Ida Naturals Calendula infused mango butter soap review


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Well! mine is going tiring. For the past 2 days,I am returning home at 9 PM. 😦 But I am trying to keep my word,blog comes first when I come back from office.

This is my first review of a soap,because firstly,it takes a lot of time to finish a soap to try the next and secondly,I am scared to use any other soap apart from my trusted Avene emollient bodywash gel.

About the brand: Ida Naturals was conceptualized in Bangalore (India), as an effort to revive the past and create an awesome, natural and environment-friendly line of bath and body creations. We create gentle, nourishing and effective products applying ancient Indian skin-care methods & herbal remedies using finest natural ingredients. Ida Natural’s creations are completely handcrafted & bio-degradable ensuring unsurpassed quality with no waste. We love creating and using our products and hope you love them too.

Availibility: You can buy it from their facebook page-

They have lot of products so you can choose from there or get it customized like I did.They also ship international.

Ingredients: Saponified mango butter,clendula infused sunflower oil,coconut oil and castor oil.These are the main ingredients.

All the ingredients are moisturizing in their action and specifically,calendula is good for sensitive skin/eczema-prone skin.



What the brand claims: This conditioning, rich, nourishing goodness is extra-mild and works great even on sensitive skin.The conditioning properties of Mango Butter and healing attributes of Calendula makes this soap a truly must-have in the household.

Works great on :

❖ Baby skin ❖ Mothers-to be skin ❖ Extreme Sensitive Skin ❖ Toddlers / kids with sensitive skin

Unscented soaps eliminate the chances of skin irritation / reaction of sensitive skin to essential oils



Price & quantity : Rs. 240/- to Rs. 250/- ( based on weights ).All shipping modes including COD are available. I believe this is apt and cheap.My soap is about to get finished and it lasted me for over a month.It is best to order in combination with other products due to shipping fee applicable.

Fragrance: None

Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic wrapper with the soap name and its information.

Texture: Isn’t that foamy but glides smoothly on the skin.

My thoughts: This soap actually works!It doesn’t dryout your skin and nourishes it.It is moisturizing in nature but if you have extremely dry flaky skin,you may not find it that useful.

Homemade soaps tend to weep but this didn’t even during Delhi humidity.Another plus point!

It doesn’t melt easily.I have tried soaps from notable brands,which tend to melt easily,but this baby didn’t.

It cleans well even though it has moderate foam.

I have sensitive skin and this didn’t even burn or cause irritation.So that’s my favourite point of choosing this soap.

However,if you have cuts or bruises,it will sting you.

This soap definitely has pros overall,so you can give it a try.This soap is organic,handmade and suited to normal,sensiitve-dry skin.What else do you need! 😉

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Amara organix hand cream review

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I am back with another review of a chemical-free product by a brand Amara organix. Firstly,I would bring to your notice that this brand understands your needs and customises the products for you.In my case,before sending me the samples,they had asked about what all ingredients pose a problem to me.They have sent 2 soaps as well in their basic gift wrapping which I will post about later. 🙂


About the brand: Amara handcrafted bath & beauty products are formulated to create a positive and enriching experience to an individual’s mind,body and soul. We at Amara use the abundant body of knowledge left behind by our ancients in Ayurveda,Aromatherapy, Ancient Chinese texts and our very own backyard recipes to present safe,gentle and natural beauty solutions.

In the quest for beauty that is safe and natural, we at Amara Organix strive to deliver natural and handmade skincare essentials. We procure our ingredients from the most genuine sources available and use only the purest steam distilled essential oils, cold pressed Virgin nourishing oils, organically farmed honey,exotic oils like Argan ,Maracuja oils and herbs and exfoliates.

To know about them more and their product list,head over here.

Availability: Products can be ordered via whatsapp (+91 8056592923) , Facebook  messenger and mail ( They do ship worldwide but it will be costly due to shipping charge.

Price and quantity: ₹350/- for 100 gms. Shipping charge additional ₹50/- within chennai and if out of station – mostly it is ₹70 to ₹80. It is best to order several items at a time.I find the price reasonable for an organic product and the quantity is apt,considering it will last you easily for 2-3 months depending on how severe your hands are dry. Payment to be made via NEFT transfer and Bank Deposit.COD not available.Bank details will be shared when your order is confirmed.

