Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous this Valentine’s Day

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The season of Love is around the corner and what’s best than to post something about it.Here is something for you written by a guest author Margaux Diaz,who will share beauty tips for that special day.Read on to know more. 🙂

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and not only men make a fuss over buying gifts for their mothers, wives and girlfriends, but women are prepping themselves to look lovely and spotless on the special day of hearts. Take these beauty tips on how to look gorgeous this Valentine’s Day.

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Choose the best foundation-Foundation plays as the “canvas” of one’s face before the rest of the makeup. It can be liquid or powder. There are three important factors to consider when selecting a foundation 1) type of skin 2) color of skin 3) level of coverage. Oil-free, the matte-finish liquid foundation is best for women with oily and break-out prone skin. However, this type of foundation can be drying to the skin; thus, applying the face with a primer initially is more suitable. There is also long-wearing, the matte-finish liquid foundation that provides a more precise blending and can set for a longer period. A preferred choice for normal to dry skin is a moisturizing liquid foundation. This type of foundation has a thicker texture and mostly come with skin-repairing properties. While pressed powder foundation is easier to blend on the face, they tend to have difficult outcomes. When not applied properly, powder foundation can make the skin look clumpy for oily face, or make the skin dehydrated for the dry face. Stick foundation is a form of cream-to-powder foundation. Meanwhile, sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers are most commonly used to add a touch to a pale skin.

Learn how to choose the best eye cream-The area around the eye is one of the most susceptible regions to ageing. It has probably the thinnest skin, and it is more prone to external damage, from any source like heat, radiation, and chemicals, than any other parts of the body. Dark circles and puffiness can be very disappointing to women especially during special events like Valentine’s Day. This answers the question as to why women are really into investing eye creams. The skin around the eye needs more emollient. Hence, this is how eye cream works. Eye creams heal dry skin and reduce inflammation. Look into the ingredients (that’s the key when choosing the best eye cream!). For the big day, choose the one with sunscreen component (e.g., zinc oxide or titanium oxide), melanin-inhibiting and cellular repairing ingredients. Do not buy eye creams with fragrance formula.

Choose the best lipstick-Of course, you won’t go out with your Valentino without lipstick on, right? When choosing the right lipstick color for you, start with identifying your undertone. A yellow (warm) skin gravitates to warmer colors while cooler (pink) undertones look better with blue and purple lipstick. If still in doubt, stick to olive or fair color tones, says beauty experts. If you have obviously fair skin, deep colors such as red look best on you and stay away from pale ones. For women with darker skin, deeper shades such berries and plum lipstick gives you have a flattering appearance.

Choose the best toner-Facial toner works by removing excess dirt and impurities after a regular facial wash. Use toner weeks before Valentine’s Day and your partner will see the big difference on your skin. Toners are available in a wide range of sorts, so make sure you buy the best and right one for your skin. Choose a facial toner with astringent or alcohol-based for oily skin. This type of facial toner will not only remove the oils that regular washing missed but also tighten pores and help prevent breakouts. If you have an oily T-zone, apply oil-absorbing toners along your forehead, nose, and chin. Meanwhile, for dry skin, stay with toning lotions or hydrating solutions.
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To look good and feel good on Valentine’s Day is more than applying makeup and skin products like Nectifirm and many more available in market. The secrets to the gorgeous skin are good sleep, healthy diet, active lifestyle, exfoliation, and hydration. As they say, beauty is skin deep. Being and becoming beautiful should not only be for a day or a single occasion but a lifetime! Work on it, and you will be surprised how younger you look than your actual age!

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