rid of all the dirt. A lot of spa professionals and aestheticians are using activated charcoal to help resolve various skin problems related to inflammation and even to get rid of cellulite.


Another popular way of using activated charcoal is as teeth whitener. The trend is very popular in Australia, where people like to mix a small amount of the substance with their toothpaste, and then brush their teeth twice a day. Everybody seems to have their cosmetic dentist in Sydney on speed-dial these days, so it’s no wonder that this trend is taking off, seeing as Australia is on the list of top countries when it comes to dental health. However, not all professionals are on board with charcoal toothpastes, so it’s best to schedule a consultation before you try anything. The health of your teeth is best left to a good dentist.

Besides the cosmetic purposes, activated charcoal can be used for its original purpose – to help settle your stomach, ease bloating, and collect any toxins related to food or alcohol poisoning.


The greatest risk of activated charcoal comes in case of an overdose, when it can cause severe cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. Other than that, it’s actually pretty safe to use, but you should always consult your doctor, especially if you intend to use it in form of capsules.

While there are no great risks involved, there is surprisingly little data that supports the use of activated charcoal and its benefits. Some health professionals seem to think that it’s a passing trend, made popular mostly because of charcoal powder’s intense black colour. The colour makes it look more interesting and so we are easily fooled. Some people also report that it left their faces stained black, and irritated.


Final Thoughts

What it all comes down to is that activated charcoal seems relatively safe to use, if seemingly ineffective. But this is mostly down to individual experiences – what works for one person might not work for the next. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try because a lot of people still swear by it. From DIY facial masks to toothpaste, the trend doesn’t seem to be dying out. Luckily, it’s entirely inexpensive; so, you can give it a go to see if it does anything for you. Test it on a small patch of your skin and then have fun experimenting.

About the author:

Zara Lewis is a designer and a regular contributor to highstylife.com , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.


9 Things To Avoid When Traveling As A Couple

In most cases you will find it getting sour when you travel with your partner. This is due to lack of knowledge on the things you are supposed to avoid. The following 9 things to avoid will be discussed deeply to help you enjoy as a couple. In the presence of misunderstanding, no partner can enjoy considering that the surrounding is new and also the people around are not familiar. I believe that when you decide to travel as a couple, all you want is to enjoy the best you can therefore; the following will be of great help.


The following are 9 things that you need to avoid when traveling as a couple

  1. Don’t Stop Communicating

 Communication is always one major key to a successful love and relationship. Therefore, you have to avoid any mood swings that can come your way that can make you feel dumb. Being dumb will make your partner feel unwanted and will ruin the mood for the holiday. Communication will make you know what your partner is thinking, feeling and where he/ she want to go next. Be open to your partner which will make the whole trip enjoyable and make you enjoy traveling the more. Once you speak out, you will encourage your partner to speak out too.

 2. Do Not Argue About Money

 This entails planning before you travel by budgeting and ensuring that you have enough money. This must be a surplus since when you encounter a deficit; it will raise arguments leading to lack of joy in the trip. Check for travel ideas through internet whereby you will able to identify cheaper and enjoyable places. To avoid these arguments completely do not carry liquid cash since it is so tempting making you to be extravagant unknowingly. The plan on money should entail even when you return from your trip this will help both of you to be alert when spending. Without plan and budgeting, you can come back and realize you have no cash to buy even supper.

 3. Do Not Divide Travel Responsibilities

 Working together helps you to increase your love and understanding for one another. Sharing responsibilities will drive both of you apart making the other party feel used since some responsibilities may be demanding than others. A good relationship entails unity which strengthens the bond you create. Working together helps to avoid stress and also ensure nothing has gone astray.

 4. Avoid Making Complains

 Being a whiner makes your partner think that you are not enjoying the trip. Some people like complaining about the weather, distance, environment which becomes boring to your partner. Try to make your complains in a positive way and consider your partner too.

 5. Do Not Go in the Neighborhood

 Traveling to the neighboring estates or towns is not enjoyable and can never create a trip attitude. Research before you travel and you will be glad to find travel ideas that are more enjoyable and serene than your neighborhood. You will have freedom; encounter new things that you never knew existed.

 6. Do Not Act Possessive to Your Man or Lady

 This happens to both parties when your man compliments another female do not start getting mad at him. Just remember he came with you and it’s you he loves the other lady is just a total stranger. For the male give your lady an allowance to have the freedom of appreciating another man. This will help your relationship become stronger since no one will feel insecure.