Ingredients: Shea butter ,Aloe Vera extract, Coconut oil, Argan oil ,Tamanu oil ,Frankincense essential oil  and Lavender essential oil


Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic transparent tub with screwed lid.The tub had a nature-like design all over but it faded away while using it. It only has the product name on it.On enquiring I got to know,its just a sample packaging,so the correct name will be mentioned for sure. :-D.The packaging can be improved as in mentioning of ingredient list,price and expiry. Nonetheless,Mehar,the owner of this brand is very responsive to your queries. They also do customised gift wrapping for party favours/wedding favours/birthday return gifts/event takeaways for corporates etc. Colour/design/theme and budget – everything is customisable and they also work within budgets.


Name will be changed! 😀

Fragrance and texture: It has a very lavender like smell which is refereshing.Not too overpowering.It has a very light texture and the cream looks offwhite in color.Easily blends into the skin.


My thoughts: I like my hand creams hydrating but non-greasy.Does this serve the purpose?

Yes!It gets absorbed readily and is not at all greasy. Makes your hands soft for 4-5 hours for moderate dry hands.You need to reapply it though after washing hands.

The tub is sturdy so no issues of spillage.However,if you are travelling and open the tub,the product may stick to the lid and fall.

Didn’t cause any trouble to my eczema prone skin as well.Infact all the ingredients used are good for soothing the eczema skin.

The consistency is such that,you can use it as a body moisturiser also or dry areas of your face.

Overall verdict: Definitely a good purchase.

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Pure Suds Hand & Foot Fetish review


A very Happy new year to all of you.☺.This is my first post for 2016.I am back with another review of a product from Pure Suds.I had done a haul containing Pure Suds products out of which I had already raved about 2 of the products. 🙂 I will provide the links below  if you want to read what I had said about these herbal products.The hand & foot fetish was a sample with the haul sent to me.

Pure Suds Rose velvet rich body butter review

Pure Suds Lavender & Chamomile Face Gel Pack review

This product works as a hand and foot scrub.I had ignored my feet so much that it was getting tanned and dry easily.This baby proved to be  my saviour.Let’s get right into it whether this fared for me or not. 

About the brand: Pure Suds Skin Treats brings to you a world of luxurious hand-crafted soaps minimizing the use of harsh chemicals on a daily basis. Promoting minimally processed skincare which include a range of cold-process hand-crafted soaps, Body butters, Sugar scrubs, Face scrubs, Lotions and Lip balms. All of which is prepared in my little studio in Rajasthan to delivery all over India.

Availability: Currently they are taking orders through whatsapp, facebook and email. Contact them on-09784591628 and mail them on They ship  in India,Sri Lanka & Nepal .

Price & quantity: INR 699 for 90 g.The quantity is sufficient as you require only a little amount for each usage.I use it monthly so for me this will last for a long time. For such a tub size,this is affordable.

Ingredients: Given in the picture below.

Packaging: Comes in a transparent tub with golden screwed lid.The label is stuck on the tub which got torn off while opening the tub. 😦 Simple packaging but looks nice on your shelf. The plastic is prone to dents so not travel friendly.Also,there was a slight leakage Packaging can be improved a little.

Texture & fragrance: I found it creamy with gentle particles.The scrub isn’t rough or harsh on the skin due to very small scrub particles used. Smell is strong on lemongrass side.

How to use: Soak your feet in warm water for 10 min,then apply this scrub for 5 min per hand & foot..Wash it off and follow it with lemongrass hand & foot butter.

My views: I wet my feet and hands and then use it as if I am applying moisturizer.I massage it for a minute then wash it off.I am always in a rush even on weekends.

The scrub is very gentle on the skin so people who like the actual gritty feeling of a scrub may not like this.It cleans away the dead skin and imparts a glow to your skin.Tan may take some time in removing as in more usage.I am impressed that this product does what it claims even when I haven’t followed their usage instructions strictly. 🙂

However,I did notice a stinging feeling when I had some cuts,so if you are having cuts or cracks in your skin,avoid this as it will sting.It maybe due to lemongrass and orange extracts.

Since this is very gentle,you can use it weekly.Overall it is a good product to use and you can definitely try it.




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Santhoos handcrafted soaps lip balm review


Well today’s post is actually a late night entry to my blog as I have been busy doing my household chores. 😛 Anyway,I will be reviewing a lip balm which is completely organic.Yes! you heard me right.It doesn’t have even the minutest of chemicals in it.

About the brand: Santhoos handcrafted soaps is owned by Smitha Jacob who specialises in making soaps,lip balms, body butters etc. using ingredients devoid of chemicals or preservatives.So she handles the products in small batches only for preserving purposes.They also take custom orders based on ingredients you like.

