Deutchland Reisebericht(Germany travelogue)


Wie geht es Ihnen? ( Gosh! I remember from my German class)

This is another chapter from my Europe tour.If you haven’t already gone through my earlier travel posts,I will link them below.

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Amsterdam travelogue

After an amazing Amsterdam experience,it was time for Germany.All of us have heard its famous for its beer and Oktoberfest.But there’s more to it.It is immensely strong in its technological frontiers as well.

We boarded our coach in the morning from our Amsterdam hotel to visit Cologne cathedral situated amidst bustling lanes of Cologne.

Now,I know,obviously your mind will wander off towards,” Is the Eau De Cologne invented here? “

To answer that,bear with me and go through the rest of the beauty this city has.Cologne is notable for its Gothic architecture.The familiar arches and tall cathedrals will mesmerize you for sure.

And one such cathedral is the famous Cologne cathedral.It is the most visited site in Cologne and is dear to the native people.You literally have to strain your neck to photograph it in its mighty glory.It contains the bones of 3 wise men or 3 kings which is gilded into elaborate golden sarcophagus.It is a must visit sight if you want to be spellbound.

After taking in all the wonder this cathedral has to offer,we went around  in the nearby market.Now let’s come to your question.Eau de cologne as you may have heard,was developed by the Farina family of Italy. In 1803 Wilhelm Mülhens was granted to use the Farina family name and opened a cologne shop.Later on,it was denied and then,the house no. through which the cologne was sold,was used to brand the cologne name.Any guesses? 😉 It is none other than 4711. We did buy vials and a perfume from their official store in the same market adjoining the cathedral.

Next we went for River Rhine cruise along which the city of cologne thrives.It was an hour long cruise which took us through serene waters.It was indeed a peaceful cruise.We all sat on the deck,soaking up the Sun.It has a bar as well and I tried the famous beer Kölsch. It was amazingly having a sweet tinge to it.We could see lot of castles and medieval rest houses on the hills,which is the touristy part of this cruise.

On deboarding it,our coach took us to Heidelberg to get a feel of past European life.You can easily spend a day roaming aimlessly on the streets. 😀

If you see the pictures above,  there is a mouse and a monkey.Monkey symbolizes that neither the city-dwellers nor the outsiders are better than each other and that they should look over their shoulder to remeber this while crossing the bridge.It is believed that if you touch the fingers of the Bridge Monkey it would ensure your return to Heidelberg, touch the mirror for wealth and touching the mice will ensure fertility.I didn’t touch the mice ofcourse. 😀

Next day,we drove to Black forest.I guess the tasty blackforest cake derives its origins from this part of Germany.Black forest is home to fir trees and an apt fairytale setting.Also,it is an abode to Cuckoo clocks.Worldfamous Cuckoo clocks!All of us had,atleast once in their lifetime,have possesed this clock or seen it somewhere. We watched a demonstration on how its made .We did empty our pocket as well .:-P We bought a battery operated clock as its convenient.There’s a shop called Drubba.They have 3 stores in there.The one which comes first,will fit your budget.Drubba family is the oldest family which is continuing this clock business.Hope my history is correct.

We had free time to ourselves to stroll the streets.We bought some souvenirs.Personally,I would love to visit Germany once again,as I feel I havent even touched 1 % of their things to see.

Shopping tip:When in cologne,we saw that there’s a ‘Deutch Markt’ just up ahead in the market ,which is like a drustore.They also have Eau De Cologne 4711,which is sold at cheaper prices.I feel it’s best to buy from there.We already bought our stuff from the official store,so couldn’t do much.

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Travel essentials-Tips and tricks


A girl needs to have her entire vanity with her always. Yep! It’s true but not practical. 😛 I travel every year, or at least I try to. Not that I go for those Instagram picturesque locales but yes, definitely, wander about here & there with my parents. Me and my parents, share the same travel bug and try to cover places mostly during summers.

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Travel light has been my main aim. So when I went to Gwalior last month, I had packed all the essentials strictly and no wonder, my trolley felt so light. 😀 So here are my tips to travel safely and lightly.

  1. Carry samples or travel sizes of skincare.I specifically bought 2 thermal spring water bottles in 50 ml for this purpose,one by Avene and another by Vichy.It acts as a toner,soothing water and calms the skin after sun exposure.I also took samples with me sent to me from different brands for review.Otherwise also,you can ask for small sizes in any store or from these brands.
  2. Also have small water bottle.No matter what,have it with you while travelling within or outside India.If you are lucky,you can find water bottles easily in India but that gives rise to added travel costs or plastic pollution.Fill them at your hotel beforehand. Abroad,you have water taps everywhere,so you can fill your bottle easily or fill them at your hotel also.
  3. Carry your emergency medical kit everywhere.It should be small in size and should only contain emergency medicines like for fever,flu,cuts,heartattack( yes! There is a medicine for this too which if taken during the attack gives more time for you to survive on the way to hospital.Consult your doctor for this.),indigestion etc.I have a simple plastic box in which I literally throw all the medicines I know I require while travelling.
  4. Travel light.I know,while travelling,you love showing yourself off.You want to flaunt those dresses and coats.Trust me! You will regret this until unless you have a porter with you.I always go with the worst case scenario and pack clothes which can be worn in many ways.Stoles can do wonders as in headwrap,protection from Sun,accessory etc. Maxi skirts can be worn as skirts as well as tops. 😉 Boots protect you from cold and can also be worn with floral dresses.Backpacks look trendy with every attire so does satchel.I carry a messenger bag with me which can accommodate small bottle,lipbalm and handcream,an umbrella and obviously wallet.If you have a party,then you can pack a separate dress ,purse and shoes.
  5. Always tag your bags with your name,address and contact number.Many times during transfer flights,you reach your destination but find your baggage is still stuck in the previous inbetween airport.Happened with my Dad who reached London,only to find that his bag is at Dubai airport.His flight was from New Delhi-London via Dubai.His baggage reached at his hotel safe and sound.
  6. Carry extra batteries or powerbanks for your electronics.You know why. 😉
  7. Carry an adapter for charging while travelling abroad,You never know what type of plug-socket system lies in the hotel.We usually find that out from before and pack the adapters.
  8. Now comes the makeup. 😉 I carry only 1 brush set which has all my face-eye brushes and a makeup sponge.Real techniques already provides its brushes in a bag style in which you can put extra 4 brushes as well. Carry neutral eyeshadow palette instead of glitters and other palettes.You can use it for everyday or create smokey eye for that glam night.I take a nude and red lipstick with me as these 2 are sufficient.Eyebrow pencils are better always.Takes less space.1 foundation and 1 compact are good to go.
  9. Haircare needs your shampoo and conditioner.That should do it.
  10. Roll your clothes instead of layering.Gives more space to fit your shopping stuffs. 😀
  11. Tickets and cash.Anything else? 😛

I will be travelling and by the time this post comes up,I will be somewhere else.I  thought to share my travel style with you. Hope this benefits you all. To know where I am going, follow me on Instagram .It is more of a surprise to me and to you all. Maybe if time permits,I can meet you too. 😉

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