 7. Do Not Isolate Yourselves

 Most couples think that when they travel alone is the best idea. This can only be enjoyable during the honeymoon and the first 3 trips to allow you know each other best. Your relationship needs to grow therefore, you require joining other couples as they travel and you will learn new things that you didn’t know. Isolating yourself can also be boring since you might not know other important places couples travel to which are more enjoyable and educative.

 8. Avoid Spending Every Second Together

 Do not be together all the time which does not mean you are avoiding your partner. Being in a relationship does not mean you deny yourself self-love. Do what you love most at least two hours the go back to your partner. It is boring when you cling to your partner all the time.

 9. Do Not Expect All Couples Travel to Be Romantic All Time

You may think that being alone with your partner means being always romantic. That is not the case since it also becomes boring. Make your trip enjoyable by doing different things such as swimming, playing badminton among other things that you don’t find time while at home.


With all the above 9 aspects, you will be able to enjoy your trips and make out so much more as a couple. Being a couple does not mean you become selfish or act less concerned, you need to be wise and act as required.




 Author Bio

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert, having 10 years of experience in Beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fitness, women’s issues and more. In recent  years, she has had an opportunity to learn about Food and Nutrition. She always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, healthy food recipes, and diet plans. Join Vaileria on Twitter, Facebook and G+



5 Reasons You Should Be Using Organic Argan Oil In Beauty Routine

For a long time, Argan oil has been in use as one of the best organic beauty products globally.  Most skin and hair beauty therapists recommend the use of the oil to their clients.  The oil is popular in many areas apart from Morocco, where it is a native product. The increased use and popularity can be attributed to the several best advantages and benefits of the oil.  The oil is manufactured from the Argan tree kernels.   The oil is relatively rare, with the Morocco as the only country to find this tree and its fruits.  The oil is natural and saves your skin from the harm that could occur after using too many chemical products.

Organic Argan Oil

All the brands of the oil are high in quality, and they cannot disappoint you. Among them is Izil Natural Argan Beauty.  The oil outshines several other oil brands in the beauty markets and is preferred by several people including celebrities. If you have never used Argan Oil, then it means that you have not learned of the several benefits.  The product is non-greasy and is easy for both the hair and the skin to absorb.  The smell of the oil products is also pleasant, and thus, there is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell.  If you learn the benefits, then it will be a good start to consider adding the product into the beauty routine.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

 The product is very rich in both Vitamin E and even the fatty acids.  Besides, the oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics.  At the same time, it is critical and vital for conditioning the skin. For all these reasons, the oil becomes one of the perfect skin moisturizers available in the market.  It helps in maintaining a supple skin free from dryness, itchiness as well as flakiness. It is commonly used among persons suffering from chronic skin dryness as well as psoriasis. Furthermore, it protects the skin against aging effects. It will help you get rid of under eye bags and lines as well as the fine lines on the skin. It prevents wrinkling and also keeps the skin smooth and also radiant.

  1. Hair styling and Scalp Soothing

Using the oil can help you to easily and quickly style your hair.  Besides, you can use the organic oil to soothe and also increase the shine of the hair. For individuals suffering from scalp dryness or even dandruff, the oil can be vital and essential in eliminating the two.  Gently use the oil for scalp massaging to ensure it is both hydrated and nourished. Also, the massage clears any available flakes.

For Hair

  1. Stretch Marks Prevention

 The product is also vital for improving and increasing skin elasticity. The presence of Vitamin E makes the function easier. During pregnancy, using the oil can help in reducing and eliminating those stretch marks. Furthermore, using it at an early stage works in the prevention of the stretch marks. Slather and then apply on the breasts in a gentle manner, the hips, or the thighs and any other places that are likely to have stretch marks.  It makes the skin smooth and keeps away the stretch marks.

  1. Acne Treatment

For a natural acne treatment, the oil is a perfect choice. It is vital for making the skin smoother than before. Besides, it promotes the skin healing process in case of acne or pimples. In other words, it is both preventive and curative.  It is also good for the production of sebum.  An essential tip while selecting skin oils or creams is that it is critical to avoid comedogenic products. They can easily cause acne issues on the skin.

For Skin

  1. Hand and Nail Treatment

 Since Argan Oil is intensive in hydrating the skin, it is considered to be vital for the treatment of both the nails and the hands.  You need to rub the oil and ensure you focus on the nails. You can do the hack just before sleeping.  It treats the hands as well as the cuticles that may have cracked.  The oil makes the nails shiny while making the hands, soft, youthful as well as strong.