Availability: They ship all over India.Regarding other countries,I will let you know after confirming.They take orders through phone and their facebook page.You can also contact them on their email.Contact details:

  • Email :
  • Whatsapp or Call : 9845276751

Ingredients: Since it was a custom order,I requested for a lip balm which didn’t have cocoa butter or olive oil as I am allergic to them.So I was suggested a coconut oil lip balm,perfect for winters.It has coconut oil( obviously 😛 ),Vitamin E and Honey.

  • Coconut Oil moisturises and also provides a coating to skin.
  • Honey holds the water content.
  • Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and protects the skin cells.

This is a winter lip balm only,as it is prone to melting in summers.I am okay with this as I will finish it before then. (I am a lipbalm addict. 😀 )

Price and quantity: Different ingredient lip balm costs differently.Mine costs INR 300 for 30g plus 100 bucks more for shipping.My lipbalms came in 2 tubs,each containing 15g.

Their lipbalms have 3 size options-10g,20g and 30g.Santhoos recommends 20g is sufficient for most people.Shipping charges are extra.Payment is through bank transfer only.

Texture and color: Natural,Off-white shade,smooth and spreads on the lips easily.There is no artificial coloring.

Fragrance: No fragrance at all.

Packaging:Simple small plastic tub with clasp-type opening.The label is affixed on the top.Very sturdy packaging,but is not leak proof in my case as my lipbalm will melt if kept till summers.

My views: I love this lipbalm a lot. That explains it,no?

It glides easily on the lips,no tugging required.You just have to swirl your finger in the tub.It gives a natural sheen to the lips and acts as a natural gloss.Also,it keeps me moisturised for 5-6 hours with only drinking or snacking.Heavy meals may require reapplication.Small size is good for travel so it stays with me wherever I go.

Best part is that it is completely organic  and you can get it customized!!! 🙂

Hope to see you all in my next post,till then bye,take care :-*

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Plum Goodness Hello Aloe caring day moisturiser Review

Heya beautiful ladies!

How’s Sunday treating you?Well!I am at home lazing around,but I think it’s good if you are roaming outside.Perfect sunshine isn’t it? 😉

I am back with another review.The product I will be reviewing about was sent to me by the Plum Goodness team.So firstly,I am thankful to them for coming up with such a product which might benefit girls who are looking for organic and herbal formulations.It is free from SLS,pthalates,parabens etc. Keep up the good work! (y)

Price-Actual price for 60 ml product is 545 INR,which is not bad considering it has only organic ingredients.

Packaging- Comes in a white tube with its cute logo.Yes! I loved the logo.It’s so cute that you wanna flaunt it. 😛

Ingredients-Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice,Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides,Ylang ylang essential oil,Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Benzyl Alcohol, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dehydro Acetic Acid, Embelica officinalis* extract, Glyceryl Monostearate, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Propanediol, Vegetable Glycerin**, Xanthan gum, Ylang ylang flower oil ( If you want to know what the ingredients do,check out their website.They have explained their role. )

Availibility-It is easily available online.Their website is

Texture & smell- It looks like a white cream but isn’t thick.It is neither too greasy nor mattifying.It is very light on the skin.Since I have tried this in winters,my skin absorbed this right away without any residue on the skin.It can be easily blended into the skin.Maybe during summers,touch up is required on the T-zone.Smell is a refreshing ylang fragrance,which I loved the most.It actually refreshes your senses.

My thoughts-People who have dry skin,normal skin & combination skin,this moisturiser may work for you.I have combination & sensitive skin,and in the winters my dry areas get enhanced so much that I get on the verge of getting a eczema flare up. 😦

I tried this moisturiser for entire 8 hours without any foundation or bb cream on it,and this kept my skin smooth and soft.It didn’t break me out at all.Also,I didn’t have any itching or redness which I expected due to sensitive skin.I felt like it had a cooling effect on my skin,maybe it is due to the aloe vera in it.I had applied it using the 5 dot rule and it was sufficient for the entire face,so usage wise I will say,a very little goes a long way.However,if you have extreme dryness,you need it more.

PS: Patch test is a must for people having sensitive skin.That’s obvious isn’t it? Also,if you have dry flaky skin,this may not work for you because this is a light moisturiser.Oily skinned girls should stay away also because the ingredients present in it,clearly won’t suit you.

If you liked my review,and interested in buying this right away,here’s the link.They also have other products from the Hello Aloe range as well as other products for different needs.

Overall verdict- Go ahead simply! 🙂

Comment below if you want to ask anything or just if you like the review. 😛

Take care! bye :-*

IMG_20150116_203040 IMG_20150117_103006

Texture-Before blending


After bending