Apparently, the organic oil has several benefits and uses. It moisturizes, fights aging as well as works for the treatment of the hands and the nails. At the same time, it is critical for the scalp and hair care. The functions should encourage you to try the oil and use it more often. It is entirely natural and can have no side effects or harmful results on the skin. It gives quicker results than most of the other oils.  While selecting the oils, be wise to ensure that the oil does not have added chemicals. These could harm the skin.




Author Bio:

Daisy Grace is a Health & Beauty Consultant, who helps women live a life they love, in a body they live. She enjoys writing on different topics related to women’s health issues. She is a long-time native from Oklahoma, USA and writes article on various topics. Daisy’s purpose and passion lies in facilitating health breakthroughs with women who deserve good health, happiness and self-love. She is being also exploring new things related to general health and beauty.Reach her on daisy.grace88@gmail.com.

Combat Acne Problems With Natural Herbs

Acne is caused by the over production of sebum by our glands that block the skin pores along with the layer of dead cells on it. The growth of bacteria occurs at an alarming rate, further resulting in inflammation and redness of the skin. Ayurvedic treatment to combat the acne problem has served great benefits to people. There are certain herbs being used as a part of skin care products. Keep reading to find out more about this natural remedy.

Eucalyptus Oil

Including over 600 species, the genus Eucalyptus has been used as a medicinal treatment by a large number of people. The oil is extracted by performing the steam distillation of tree leaves. Lately, its properties have been utilized for the acne treatment and are an effective ingredient in many face washes, ointments, and toners. The studies conducted on its species such as Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus viminalis, Eucalyptus globulus reflects their capacity to fight against bacterium Propionibacterium acne problems. The redness is caused by the action of bacteria and fungi. The oil has two ingredients eucalyptol and chalconoids which protect the skin against fungi and microbes and also suppresses inflammation. Eucalyptus oil as an ayurvedic treatment for acne has proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin.

Lavender Oil

A natural herb, Lavender Oil is known for its analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. When applied alone, the effect of lavender oil is too strong, therefore, mix it with grapeseed oil to dilute it. Then apply it directly on your skin. Its action kills the bacterias grown on the skin. By penetrating deeply into the skin, it reduces pain, redness and inflammation. Apart from fighting against the acne, the lavender oil also nourishes the skin and thereby, promoting the skin health. Hence, many people use lavender oil as an effective acne treatment.


Since the ancient times, Neem or Azadirachta indica is used for its medicinal properties for a lot of problems. It is a part of many medicines and beauty products. As an ayurvedic treatment, it has properties like antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral that combats against the acne problem. It also has the healing capability. Taking 5 to 6 Neem leaves early in the morning help to get rid of all types of acne problems. Neem as the ayurvedic remedy for acne is used by people of all the ages. It prevents pimples, blackheads, cysts, rashes and other related skin problems. Neem oil is available in the market as pure oil, powder or in capsules and does not pose any harmful side effects on the skin. It fights against the bacteria that blocks the skin pores and thus do not allow our skin to breathe. Kama Ayurveda provides a huge number of Ayurvedic products to get rid of problems pertaining to skin, hair and other treatments.

ayurvedic products

Seabuckthorn Oil

Another herb used for acne treatment is Seabuckthorn Oil owing to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in its nutrient content with the presence of high amount of essential fatty acids. Apart from this, the oil also contains vitamins E, A, D, C, and K. Fighting against acne, it has the capacity to regenerate the worn out tissue and heals the epithelial layer which gets destroyed due to bacterial and fungal infection. The oil is incorporated into many face washes and acne treatment creams and ointments.

Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia, the Tea Tree Oil is used in Australia as an effective remedy for a number of skin disorders. However, the soil is sold in many parts across the globe as a part of skin care products and ointments. Since it has a lot of anti-viral, anti-microbial, antiseptic properties, it fights against all kinds of acne issues. These properties limit the spread of bacterial infection on the skin. But when taken internally, its toxic nature causes stomachache, fatigue, vomiting and even hallucinations. It is more effective as benzoyl peroxide during clinical trials and thus prevents the acne. It is a proven ayurvedic treatment for pimples.

Apply these herbal products to get rid of acne problems without any side effects.

kama ayurveda

Author bio:

Shivangi Agnihotri is an energetic writer having a keen interest in writing on fashion, beauty, health and latest trends in the industry. She has written for different brands from varied industries. Her other hobbies are reading, writing and traveling.You can reach her on shivangii.agnihotri@gmail.com

Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous this Valentine’s Day

Heya !

The season of Love is around the corner and what’s best than to post something about it.Here is something for you written by a guest author Margaux Diaz,who will share beauty tips for that special day.Read on to know more. 🙂

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and not only men make a fuss over buying gifts for their mothers, wives and girlfriends, but women are prepping themselves to look lovely and spotless on the special day of hearts. Take these beauty tips on how to look gorgeous this Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day beautiful woman

Choose the best foundation-Foundation plays as the “canvas” of one’s face before the rest of the makeup. It can be liquid or powder. There are three important factors to consider when selecting a foundation 1) type of skin 2) color of skin 3) level of coverage. Oil-free, the matte-finish liquid foundation is best for women with oily and break-out prone skin. However, this type of foundation can be drying to the skin; thus, applying the face with a primer initially is more suitable. There is also long-wearing, the matte-finish liquid foundation that provides a more precise blending and can set for a longer period. A preferred choice for normal to dry skin is a moisturizing liquid foundation. This type of foundation has a thicker texture and mostly come with skin-repairing properties. While pressed powder foundation is easier to blend on the face, they tend to have difficult outcomes. When not applied properly, powder foundation can make the skin look clumpy for oily face, or make the skin dehydrated for the dry face. Stick foundation is a form of cream-to-powder foundation. Meanwhile, sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers are most commonly used to add a touch to a pale skin.

Learn how to choose the best eye cream-The area around the eye is one of the most susceptible regions to ageing. It has probably the thinnest skin, and it is more prone to external damage, from any source like heat, radiation, and chemicals, than any other parts of the body. Dark circles and puffiness can be very disappointing to women especially during special events like Valentine’s Day. This answers the question as to why women are really into investing eye creams. The skin around the eye needs more emollient. Hence, this is how eye cream works. Eye creams heal dry skin and reduce inflammation. Look into the ingredients (that’s the key when choosing the best eye cream!). For the big day, choose the one with sunscreen component (e.g., zinc oxide or titanium oxide), melanin-inhibiting and cellular repairing ingredients. Do not buy eye creams with fragrance formula.

Choose the best lipstick-Of course, you won’t go out with your Valentino without lipstick on, right? When choosing the right lipstick color for you, start with identifying your undertone. A yellow (warm) skin gravitates to warmer colors while cooler (pink) undertones look better with blue and purple lipstick. If still in doubt, stick to olive or fair color tones, says beauty experts. If you have obviously fair skin, deep colors such as red look best on you and stay away from pale ones. For women with darker skin, deeper shades such berries and plum lipstick gives you have a flattering appearance.

Choose the best toner-Facial toner works by removing excess dirt and impurities after a regular facial wash. Use toner weeks before Valentine’s Day and your partner will see the big difference on your skin. Toners are available in a wide range of sorts, so make sure you buy the best and right one for your skin. Choose a facial toner with astringent or alcohol-based for oily skin. This type of facial toner will not only remove the oils that regular washing missed but also tighten pores and help prevent breakouts. If you have an oily T-zone, apply oil-absorbing toners along your forehead, nose, and chin. Meanwhile, for dry skin, stay with toning lotions or hydrating solutions.
Must watch this video: Why Do I need a Toner?


To look good and feel good on Valentine’s Day is more than applying makeup and skin products like Nectifirm and many more available in market. The secrets to the gorgeous skin are good sleep, healthy diet, active lifestyle, exfoliation, and hydration. As they say, beauty is skin deep. Being and becoming beautiful should not only be for a day or a single occasion but a lifetime! Work on it, and you will be surprised how younger you look than your actual age!

valentines day special

Author Bio

Margaux Diaz is Health and Beauty Expert. She has interest in building knowledge and self – confidence  of people who really want to improve their Life by proper Health guide and stay fit for life time.  She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles related to Health and Beauty. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Margaux Diaz

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Blogger interview with Sprinkle of Surprise!

Blogger interview


Isn’t the holiday season so exciting?

With the festivities and the New year around the corner,I wanted to bring something special for you all.Same thought was being shared by my fellow blogger Sprinkleofsurprise. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out her blog and give her a follow.She writes such amazing posts. I absolutely adore her style.

After much thought,we came to a fun post idea.We would be asking each other same 10 questions to get acquainted more and share our musings with you all. ;-)Don’t forget to check out her blogger interview post where you can read what I had answered. 🙂

So ,what are we waiting for?

  1. Hi! Please introduce yourself and let the readers know what your blog is all about.

Hi everyone! I’m Sprinkle of Surprise, and my blog is all about LIFE. I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, and my posts and content range a wide variety of topics! I love speaking about fashion and beauty, along with health/fitness, and books!

  1. How did you get started blogging, and what motivates you to keep going?

Honestly, it was almost on a whim! I didn’t realize what blogging was all about until I started seeing so many bloggers on Instagram! The more I saw them and followed them, the more intrigued I got and realized I’d love to do something like this! The other main reason I started to blog, was my love of writing. I’ve had a passion for writing since I was in middle school, but as I grew older, I didn’t have as much time to write for fun. But blogging has allowed for me to have a creative outlet and I love being able to write about topics that interest me! I’m motivated to keep going mostly because of my readers’ comments and feedbacks, and just love interacting with fellow bloggers! It’s like having a new group of friends on the internet!

  1. In 3 words, describe your style: Feminine, modest, modern
  2. Where do you see yourself/your blog in the next 6 months to a year (future of your blog)?

I hope to start other types of posts/sections on my blog. I’m actively thinking of new topics/sections to include on my blog, and hopefully it’ll be interesting for the readers. I also hope to have more and more contributors to my guest post section here (LINK), and hope to just collaborate with brands and bloggers even more as time goes on!

  1. Is there any advice you can give to anyone out there who may want to get into blogging?

GO FOR IT! Don’t worry about the # of followers you have when you start out, the most important thing is your content. As you grow your blog and your content, the followers will come naturally! Don’t forget to network, comment, and reach out to other bloggers. Speaking from my own experience, that’s the best way to make friends out in the blogging world and gain a slow but steady following!

  1. If you are marooned on an island, what is one product you can’t live without?

My iPhone! So I can use it to call someone to save me! 😛 Or take #selfies!

  1. Choose one product which you use in many ways.

That’s so tough! I don’t think there really is one product I use in many ways, I use products for their purpose, and don’t really use 1 product for multiple things….

  1. How would your friends/ other bloggers describe you?

I think they would describe me as responsible and friendly! I pride myself in my organizational skills and think I am quite responsible when it comes to knowing what action to take in particular situations. And I love meeting new people and getting to know others, so I definitely am friendly as well!

  1. Who are your top three favorite bloggers and why?

That is so tough! I think right now, and recently as I’ve gotten more into the blogging world, the 3 bloggers I look up to/love watching their videos/seeing their posts are these girls:

Dina Tokio—when I first started to watch her videos, I kind of found her annoying! But slowly she grew on me! Now as a new mom, she’s still at it! I love her videos and vlogs, because she’s quite funny and although some of her clothing style is a bit outrageous for me, she looks awesome in it!

Her blog : http://www.daysofdoll.com/

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dinatokio

Sazan Barzani—I love this girl! Her Instagram pics are to die for! Literally #goals! Her and her hubby (newlyweds), are the best Instagram duo! She also blogs + has a YouTube channel, and I love her bubbly personality which comes across in her pics and her videos! She also is younger, and her style + makeup looks are nice an natural, so I’m always trying to recreate some of her looks and seek inspiration from her style!

Her Blog:  sazan.me

Her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SazanBarzani

Ameena (Pearl Daisy)—she is the most consistent hijabi blogger I’ve seen out there! Even with kids and 3 businesses of her own, she manages to blog post on a daily basis and has YouTube videos twice a week! I’m in awe by her constant creativity and how she can come up with so much blog content!

Her Blog: http://amenaofficial.com/

Her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Amenakin

  1. What are the things you want to explore/ do in blogging which you haven’t done so far.

I’d love to work with more brands and do more posts based on their products and such. I’d love to do collaborations with beauty/jewelry brands and just grow and learn how brand collaborations work!

I’d also love to sort of rebrand/relaunch the design of my blog, because I think the current setup/theme of my blog doesn’t clearly define my blog or me very much, so I’m working on some projects to hopefully get a new ‘look’ very soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading our answers.Wish you an amazing holiday! 🙂

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Seeyou all in my next post.Take care :-*

Guest posts

Hi everyone!
I haven’t been keeping well,due to the cold weather going on and lot of work at the office.
I was thinking of starting a new feature on my blog,where I would publish Guest posts from fellow bloggers and would also link their sites in the posts.If you also want me to guest post on your site,do tell me. 🙂

Please let me know if you are interested in collaborating.
Topics for guest posts:
Fashion,skincare,haircare,organic products,product reviews,website reviews,makeup,makeup tutorials

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